• Published 18th Jun 2013
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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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Confrontation With Silver Ghost

Chapter 10

She hadn't been on the streets to long before she heard a scream of a pony in trouble. She ran quickly to the source of the trouble peering down. She saw a mugger swinging a what look like a piece of a rope with something on the end at another pony. She used her magic to grab the heavy thing on the end and pulled it hard while leaping down to street level.

"Let go!" the mugger yelled, it was a female pegasus pony. Little more then a filly, just about her own age, maybe younger. She turned quickly to see who stopped her weapon and her eyes went wide seeing who it was. "M.. Mare Do Well!? We thought you were dead!"

Mare Do Well looked at the mugging victim. Another female but this one was earth pony about the same age as the mugger if not abit older. "Go," She said simple, to which the victim replied by running out of the alley quickly before she turned her attention back to the mugger. "Are you nuts!?" She said throwing the weapon out of reach of the pegasus. "If Silver Ghost finds you out here she'll hurt you, or worse kill you!? Get out of here, now! Never do anything like this ever again!"

The pegasus pony quickly galloped out of the alley. Mare Do Well sighed shaking her head a bit until she heard some clapping behind her and saw Silver Ghost behind her on the roof. "How very noble of you Mare Do Well, letting the poor little filly go. She'll be back out here again though, and I'll get her then." Silver Ghost said narrowing her eyes down at Mare Do Well. "I thought I told you to stay of the streets, this was my town. In fact you had been gone so long I though you might of had a brain and listen to me."

Mare Do Well narrowed her eyes and leaped up quickly using the walls to get to the roof landing far enough away that Silver Ghost couldn't attack her. "I would never leave the city in the hands of someone like you." She said stamping at the roof top. "You might think your a hero and doing good work. But your worse then the criminals, your killing ponies."

Silver Ghost growled at her whipping her head abit making her braid swing around and snap in the air. "Preachy as ever Starbloom," Silver Spoon scoffed looking at her, "Don't be so surprised, doesn't take a genius to figure it out, how many hornless unicorns are there? Besides I recognized your voice. But your fooling yourself, killing criminal scum is something the police should be doing." She pulled out her muzzle blade and charged at Starbloom.

Starbloom's eyes went wide seeing her charge and moved quickly to dodge the rush attack. She felt the blade impact the side of her suit. She couldn't believe Silver's speed, turning quickily to face her she used her magic to pull a piece of piping loose and brought it around quick to block another attack just before it hit her neck. "Stop this Silver Spoon, we don't have to fight!" She said trying to get her to stop.

"Shut up Starbloom!" She said bringing a hoof up quick knocking her in the mouth with it staggering Starbloom making her stumble back. "We have never been friends, stop trying to act like your my friend now!" It was hard for her to see, but she could just make out tears in Silver Spoon's eyes.

She shook her head at the knock in her muzzle. She brought the pipe back in front of herself to ward off another muzzle blade attack. "Why are you doing this? I know we never been on good terms but I never known you to be violent." She asked, trying to get some answers.

Silver Ghost hunched herself down and prepared herself adjusting the muzzle blade. "You wouldn't understand, you never did and you never will." She said before launching herself forward again, fainting an attack to the right before quickly changing directs and jabbing hard to the left at Mare Do Well's side.

"Please, let's just talk about this." Mare Do Well tried before seeing her come in for the attack. She tried to block the attack to the right before seeing it was a fake and tried to compensate for it but no luck. She felt the blade pierce through the suit and hit her in the left shoulder causing her to wince sharply in pain pulling back to get the blade loose feeling blood run down her foreleg. She reached her hoof up to try and stop the bleeding gritting her teeth narrowing her eyes.

Silver Ghost smirked looking at Mare Do Well, "Your just as weak as you've always been, a preachy little brat." She said moving closer getting read to slash at her with the blade again. "Maybe when I finish you off, I'll go visit Sweetie Belle, I owe her and the rest of your friends for what you did to me."

Mare Do Well's eyes widen as Silver Ghost went to slash the blade across her neck, she used her magic to blast hard into Silver Ghost's chest. She rushed forward as quickly as she could with her hurt shoulder. "Don't you dare mention Sweetie Belle and my friends again!" Using her magic she flung the muzzle blade out off the roof into the alley below.

Just as Mare Do Well got close Silver Ghost got up and turned bucking back hard toward her. Mare Do Well doing her best to stop but getting hit in the chest and knocked back causing her to squeal a bit from the added pain to her shoulder.

Before Mare Do Well had recovered Silver Ghost turned and ran to the edge leaping from the roof to the ground below grabbing her muzzle blade she put it away and fled leaving Mare Do Well alone on the roof top. She sighed softly, groaning a bit holding her shoulder gritting her teeth. "This is not good," She said making her way back home as quick as she could.

Sweetie gasped when the window open and she heard a thud as something feel in. She went to see what it was and saw Mare Do Well laying on the floor, blood coating the front of her uniform. "No!" She cried not bothering to close the window or curtains she start to pull the uniform off Starbloom and check her over. "Starbloom! Tell me your alright, please..."

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