• Published 18th Jun 2013
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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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Nightshade talks to Silver Blade

Chapter 36

Silver found herself sliding across the floor of the large house that use to belong to her parents' when she lived in Ponyville. She hit the wall hard and shuddered slowly moved to her hooves and looked over at the one who hit her with the blast of magic. The figure moved in closer narrowing her eyes before gripping her in the purple magical aura again and throwing her across the room causing her to slide and hit the other wall.

"What, did I tell you to do Silver Blade?" Nightshade demanded as she walked over to Silver using her magic to stand her up onto her hooves again. "It wasn't hard, it was a nice, simple little mission... so tell me what was it again?"

Silver shivered and winced her sides burning from sliding across the floor, she had been tossed and picked up about ten times now by her last count. "Y... you told me to... watch Starbloom, and her friends." Silver managed to get out panting softly.

"That's right, I told you to WATCH, Starbloom and her friends." A copy of the Ponville Gazette floating up in her magic and was shoved into Silver's face. "So what am I reading that her house was attacked... not once, but twice? By you no less?"

Silver looked at the paper gritted her teeth abit. "S.. She killed my sister, she needs to pay for that." Silver said narrowing her eyes before squealing getting tossed across the room again, she didn't even hit the floor first, she straight against the wall.

Nightshade turned to face Silver her eyes narrowed dangerously. "I killed your sister!" She yelled gripping Silver Blade around the neck and lifting her up by it causing her to struggle to breath. "You want to know why I killed her?" She asked moving close pressing her muzzle to Silver's.

"W.. why?" Silver asked gasping faintly against the magic holding her up by her neck.

"Because she couldn't follow orders. Ponies that don't follow orders are useless to me." She said dropping Silver to the ground. "Are you going to be a good pony and follow orders?"

"Yes m.. ma'am." Silver said panting hard struggling back to her hooves. She gasped finding herself pressed against the wall by a magic force, her fore hooves held firmly together.

"Good, because if you don't...." She said trailed off narrowed her eyes, an assassin blade shooting across the room burying itself into Silver's fore hooves, just missing all the vital veins. "I will be unhappy, when I'm unhappy... I'm unpleasant."

Silver let out a sharp cry of pain finding a the blade going through both her fore hooves. She struggled and kicked her legs a few times before Nightshade released the magic dropping her to the ground. She heard a light thud as a first aid kit feel next to her. She looked up at Nightshade whimpering softly.

"Clean yourself up, your bleeding on my floor." Nightshade said before turning and walking out of the room. Leaving Silver alone in the room, she looked down at her fore hooves seeing the blade pinning them together. She gritted her teeth and used her magic to remove it.

She gave a sharp cry of pain as the blade came out and panted hard gritting her teeth using her magic to open the first aid kit. She took out some gaze to stop the bleeding before wrapping her fore hooves with some bandage. She moved to her hooves gritting her teeth at the pain in her fore hooves.

{Starbloom & Sweetie's Home}

Despite her uneasy feeling, the night had been quiet for Starbloom and her friends. She and Sweetie spent the rest of the evening unpacking and making the house feel more like home. Twist was feeling pretty tired after getting little sleep the night before and getting up early for work so she went to bed early.

"Starbloom, what's wrong?" Sweetie asked looking at her as they relaxed on the couch. "Ever since we left Sugar Cube Corner you've been quiet."

Starbloom set down her glass of apple wine and sighed softly looking over at Sweetie. "Something, just doesn't feel right. At first I thought someone might of been watching use.... but that's not it." She said looking over at Sweetie.

Sweetie set her own glass down and snuggled into Starbloom's side softly. "I don't pretend to understand these, feelings, you get." She said looking up Starbloom. "But do you think it might just be what's happen the last few days putting you on edge?"

Starbloom snuggled back against Sweetie's side softly resting her head against Sweetie's. "Maybe your right Sweetie, it could just be that. Mmm, come on let's get some sleep." She said moving to her hooves. Sweetie following her as they headed up stairs to their room.

Sweetie feel asleep pretty quick, but Starbloom just couldn't shake the feeling and after an hour of laying in bed got up. She made her way out of the room quietly and headed up stairs. Looking through the boxes she took out her Mare Do Well suit.

Holding the mask up to her looking at the eyes. "We're not done yet, my old friend." She checked the suit over carefully, it had repaired itself after the last fight with Silver Ghost. She moved to her hooves and slide the suit on carefully before moving back down stairs.

She went into her and Sweetie's bedroom first looking at Sweetie sleeping quietly in bed before leaving a note on the night stand for her. She then went down stairs and slipped out of the back door quietly.

She crouched down low before pushing herself off the ground using her repulse magic to reach the roof of the house. She stood quietly on the roof, listening and watching for any signs of trouble. She knew Silver Blade was still out there, so was Nightshade.

Until she stopped both of them, she wasn't going to get a good nights rest. She leapt from the roof and started to make a patrol route around Ponyville moving swiftly and quietly from roof to roof, watching and listening for signs of trouble.

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