• Published 18th Jun 2013
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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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Goodbye, Sweetie Belle

Chapter 21

Starbloom woke up around before nine in the morning and moved to her hooves stretching herself out looking around, she saw Sweetie still asleep and smiled at her. She decided to let her sleep and slipped out of the room making her way from the office, telling Dr. Westluck she was going get some stuff ready for the trip.

Starbloom made her way to the apartment and got an extra set of saddle bags and packed a few things in them before getting some stuff for Sweetie as well. She made sure the place was locked up good before making her way back to Dr. Westluck's home office. She took Sweetie's saddle bags and packed them for her, so it'd be ready when she woke up.

After everything was ready she checked the time, it was just passed noon so she went back into the room and leaned over softly nuzzling Sweetie's cheek smiling at her, "Hey Sweetie, good morning. Time to wake up." She said softly doing her best to wake her up gently.

Sweetie opened her eyes and nuzzled back softly smiling at her. Starbloom smiled as she watched her, "You ready to head home?" She asked stepping away from the table so Sweetie can get up off the table.

Sweetie stretched before slipping off the table and nodding looking over at Starbloom. "Yea, I'm ready to get home." She said still feeling a little stiff from the mugging. "What did the doctor say about yourself?" She asked looking over at Starbloom.

"He said I'm alright, the buck didn't hurt anything." She said smiling at her putting Sweetie's saddles bags on gently on Sweetie's back. Both of them leaving the examination room, looking around. Dr. Westluck seemed to be out so they quietly slipped out of the home office and started down the street.

"Hey, Sweetie?" Starbloom asked looking over at her smiling, when Sweetie looked back over at her she continued, "How would you like to visit Ponyville for a while?" She asked tilting her head, "Get away from the city and everything."

Sweetie blinked at Starbloom unsure if she was being serious or not. "Seriously?" She asked and Starbloom nodded at her, "Well, I would like to go to Ponyville, visit Rarity and all our old friends of course." She said smiling at Starbloom.

"Alright then, let's go." Starbloom said nudging her a bit to turn towards the train station. Sweetie blinking at the nudging as they start towards the train station looking at Starbloom oddly. "I'm serious, let's go now. We have everything we need." She said nodding to Sweetie's saddle bag then to her own smiling.

Sweetie blinked again at Starbloom as they walk towards the train station. "Well, if you really want to go now, then sure." She said smiling at over at Starbloom as they entered the train station and got into line to get tickets. Though, something about all this bothered Sweetie, she just wasn't sure what it was.

Starbloom smiled at Sweetie as they waited in line moving forward slowly until they got to the ticket counter. "Two tickets direct to Ponyville please." Starbloom said to the older mare at the ticket booth. Who got the tickets ready and passed them over, Starbloom passing over the bits to pay for them.

After getting tickets the started to the waiting passenger train car. "Starbloom, why the sudden urge to get out of the city?" Sweetie finally asked once they had gotten settled. Starbloom looking over at her smiling before frowning softly resting herself against Sweetie.

"When you got hurt, I got worried that something worse could of happen to you. Dr. Westluck suggested a vacation and it sounded like a good idea. A week away from the city, and everything going on here..... time to finally relax." Starbloom said smiling at Sweetie.

Sweetie smiled back at her and nodded, sounded like the truth, but something about the story also bothered her. She felt Starbloom was still holding something back and not giving her the whole story. But she decided to let it go and settled herself into the seat. She felt Starbloom move and looked over at her.

"I'll be back, going to get us some drinks." Starbloom said smiling at her and Sweetie nodded.

"Alright Starbloom," she said watching Starbloom head off in the direction of the dining car before relaxing back into the seat closing her eyes, she was still pretty drowsy. She felt the train shudder and jolt as it started to pull away from the station and sat up looking around.

One of the ticket checkers had made his way over to her, "Sweetie Belle?" He asked and she nodded looking up at him. "I have a note for you." He said passing her the sealed envelope before going back to his work.

Sweetie frowned after taking the note, she had a pretty good idea what was in it. She opened the note and read what was written. 'Dear Sweetie, I'm sorry to have come this far just to leave you alone. I know your a smart unicorn, and probably felt it even before we got on the train something wasn't right.... I just can't leave the city, not now. But you can, so please, go to Ponyville and stay, relax and enjoy yourself. I'll come and visit after taking care of Silver, I promise. Love, Starbloom.'

Sweetie finished reading the letter and sighed shaking her head resting in her seat. "Your right, I had a feeling this was going to happen.... but it still hurts that you did this." Sweetie said softly to herself putting the note away wiping her eyes with a hoof. "You better come visit in Ponyville."

Starbloom stood at the platform after having slipped off the train just before it left watching it pull out of the station. Everything had went the way she wanted, but she still hurt having tricked Sweetie the way she did. "I'm so sorry Sweetie, I will come to Ponyville, soon." She said before taking a deep breath.

She just couldn't leave the city in the hands of Nightmare and Silver Ghost, no matter how much she wanted to. Once the train had left and she was sure Sweetie Belle was safely out of the city she turned and went to deserted alley looking around she changed into the Mare Do Well costume, which had been the only thing in her saddle bags.

She dumped the empty bags into a dumpster and started to wall jump to the roof and start her patrol, even if was only noon. The sooner she got Silver Ghost and Nightmare off the streets, the sooner she would be with Sweetie Belle again.

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