• Published 18th Jun 2013
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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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Silver Ghost's End

Chapter 12

Mare Do Well left the apartment quickly, the sun was still up but luckily no one saw her leave the apartment as she made her way across the roof tops to the hospital. "I'm coming for you Silver Ghost, you wont get away with what you did to Babs." She said to herself folding her ears back.

She saw the hospital that Babs was at getting closer and started to make her way to higher buildings so she could to get on the roof. The sun was just starting to set as she got to the roof of the hospital and looked around quietly trying to find Silver Ghost, she knew she had to be lurking somewhere up here.

"I know your here Silver Ghost!" She yelled gritting her teeth abit, the yelling had strained her wounded shoulder and she was worried it'll start bleeding again soon. "Come out here, we have unfinished business to settle!" She demanded turning around slowly scanning the roof top.

"I don't remember you ever being this demanding," Silver said as she came out from behind a small building that had the stairwell going down stairs. "Then again you never really talked to me either." She added flicking her mane a bit behind her looking her over. "How's the shoulder?"

She growled softly under her breath looking at Silver Ghost. "It's fine, why did you attack Babs? I though you were suppose to a be a hero. Babs never did anything to you or any pony else." She said snorting softly keeping her eyes fixed on Silver Ghost.

"Well, I guess I'm not a hero then," Silver said pulling the muzzle blade loose from it's sheath. "Besides didn't you say I was no better then the criminals I was bringing in?" She asked shifting the blade watching Mare Do Well. "I guess you had been right all along, I make a better villain." With that said she charged forward moving to fake an attack but instead she spun around and bucked Mare Do Well hard in the chest sending her flying over the edge of the roof.

Mare Do Well narrowed her eyes preparing herself for the fake out, but didn't expect the sudden buck. She tried to block it with her front hooves but took most of the force to her chest and went flying. Her cape wrapping around her making it hard to wiggle loose.

"Not again!" She growled and managed to free herself spinning around. She tried to use her magic to slow herself but she didn't have time. She felt her hooves slam firmly into the ground sending a blast of dust up around her. The compression padding in the hooves in her suit exploding under the impact, and the reinforcement buckling around her legs. She was amazed her legs felt fine, other then a little jarred from the impact. The impact did open the stab on her shoulder making it bleed and start to hurt worse. She managed to push through the pain as best she could growling softly.

She didn't break anything and she could still move. "Thank Celestia for that..." She muttered then heard the sounds of scraping of hooves on brick. Turning quick as she kicked her legs to get the reinforcements off, she could see Silver sliding down the side of the building using the tip of the muzzle blade and her hooves to slow her drop until she was a safe height before leaping down at her.

"We're not done yet Mare Do Well!" Silver Ghost yelled bringing the blade down at her in a high arc as she dropped. Mare Do Well rolling quickly out of the way the cape getting slashed in the process, the fabric not designed for a slash of that strength.

Mare Do Well reached up and pulled the clasp removing the cape and used her magic to pull free her unicorn blade. "No more games Silver Ghost!" She yelled back snorting again holding the blade in front of her at the ready, a large crowd forming around them.

"Your right, no more games Mare Do Well," Silver said narrowing her eyes glancing around at the crowd before charging forward bringing the blade around quick in a wide arc towards her back. Mare Do Well bringing the unicorn blade around to block it.

Instead of countering the block she instead bucked her side sending her stumbling as she rushed over to a by standard and leapt onto this back, he was a large earth pony stallion. She flipped the blade around in her muzzle and pressed the sharp edge against his neck. "Drop the blade Mare Do Well, or I cut his throat." Silver Ghost threaten her eyes narrowed at Mare Do Well.

Mare Do Well froze seeing her hold a pony hostage. Her eyes going wide she dropped the unicorn blade. "Let him go Silver, this is between us, not him!" She said watching carefully not wanting any pony else to get hurt. "Please, just let him go..."

"Not so fast," Silver said narrowing her eyes looking at Mare Do Well, "Remove your hat and mask," she added threating the blade against the stallions throat more pressing the edge more. "Then remove your headband so you can't use that magic of yours"

Mare Do Well hesitated before removed her hat tossing it aside. She started to reach up to remove her mask before the stallion hostage yelled, "Don't do it Mare Do Well! Even if she kills me, defeat her!" He said causing Silver to growl and bite his ear hard. "AHHH! D.. don't let her win!" He continued, everyone else in the crowd starting to cheer for Mare Do Well.

Frustrated Silver pulled the blade away from his neck and rolled off his back to her hooves moving to stab him in the chest but Mare Do Well grabbed the blade in her magic and dragged her away. "No you don't! I wont let you harm more ponies!" Swung her around by the blade until she let go and flew against a wall.

Silver hit the wall hard and grunted hard the impact knocking the wind out of her. Mare Do Well rushed forward and pressed the muzzle blade to her throat her eyes narrowed reading to thrust the blade into her neck. "Go ahead, do it..." Silver said panting abit trying to get her breath back. "Do it or I swear I'll come back and first person on my list is Apple Bloom and her baby." She threatened looking up at Mare Do Well her eyes narrowed.

Mare Do Well pulled the blade back and rammed it hard, but instead of hitting her neck, she shoved it into the wall just grazing her cheek. "I'm not a killer like you Silver Ghost. Your going to prison," She said turning around and gave her a swift buck to the head knocking her out before limping away her shoulder injury starting to hurt a lot now.

She felt her hat rest on head and looked around spotting a unicorn nurse nearby smiling at her, she picked up the unicorn blade and sheathed it before getting her cape and put it on. The crowd cheering for her, but she could hear police sirens closing in quick. She started to make her way quickly away from the hospital and to her apartment. The stress from her injuries though slowing her down. Instead of going on the roof tops she stuck to back alleys. She climbed the fire escape slowly and made her way inside.

"S.. Starbloom, your home...." Sweetie said watching her come inside. "Is... is Silver Ghost, dead?" She asked a mix of fear and worry in her voice as she watched Starbloom come into the apartment slowly. Using her magic to pull the curtains close along with the window once she was inside.

"No... I couldn't killer her, she's going to prison," Starbloom said pulling off the hat and mask before collapsing on the couch. Sweetie helping her to remove the suit and storing it away. "Any news, on Babs?" She asked softly watching Sweetie as she treated the injury on her shoulder.

"She's stable, but still in critical condition.." Sweetie said softly doing her best to get the bleeding to stop with a cold press. "Apple Bloom and her family will be here tomorrow to visit her." She used some bandages to hold the press on her shoulder before sitting next to Starbloom.

"She was there, waiting just like I though she would be." Starbloom said shifting wincing, her whole body hurt from being bucked and the fall from the top of the hospital. "If I hadn't gone, I don't want to think about what would of happen...." She said moving to rest her head on Sweetie's shoulder softly.

"Then don't, just rest and get better... you deserve it, after what you've done I think the city will be fine with out you for a few days." Sweetie said putting a foreleg around her shoulder hugging her softly. "Promises me... you'll never do anything this reckless again." She said looking down at her.

"Because Twilight will kill you?" She said joking softly looking up, but she could see Sweetie was serious, she could see it in her eyes, the worry, the fear of losing her. "I promise Sweetie. I wont do anything this reckless again." She nuzzled against her again softly sighing softly. "I feel the same way about you."

Sweetie smiled softly nuzzling her back softly. "Good, if you do I'll kick your flank myself." She said resting her head against Starbloom's using her magic to pull over a blanket and turn out the lights wrapping them both in the blanket to so they could get some much needed sleep.

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