• Published 18th Jun 2013
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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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Chapter 14

~*{Manehattan Prison}*~

Silver Spoon was sitting in her cell quietly when she heard a noise. Looking up she saw four unicorn guards standing in front of the door. One of them unlocking the door moving to the side to let her out. "You have a visitor," he said with little else in the way of explanation. The other three guards just watched her closely ready to stop her if she tried anything funny.

Silver Spoon moved to her hooves and slowly trotted from the cell and into line between the four guards being lead down the hallway of the prison. But they didn't go to the prisons visitor center, instead they headed down to the prison laundry area.

"You can leave, thank you for your assistance guards." Silver Spoon heard a disturbingly familiar voice speak and turned quickly as she the guards left the room hearing the door close and lock, her eyes locking on a shadow in the corner of the room.

"So, you decided I was worth killing after all Mare Do Well?" She said watching the shadow move and the figure of Mare Do Well come out, at least it appeared to be Mare Do Well, though something about it was off. She couldn't put her hoof on what it was though.

"Hmm? Kill you, now why would I want to do that?" The Mare Do Well looking figure said looking at herself before smirking, "Ah you think I'm that girl, trust me, I'm not her. As much I might appear to be her and sound like." She continued pulling off the hat and mask.

Silver Spoon blinked as she removed the hat and mask, she was for all intent an purposes Starbloom, same coat color, same eye color, mane was the same colors, broken horn... wait Starbloom didn't have a broken horn, or a horn at all. "Who are you?" She asked looking this new pony over carefully.

"My name is Nightshade, I'm from an alternate dimension to this world." Nightshade said walking over to Silver Spoon looking her over. "Unlike in this world, I ran things pretty well, after taking care of Nightmare Moon I turned on Celestia and defeated her as well." She grinned abit, "Everything went pretty well, until Discord returned that is, come to find out he liked his, game, as he put it Celestia. When he found out I killed her turned me into a filly and sent me to this world after breaking my horn."

Silver Spoon just stared quietly at Nightshade as she listen to her story. "So, what does this have to do with me?" She asked after a moment still unsure of Nightshade. "If your not here to kill me, why did you want to see me?"

"Isn't it obvious by now? I need Mare Do Well dealt with, I could do it myself but I prefer not to get my hooves dirty. I'll help you escape from prison, and in return you'll be my faithful henchman... double cross me though." She said turning quickly a unicorn blade pressed against Silver Spoons throat. "I wont show mercy like Mare Do Well did. Understood?"

Silver Spoon's eyes went wide at the sudden blade against her neck and nodded at Nightshade. "Y... yes Nightshade, I understand." She relaxed when the blade was pulled away and hidden back into the folds of Nightshade's cloak. "Now, how will I escape from here though?"

"That's the easy part...." Nightshade a wicked grin spreading over her face as she pulled the mask back over her face and put the hat back on her head. "Just leave that, to me."

~*{Manehattan Streets}*~

Mare Do Well had been out doing her patrols for about seven hours so far, she had stopped mostly muggings and a few carriage thieves so far. Her doctor would be proud, nothing to stressful on her, she was about to stop and find a place a to grab some dinner when she heard an alarm going off. Her ears perking she turned in direction of the alarm before heading in the direction it was coming from.

It didn't take her to long to reach the location it had come from, it was a bank similar to the one she had saved her first successful night on the job. She looked down at the robbery looking it over from her perch trying to get an idea of how many robbers there was before leaping off the side and using her magic on her cape and through the window.

The robbers consisted of two unicorns mares, an earth pony stallion and a pegasus mare, she looked them over before the pegasus extended her wings showing her wing blades and the earth pony pulled out a muzzle blade. "Look who we have here, Mare Do Well. Let's get her!" The pegasus said charging forward, twisting to slash with one of sets of blades.

Mare Do Well leapt back out of the way of the blades and used a desk chair to block the blades swearing under her breath. She felt a unicorn blade buzz her ear and blinked. "Oh horse feathers this is bad." She said to herself before ducking under a slash of the muzzle blade.

She bucked hard at the earth pony who was a little off balance from missing with the muzzle blade sending him staggering back and shoot a stapler at the unicorn who fired the unicorn blade at her catching her in the jaw stunning her, flatting herself to the ground as the pegasus buzzed over head with the wing blades again.

"Nimble little thing aint ya?" The pegasus commented flapping her wings hovering over head staring down at Mare Do Well, "You might be quick, but you can't fly!" She said turning around and diving down to buzz at her again the edges of the wing blades ready to slice across her side.

Even with the slash and cut protection on her suit, it wasn't effective against wings blades, the speed and force generated from a pegasus dive was to much. She quickly rolled out of the way off the blades and grumbled before feeling a unicorn blade graze her cheek. She growled and charged over leaping and slammed her forehooves down against her chest making her stumble back before turning and bucked her into a wall.

Just as she was about to go back to the pegasus she caught a glimpse of the earth pony getting back up and getting his muzzle blade. She sighed and let out a frustrated grumble before getting herself get bucked in the side from the other unicorn stumbling to the side. She growled spinning and bucked back, her bucks having more force though knocking the unicorn out. "Jerk! Can't you see I'm busy!" She glared at the unicorn sprawled out on the ground before charging the earth pony her own unicorn blade out now.

She heard the whistle from the wing blades behind her and grinned abit as she charged the earth pony grinning she flattened herself and let the two slam into each other, looking up seeing them both sprawled out in a heap. The impact from the two knocking both out cold. "Thank Celestia for stupid criminals." She said looking at the two putting her unicorn blade away.

She flinched lightly the fight had made her shoulder start to hurt. She considered continuing her patrols but remember what her doctor told her and sighed softly. She started back home to her apartment to get some rest. She if her shoulder stopped hurting after dinner she would come back out for more patrol other wise she would call it a night.

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