• Published 18th Jun 2013
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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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Chapter 20

Sweetie and Starbloom left Dr. Westluck's home office and started towards their own home. It wasn't to long of a walk from the doctor's place but they had been moving slowly, both still tired from the long night. The early morning walk was making Starbloom feel uneasy and she wanted to hurry home.

As they walked passed an ally Starbloom suddenly felt a pair of hoofs impact her side sending her sprawling across the ground. The suddenness of the impact bringing her out of her daze and she quickly moved to her feet spinning around to face which every pony had done it.

She spotted two ponies, an earth pony stallion and pegasus mare next to Sweetie, the pegasus was trying to grab the saddle bags Sweetie had been carrying while the earth pony tried to keep her from moving to much by pulling her mane. "Give us the bags!" The earth pony yelled smacking a hoof into Sweetie's shoulder. It looked like they had already bucked Sweetie at least once from the hoof marks on her side.

"S.. Sweetie! Leave her alone!" She said trying to activate her magic to knock the muggers away from Sweetie but nothing happen, the pegasus looked at her and snorted before turning back to trying to get the saddle bag. "Horse feathers, my headband." She muttered then growled charging forward and rammed her good shoulder into the side of one of the earth pony. "I said leave her alone!"

The mugger stumbled back from the strong shoulder smash, the pegasus landing and bucked Sweetie's side hard, knocking her into Starbloom both stumbling over. Sweetie giving a cry of pain and collapsed, Starbloom moved to stand over her protectively.

She snorted and focused her hard on her forehead concentrating on her magic trying to draw it out with out her headband. She knew it was uncontrollable when she did it this way, but she knew Sweetie would be safe, and right now that's all she cared about. "I... Said... Leave... her.... Alone!" She growled dangerously her eyes flickering with magic and her mane fluttering around her as her body took on a purple aura.

The two muggers paused looking more then a little nerves seeing the aura around Starbloom stepping back. "To hay with this, I'm out of here! That mare is nuts," The pegasus said stretching out his wings. But he never got a chance to take off, the energy surrounding Starbloom exploding out of her violently throwing both muggers down the street, knocking over carts and carriages and blowing out windows.

It had been a while since she had to preform magic with out her headband, but the rage she felt over Sweetie being attack and her adrenaline help fuel the magic. She turned to look at Sweetie who was laying on the ground under her still whimpering softly. She had some nasty bruises forming on her sides, it was clear to see them with Sweetie's off-white fur.

"Hang on Sweetie, I'll get you some help." She said opening one of the saddle bags and digging out her headband putting it on she used her magic to lay Sweetie across her back and took off back to Dr. Westluck's office narrowing her eyes ignoring the pain building in her shoulder again.

Once she got up to the home office she didn't even bother knocking, she pushed the door open and came inside. "Dr. Westluck! Help!" She yelled moving to the examination room and moved Sweetie from her back to the table carefully not wanting to hurt her.

Dr. Westluck come from the office and saw Starbloom go into the examination room with Sweetie on her back. "Oh dear, what happen?" He asked hurrying into the room and started to check on Sweetie's condition, "You two just left here."

"We was walking towards our home.... when these two muggers jumped us. The kept hitting Sweetie and bucked her side." Starbloom said as she sat down next to the table out of the way whimpering softly. "I... I didn't have time to react to stop them.... she isn't as tough as me, I.. don't know if she can handle a brutal hit like that."

Dr. Westluck nodded softly as she listen to Starbloom explain what happen and look over Sweetie. Checking where she had been bucked and hit. "Nothing appears broken thankfully. I think she's more in shock then anything, she'll be sore for a few days." He said going over to Starbloom. "What about you? Did you get hurt?"

Starbloom shook her head, not bothering to tell him she got bucked or knocked over. "No, I'm alright I managed to chase them off," she said softly going over to Sweetie nuzzling her cheek softly. "I'm so sorry Sweetie, I should have been more alert...." she said softly resting her head on the table closing her eyes.

Sweetie slowly opened her eyes and licked Starbloom's nose softly looking at her. "D.. don't.. blame yourself, you did your best." She said smiling at Starbloom moving her head to nuzzle her cheek back. "I should of just gave them the silly bags huh?" She said tilting her head a bit looking at Starbloom.

Starbloom opened her eyes looking at Sweetie smiling at her a few tears in her eyes. "Yea, guess you got some of that stubbornness from me huh?" She said nuzzling her cheek again softly sighing softly. "I'm glad your alright Sweetie," she took a deep breath closing her eyes.

"You two can rest here for a few hours, when it'll be safer to walk home." Dr. Westluck said smiling at them moving from the examination room. "I don't have any appointments today, so feel free to stay in here." He added before closing the door leaving the two alone.

Starbloom smiled, "Thank you doctor," she said before he closed the door before removing the saddle bags from Sweetie and setting them on the floor. She settled herself on the floor and rest her head on the saddle bags to act as a pillow using her magic to turn out the lights.

Sweetie settled herself back on the table doing her best to settle her breathing so it wouldn't hurt to much. "Why did you lie...? To Dr. Westluck I mean" Sweetie asked softly after a few moments, she had heard Starbloom tell the doctor she hadn't been hurt, when she was the first one to be bucked.

Starbloom blinked tilting her head softly before sighing lightly closing her eyes again resting her head on the saddle bags again. "I'm a tough pony, I can handle a simple buck..." She said softly, truth was she wanted the doctor to focus more on taking care of Sweetie then herself.

Sweetie frowned a bit and moved to look down at Starbloom from over the edge of the table. The room had alittle light coming from the window. "I've known you way to long to buy that story Bloomy, now tell me the truth." She said and Starbloom's eye twitched at the nick name.

"Alright, alright, just do not call me that... please." She said, she hated that nickname, ever since Pinkie Pie came up with it. Even Pinkie stopped using it almost the same day she came up with it seeing how much it bothered her. "I just didn't want him to worry about me... I wanted him to make sure you were fine... if you want I'll have him check me out to."

Sweetie smiled at her sweetly and nodded. "I would like that Starbloom, thank you." She said moving to relax on the table again.

Starbloom sighed rolling her eyes as she got up going to the door. Looking over at Sweetie who smiled at her again before opening the door and headed out of the room closing the door carefully behind her. She went over to Dr. Westluck. "Dr. Westluck, I have to be honest... I was bucked pretty good in the side.... by one of the muggers." She said softly.

Dr. Westluck looked up at her from his paper. "Oh? Why didn't you tell me sooner when I asked?" He asked as he got up and check on her side carefully. "Wait, let me guess, you felt you were tough enough to handle it?"

"Yea... guess it's kinda obvious... that and I wanted to make sure Sweetie was alright first," She said softly wincing abit when he pushed on her side and checked on her shoulder. "Well, your side will be alright. A little tender but it should heal up fine, your a pretty tough unicorn mare.... but your shoulder..." He sighed softly shaking his head softly. "No easy way to put it, but that shoulder with all the stress and strain you keep putting on it, wont ever heal properly. Your always going to feel pain in it."

Starbloom looked at the shoulder then back at him nodding slowly. "I understand doctor, thank you for being honest with me." She said moving to her hooves. "I'll learn to live with it."

Dr. Westluck shook his head softly and looked at her with sad eyes. "Your a young mare, you shouldn't been suffering these ache and pains at this age." He patted the sofa next to him as he say back down. "Your from Ponyville right?" he asked looking over at her.

She moved and took a seat next to him nodding. "Yes doctor, originally from Canterlot, I moved to Ponyville when I was about 7 years old." she said tilting her head slightly. "Why do you ask?"

Dr. Westluck smiled at her, "I think it might be a good idea if you and Sweetie take a vacation down there, relax and take it easy for about a week or so. Specially after what happen to Sweetie, and yourself. I know things are bad here, but they can't get to much worse with you gone for a few days."

Starbloom watched him quietly then smiled softly lowering her head thinking for a few minutes. "A vacation huh...." She honestly wasn't sure if she wanted to say no or not anymore. Nearly being killed by the blade to the chest, then Sweetie being attacked. "You know what.... I think that's a good idea."

Dr. Westluck smiled at her and patted her back. "Good, didn't want to have give you a doctor's order to go." He said jokingly at her. "The time away will do you some good. Both mentally and physically, like I said a mare your age, barely out of filly hood shouldn't suffer these aches and pains." He said moving to his hooves. "No go get some rest."

Starbloom nodded at him moving to her hooves as well. "Thank you doctor, I'll talk to Sweetie about it when she wakes up." She said before making her way to the examination room, closing the door carefully behind her seeing Sweetie asleep on the table she smiled. "Hmm, a week in Ponyville does sound nice..." She said before laying back on the floor resting her head on the saddle bag.

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