• Published 18th Jun 2013
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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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Chapter 32

It was near dinner time by the time Starbloom got back home from the Gym, she had spent almost fours there retraining her body. She felt good, if not sore and tired and her shoulder was throbbing from the extra stress she had put on it. But she ignored it and went inside the house she shared with Sweetie, and now Twist.

"I'm home," Starbloom called after going inside and closing the door looking around. She saw Sweetie in the kitchen working on dinner and Twist on the couch reading a book. Both looked over at her and smiled, Twist waving at her. "Love the new glasses Twist, they look very nice on you."

"Thank you Starbloom, I'm glad you like them," Twist said smiling at her putting the book away getting to her hooves.

Starbloom smiled removing her saddle bags setting them near the door before making her way to the counter taking a seat smiling at Sweetie who leaned over and kissed her. "Have a good day Sweetie?" She asked looking over at Twist joined her at the counter.

"Yep it was a great day, got Twist her new glasses and she found herself a job at Sugar Cube Corner." Sweetie said smiling as she floated a glass of tea over for Starbloom.

"Really? That's great to hear, congratulations Twist." She said smiling at Twist who blushed faintly. Starbloom looked back towards Sweetie.

"How did your day go Starbloom? What did the police say?" She asked as she finished up dinner and started to fix plates for everyone.

"They are gonna try the trace the blade back to the maker. Since it's a fake one it shouldn't be to hard." She said sipping her tea. "Mmmm, the officer I talked to is gonna try to get me in as a consultant so I can help."

Sweetie tilted her head at Starbloom setting a plate of pasta in front of Twist. "Really? That explains the letter from police station is about." Sweetie said floating the letter from a stack of mail over and giving it to Starbloom.

"Mmm thank you Sweetie," She said opening the letter and reading it over. "They are going to let me help, do to my years on the force and a recommendation from Officer Wildrun. I'm temporarily reinstated into the force at the rank of Detective." She said and blinked a few times. "Wow I didn't expect that."

"Congratulations Starbloom." Twist said smiling over at her. "You get to be a police officer again."

Starbloom smiled at her and nods, "Yea, seems so. Thank you Twist." She said smiling at her putting the letter away and smiled at Sweetie.

Sweetie smiled back at Starbloom passing her a plate of the pasta as well, before fixing herself one and joined them at the bar counter. "Congratulations Starbloom," She said leaning over to kiss her cheek. Sweetie looked over at Twist before looking back at Starbloom. "What would you think about adding a room to the house?"

Starbloom tilted her head, blinking a bit. Twist looking over at the two. "I would be alright with it, could always use more room." She glanced over at Twist, "Unless Twist wants to stay with us, she'll need her own room."

Twist smiled at Starbloom and Sweetie, nodding at them. "I'll stay, as long as you want me to." She said smiling at them again.

Starbloom and Sweetie smiled at Twist nodding at her. "We'd be happy to let you stay." Sweetie said before they started to enjoy dinner, Sweetie bringing over some bread and drinks.

After dinner, Starbloom went up stairs to shower after her long work out. Sweetie got out the house floor plans to decide on the base place to add the extra room. After a few minutes she decided to add it to the east side of the house, which would let them expand the upstairs and make Starbloom's office bigger as well.

Twist had insisted on doing the dishes, so Sweetie let her. As much as she liked to tease Starbloom for not picking up around the house. Sweetie was insistent on doing most of it herself, but Twist did want to help out and feel useful, so Sweetie let her.

Starbloom came back down stairs after she had finished her shower and went over to see what Sweetie was up to. Tilting her head as she looked at the floor plan of the house. "I didn't know we kept those." She said blinking lightly tilting her head.

"Mhmm, I thought they might come in handy if we needed to expand the house." She said smiling up at Starbloom, "I think, if we add the extra room here, we can expand the upstairs as well to make your office bigger and give us more storage room as well."

Starbloom nodded as she looked at the floor plan smiling. "Sounds good to me, if you want we can also dig down and expand the basement for your studio as well to give you more room." Starbloom said smiling at Sweetie.

Sweetie considered for a moment then smiled. "If it doesn't cost to much extra we can do that." She said nodding at Starbloom looking up at her.

Once Twist had the dishes finished, she came over to the two smiling. "What you two doing?" She asked looking at the blue prints then back at Sweetie and Starbloom.

"Just deciding on how we want to add the new room." Sweetie said smiling at her. "Gives us a good excuse to do some remodeling on the house we been putting off."

Twist smiled at her and nod taking a seat across from Sweetie and Starbloom. "Oh, I don't need a lot of room so anything is good." Twist said.

Sweetie smiled at her and nodded, "Don't worry, we have it worked out. I'll stop by the local construction company tomorrow and get everything worked out. Be a good chance to catch up with Apple Bloom as well."

Starbloom and Twist smiled at her nodding. "Sounds like a plan Sweetie," Starbloom said moving to her hooves stretching. "I'm going to head to bed, going be a busy day tomorrow." Starbloom added before heading to the bedroom getting into bed after remove her leg brace.

"Good night Starbloom. I'll be up soon myself." Sweetie said smiling at her watching her go. Twist waving at her saying good night as well.

Twist looks over at Sweetie. "Do you think that guy will be back tonight?" Twist asked looking around then back Sweetie.

"Hmm, I don't know Twist we'll just have to hope he doesn't." Sweetie said smiling at her moving to her hooves. "Sleep well Twist, don't stay up to late you have work in the morning."

Twist smiled at her and nodded. "I wont Sweetie, good night." She told Sweetie who made her way up stairs. Twist looked around the bottom for of the house before turning out the lights and laying on the couch covering herself with a blanket. Carefully putting her new glasses coffee table.

Standing on the roof a house across the way watching, the figure in black watched as the lights in the house went out narrowing it's eyes. Turning around a flash of a silver braid was visible as it leapt down from the roof into the alley to wait.

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