• Published 18th Jun 2013
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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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Birth of Mare Do Well


The night was cold and a dark figure was dashing from rooftop to rooftop a faint shimmer covering her body allowing her to easily cover the distance with out falling, a cape fluttering behind her as she moved. Those who did catch of glimpse of her didn't recognize her as the hero Mare Do Well.

Few remember the Ponyville Hero from so many years ago, those who did wouldn't make the connection to the cape figure in this city after so many years. Why would they, Mare Do Well had been little more then a ploy to teach Rainbow Dash a lesson in humility and once done the "hero" disappeared with out a trace.

The figure stopped on the edge of a roof top and peered quietly around ears panning slowly listening closely to the sounds of the city, eyes closed as she tried to pick of sounds of trouble. It didn't take to long when she heard the cries of help from a pony in trouble.

Mare Do Well quickly sprung into action running towards the sound of trouble leaping from the roof top, turning sideways and using a wall and a bit of magic to keep from falling to fast, she planted her hooves into the wall and used her magic to slide down it, her magic pressing herself against the wall to slow herself. Once she had reached level she dashed through the alleyways quickly to the sounds of the struggle.

She came face to face with a larger male stallion holding a smaller mare at knife point demanding bits. She growled softly and snorted to get his attention. He turned quickly to see who was interrupting his work. What he saw made him chuckle as he looked at the smaller pony wearing a purple and blue outfit, with a mask, cape and hat. "Is this some kinda of joke?" He asked in a demanding tone.

"Nightmare Night isn't for another three months ya weirdo, git lost," he said dismissively before turning his back on Mare Do Well. At which point Mare Do Well quickly rushed forward and in a swift turn on her left front hoof brought herself around before planting both hooves firmly into the ground and reared back in a full force buck into the larger stallions right flank. The buck aided with a bit of repulsing magic which added more force. Enough to send him flying out of the alley and into the busy streets of Manehattan.

The force of her buck was more then she expected and she didn't want to stick around for anyone to investigate. She quickly dashed back down the alleyway, leaping up and pushing herself off the walls to get back to the rooftops. Once she was safely away and out of sight of any ponies prying eyes she let out a deep breath.

She made her way to an apartment inside a nearby building and went inside through the fire escape. The place was in a more upscale part of Manehattan, though not high class it was nice neighborhood. The apartment was modest in size. Mare Do Well closed the window and curtain before turning on a light with a flick of magic.

She went to a small sofa to relax her hooves and let out a deep sigh and groaned. "Good going Starbloom, first night on the job and you almost blow your cover." She brought a hoof up and bonked herself on the forehead. "Focus, control, concentration. Remember your teachings and training, don't let your emotions get the better of you." She scolded herself in a sharp tone, she reached up and removed her hat and pulled back the mask of her suit.

She was a young earth pony by all accounts, she had a soft lavender coat, trimmed but still long blue mane with purple and pink streaks that rested flat against her head. She wore a silver and gold threaded headband with three shimmering gems, a large crystal in the middle covering a patch of gray fur with two smaller crystals on either side the softly pulsed in time with her heart beat.

Starbloom was in fact Twilight Sparkle who came from a different universe who lost her horn. She had been sent to this universe with the aid of Princess Luna a little over twelve years ago, after a lab experiment resulted in Spike's death. The spell used to transfer her to this universe also turned her into a filly.

She slipped out of the Mare Do well suit. She looked a lot like Twilight Sparkle in shape and coloring, her flank had gray patches of fur with a cutie mark showing a book with a magnifying glass crossing it and over top of it was an "all seeing eye" icon. Twilight had been quiet baffled by the cutie mark, no one had see a cutie mark like it before.

She discovered the cutie mark while trying to help Scootaloo find her scooter one day, she soon learned Silver Spoon had stolen it and hide it. While looking for clues she used her ability to see into her own world to recognize a fake wall Silver Spoon hid the scooter behind. Since then she devoted herself to being a detective, much like her grandmother had been, but Ponyville had little crime and Canterlot had the royal guard.

Twilight had been pretty upset when Starbloom told her she wanted to move to Manehatten to become a detective do to the increase in crime, but after talking it over agreed it was the best place for her. But only after Starbloom took lessons in Hoof to Hoof fighting, and learned some defensive and offensive magic.

Starbloom agreed and, after a year of intense training with Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Applejack as well as a few other teachers. She had strengthen her mind and body and left for Manehatten. She joined the police force and had been very good at her job, but quickly learned the reason the crime rate was so high was do to corruption in the department.

After her partner abandoned her in a failed attempt to assassinate her, she left the department. That was when she decided it was time to resurrect Mare Do Well. She wrote Twilight Sparkle with her idea, and after some persuading got her to agree to let her do this. She got Rarity to send her a costume and all of the elements of harmony offered to supply her with bits to help keep her off the streets she also had a room mate that helped as well.

Her first mission was to make a name for her self on the streets of Manehattan, once she had managed to do that she was going to go after the corruption in the police department. She knew there was some good officers left, she just hoped she could get them on her side in her fight to take down the corruption in the department when it was time.

Once she had her suit off she packed away the uniform in a chest at the foot of her bed and used a magic seal on it before crawling under the covers. "Tomorrow is another night, and I wont fail this time." She told herself looking at a picture of her and Twilight, it was taken the day Twilight had adopted her. "I'll make you proud of me mom, I promise," she said with a smile before she used her magic to turn off the lights and close the heavy black out curtains as Celestia's sun started to raise.

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