• Published 18th Jun 2013
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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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Back on the Streets

Chatper 13

The day after her fight with Silver Ghost, Sweetie insisted that Starbloom go to a doctor and get herself checked out. Somepony they could trust and tell who she really was. Starbloom wasn't to sure it was a good idea. But Sweetie was persistent so she agreed and they eventually found one that Starbloom felt was trustworthy named Doctor Westluck.

Doctor Westluck was an older unicorn stallion, with a dusky blue coat, a white mane and tail that had pale blue streaks and green eyes. It took a little convincing to get him to believe that she was Mare Do Well, but after seeing her injuries he started to believe her. The damage to her shoulder had been worse then she expected, the strain she put it on during the fight with Silver Ghost and the fall tore some of the muscle.

The bucks she had taken to her sides caused some bruising and even a few small fractures to her ribs. The impact of the fall didn't help that as well, but the damage wasn't as bad as it could of been. The suits protective hooves and reinforcement in the legs did it's job and took most of the impact.

"Well Starbloom it has been nearly a week since you started to come and see me. I must say you've taken remarkably well to the treatment. Your ribs have healed nicely, and the damage to the muscle in your shoulder is nearly fully healed up. In my option if you want you can go back to your patrols." Dr Westluck said smiling at her as he started to write out a prescription.

"Thank you doctor, It'll be nice to get back out on the streets and start making the city safe again." She said watching as he wrote on the piece of paper.

"There is one thing though, I can treat the body..... but I am worried about your mental state," He said looking over at her as he finished writing out the prescription. "All the violence you see at night can't be good for your mental health, you use to be an officer of the law, you should know that already."

"I know doctor, I do understand that...." She said looking at him before looking away sighing softly. "I'm just not sure if it would be a good idea to tell another pony who I am."

"I understand Starbloom, Sweetie told me it was hard to get you to come and see me. But do keep it in mind, I can make some calls and find a good trust worthy psychiatrist for you to visit. A pony that will keep your secret safe." He said passing her the prescription. "This is for any reoccurring pain you might have later."

"Thank you doctor, I'll keep it in mind." She said moving to her hooves. "And doctor, if you do make those calls, please don't tell them who I am, it'll be safer for the both of use if they don't know you treat Mare Do Well." She said smiling at him softly.

"Of course, I'll keep it to myself.... this city does need a hero like you, seems these days doctors treat muzzle blade injuries more then anything else." He said opening the door for her. "If you need anything else, just let me know."

"I will doctor, thank you again." She said as she made her way out of the office and started on her way to the pharmacy to get the prescription filled. She really wasn't to sure if she wanted to talk to somepony she didn't know about her issues, or her dreams. She sighed softly looking around tilting her head thinking for a minute before she picks up the prescription and two bouquet of flowers before leaving the pharmacy.

Before heading home she made her way to the hospital where Babs was still being kept. She made her way in and up to the recovery floor where her room was. Knocking on the door faintly to her room before going inside. "Come in," She heard Babs' voice answer the knock and she went inside.

"Hey Babs, how you feeling today?" She asked, still feeling a little guilty, she floated one of the bouquet of flowers out for her. "I brought you some flowers.'

"Hey Starbloom, I'm doing alright. Doctor's say I should be able to go home soon." Babs said smiling at her, looking at the flowers. "Those look nice, thank you." She said watching as Starbloom put them in a vase for her.

Starbloom talked with Babs for alittle longer, before a nurse came in to change some bandages. Starbloom said good bye and made her way back out and started on her way back home.

She thought some more on the idea of talking to a psychiatrist as she went into the apartment building and inside. The only ponies she every talked to about her problems had been Twilight and Sweetie. She opened the door to her apartment and went inside. "Sweetie, I'm home," she called as she closed the door looking around quietly, perking her ears she heard the music in Sweetie's studio stop.

"Welcome home Starbloom," Sweetie said smiling at her, "How was your doctor's appointment?" She asked tilting her head seeing the flowers perking an eye brow up. "Your not dying are you?" She asked jokingly.

"Well, that depends on if you kill me or not." Starbloom replied joking back with her, "The doctor said I'm pretty healthy and can go back to being Mare Do Well." She said floating the flowers over to Sweetie Belle with a sheepish grin. "The flowers are for you."

Sweetie smiled at her sniffing them before finding a vase to put them in. "They smell wonderful, thank you. I'm glad your alright, Rarity already sent your suit back, fully repaired and ready for you when your ready." She said taking a seat on the couch. "She's also happy for us, glad we got together. So is Twilight and everyone else in Ponyville."

Starbloom blushed softly scuffing a hoof a little embarrassed, nodding at Sweetie Belle. "I'm glad they are happy for us," she said going over and sitting next to Sweetie, "I'm also glad my suit is ready as well, not that I don't like being home, but I want to get back out on patrol."

Sweetie nodded at her smiling tilting her head faintly watching Starbloom, "I've known you far to long, what else is going on with you?" She asked, she could see Starbloom debating with herself. "Did the doctor say anything else?"

"Mmm can't hide anything from you can I? He thinks, I should see a psychiatrist, considering what I have to deal with on patrols." She said looking down at the floor, before looking back over at Sweetie smiling at her. "I told him I'll think it over... what do you think I should do?"

Sweetie smiled back at her and considered what she was asking. "Well, I do worry what the stress and what you see is going to do to you.... no pony should have to deal with violence every night." She said tilting her head faintly before speaking again. "But the choice is ultimately up to you Starbloom, I just want you to come home each morning safe, and happy."

Starbloom smiled at Sweetie before leaning over and kissing her cheek. "Thank you Sweetie, that will help me with the choice I end up making. I also talked to Babs, she's doing well and should be going home soon."

"That's good news, I'm glad Babs is doing better." Sweetie said smiling at her, "And I'm glad I could help you as well."

Starbloom stretched herself a bit. "If I am going to go out tonight I need to get some sleep." She said before getting to her hooves .

Sweetie smiled watching Starbloom get up and head to their room. "Sleep well Starbloom," She watching her close the door before sighing softly. As much as she acted alright with it, she was still worried when went out on patrols at night. After a few minutes she moved to her own hooves and went back to her studio room to work her album.

Sweetie woke Starbloom up around Eight at night. "Starbloom, it's time to get up." She said softly not wanting to jolt her awake. Starbloom shifted before sitting up and smiled over at Sweetie. Sweetie moving so Starbloom could get out of bed, both going into the living room. "I made some breakfast for you."

"Thank you Sweetie, it smells wonderful." She said moving to the counter and took a seat on a cushion, still little drowsy not use to getting up after so little sleep. It would take her a bit to adjust to her night time sleep pattern again.

Sweetie smiled and got Starbloom a bowl of oatmeal, toast and sliced orange as well as a glass of tea. "Your welcome Starbloom," She said joining her at the bar with a cup of tea sipping it. "Are you ready to go back to being Mare Do Well?"

"Yea I'm ready to. Things settled for a few days after Silver was arrested but the crime is on the rise again." Starbloom said taking a drink of her tea before starting to eat. "I've been at home to long."

Sweetie nodded at her softly smiling, she was right of course. After Silver Ghost was arrested crime took a sharp turn down, but with out Mare Do Well present the criminals started to get bold again. "Your right, just remember what the doctor said, take it easy. No epic battles." Sweetie said smiling at her, both serious and joking at the same time.

"I'll remember," Starbloom said smiling as she moved to her hooves after finishing her late night breakfast. She made her way to the bathroom to wash off before going to the bedroom and change into her Mare Do Well suit, it felt strange after not being in it for a week.

Starbloom looked at the unicorn blade in the chest before picking it up and putting it under her cape. "Just in case," She told herself softly before making her way out of the bedroom looking over at Sweetie Belle, her mask pulled back. "I'll be back in the morning, sleep well." She told Sweetie before leaning over and giving her a kiss.

Sweetie kissed her back and smiled nodding at her. "I'll do my best, take care of yourself out there." She said in reply to Starbloom before pulling the Mare Do Well hood into place for her smiling. "You come back to me."

Mare Do Well smiled using her magic to turn out the lights and make her way out onto the roof top. It had been a little over a week, and it was time for her to get back to work cleaning up the streets of the city. She swiftly started on her patrols moving from roof top to roof top, her ears listening for the sounds of trouble.

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