• Published 18th Jun 2013
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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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Sweetie & Rarity

Chapter 34

Sweetie was up first the next morning, looking around quietly sighing softly before slipping out of bed. She looked herself off, she really needed a bath her fur still red from the blood. She made her way into the bathroom and turned on the water looking around.

Biting her bottom lip, being back home brought back so many memories of her parents, on the counter of the sink was her dads mustache trimmer and comb. She looked away and took a deep breath before getting into the shower and started to scrub her coat clean. Being careful not to open any of the cuts but doing her best to get the red out of her coat.

She knew if they was going to stay here, she would have to pack away her parents things. She relaxed under the hot stream of water for a few minutes before shaking herself dry and climbing out drying herself off. She made her way down stairs and looked around the house quietly. She decided, packing everything away was a job for Starbloom, she couldn't handle it.

The loss of her parents had always been hard for her, she didn't even take a picture of them when moving to Manehattan, the memories it would bring make was to much for her to handle. The only pictures she brought was of her and her friends and her sister.

She wrote a note and left it on the counter for Starbloom before leaving the house heading to Rarity's boutique. She knew at this time of morning Rarity would more then likely be awake. She opened the door and went inside, looking around seeing Rarity at work on a new design.

Rarity heard the door bell when Sweetie came in and spoke with out looking up. "Welcome to Carousel Boutique, I'll be with you in a moment." She said as she worked on some delicate stitch work.

Sweetie smiled softly to herself moving over and sitting nearby watching Rarity as she worked. Once Rarity looked up Sweetie smiled at her. "Morning Rarity, hard at work I see." She said looking at the design she was working on.

"Oh, Sweetie darling you should of said it was you." Rarity said looking her sister over quietly, "Is something the matter dear, you don't seem to be your normal self."

Sweetie smiled and considered saying she was fine but shook her head lightly, "Actually sis, yes something is wrong. It's been a rough couple of days." Sweetie said moving to her hooves.

"Oh my, come dear let's talk about it then." She said leading Sweetie over to the collection of cushions she had setup for guests. "Now tell me, what ever is the matter?"

Sweetie settled onto a cushion and took a deep breath sighing softly unsure how to start. "It's... everything had been going so well after getting back home. And now, someone is trying to kill us.... our home is ruined..." She said softly lowering her head to the cushion. "We had to stay at mom and dad's place last night....."

Rarity's eyes went wide, before she reached over and rubbed Sweetie's back softly. "Sweetie darling... honestly is it the attacks bothering you or being back in that house?" Rarity asked, she knew her sister was tough, but some things she had a hard time with.

Sweetie nuzzled her face into her fore hooves softly wiping at her eyes. "It's.... being back in the house... everything reminds me of them so much. It didn't bother me last night... I guess because of everything that had happen." She said softly sniffing softly. "But now... when I went to take a shower, seeing dad's stuff on the counter...."

"I know Sweetie darling, you had a hard time with it." She said rubbing her back softly. "You had been so close to our parents. I'm sure I could make room here in the boutique for you and Starbloom if you need to me."

Sweetie shook her head softly sniffling some more rubbing her eyes again. "No... it's not just me and Starbloom anymore, Twist is staying with us to...." She said softly taking a deep breath looking up at Rarity. "I need... to face this and push past it. I can't just ignore it anymore...." She looked away for a moment before looking at Rarity. "I want to move into Mom and Dad's house for good."

Rarity watched her sister quietly and listen to her as she spoke, her eyes going wide at the declaration. "Are... are you sure Sweetie? That would be a very big step... Of course if you want to I wouldn't have a problem letting you have the house, the old place needs some pony living in it after all... and when you and Starbloom have foals you'll need the space."

Sweetie blinked and turn bright red it almost looked like her injuries started to bleed again. "F.. Foal?!" She shouted in surprise looking at Rarity. "We're still to young for that, and we're not married yet or anything like that." She fidgeted and blushed looking at Rarity.

"Sweetie darling, you two might still be young but you don't want to put it off either." Rarity said smiling at her sister, glad her mood had shifted from being upset. "Besides I would love to have a little niece or nephew running around.... I honestly miss the day when you were little and getting into trouble." Rarity said and winked at her sister. "No matter how much I complained about it."

Sweetie's blush had lessened a few shades to pink. "I miss those days to sis." She said smiling at Rarity. "Thank you, for the talk and letting us have the house." She said reaching over and hugged her sister close nuzzling her shoulder.

Rarity smiled and hugged her back. "Of course dear, and I was serious don't wait to long to have foals." Rarity said as they separated from the hug Sweetie sitting back on her cushion.

"I'll keep it in mind sis." Sweetie said looking at Rarity tilting her head faintly to one side. "Why did you have a foal of your own? I know you had plenty of chances."

Rarity smiled at Sweetie and sighed softly. "You know me, I get wrapped up in my work." She glanced over at Sweetie, "Besides I had the joy of raising you. Before and after mom and dad passed away." She smiled at her reaching over ruffling Sweetie's mane softly careful not to mess it up to much.

Sweetie smiled at her and chuckled softly at the mane ruffling before moving to her hooves. "Thank you sis, I'm sorry I was so much trouble."

Rarity moved to her hooves as well smiling at Sweetie. "You wasn't that much trouble. A little rambunctious maybe. But looking back on it, I think I envied you more then anything." She said walking with her the door.

Sweetie paused tilting her head a bit. "Envied? How come?" She asked before catching up to Rarity.

"I got my cutie mark pretty young, so I never had the thrill of trying so many new things like you and your friends did. Not that I regret it mind you, I enjoy my work and love what I do." She said smiling at her.

Sweetie smiled at her and giggled softly looking at Rarity. "I guess we did try some silly stuff. Good bye sis." She said hugging Rarity again before making her way outside to go back to the house.

"Yes, you did Sweetie dear. But you had fun and that's what matters." Rarity said smiling at her and watched as she left. "Good bye Sweetie darling."

Sweetie made her way back to the house smiling softly. She stopped at the front door taking a deep breath before opening the door going inside. She saw Starbloom was up and busy wrapping and packing away her parents things into boxes carefully. Sweetie went inside and kissed her cheek before starting to help her. She decided to leave a picture of her parents on the mantle over the fireplace.

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