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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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Silver Blade Confrontation

Chapter 46

With everything that has happened the night before, Starbloom found herself sleeping pretty late. Sweetie had woken her up for dinner and when she checked the time she noticed it was just after seven in the evening. She rubbed her head softly yawning.

She rolled off the bed and to her hooves making her way down the stairs to the kitchen. She didn't see Twist around, she wondered if she might be out. She stretched herself out going to the counter and taking a seat. "Where is Twist?" She asked Sweetie still rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

"She is staying at Sugar Cube Corner for the night, Pinkie was pretty excited to have a sleep over." Sweetie said putting a salad on the counter with a bowl of soup and some bread. "I think she's been lonely since Pumpkin Cake moved to Canterlot and Pound Cake moved to Cloudsdale."

Starbloom nibbled on a piece of bread nodding quietly. "I can see that, I am surprised those two moved though. I would have thought they would take over the bakery." She said before eating some of her soup. "Mmm what kind of soup is this?"

"Sweet Potato Minestrone, old favorite I use to get for lunch back in Manehatten." She said smiling at Starbloom before joining her at the counter passing Starbloom her tea. "As for the Cake Twins, well Pound Cake wanted to become a weather pony so he went to Cloudsdale for training, Pumpkin Cake wanted to learn more about the business side of Sugar Cube Corner so she went to Canterlot to study."

"Oh... well it's very good." She said smiling taking a drink of her tea. "I'm glad to hear the twins have plans. Hope everything works out for them."

"So do I, I know the Cakes are happy, even if the twins did leave Ponyville. Cloudsdale isn't that far and Pumpkin should be back after her training." Sweetie Belle said smiling.

Starbloom nodded as she went back to eating. "Yea that's true, I'm sure Pound Cake will come and visit them when he has time."

"I'm sure he will, he always was a good colt." Sweetie said as she ate her own dinner. "I told Diamond Tiara about Cinnamon Apple as well, she was very excited and happy to hear about it. She said she would go and visit her as soon as she had a chance."

Starbloom sipped her tea quietly after finishing her dinner. "That's good, did anyone let Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash know?" She asked looking up at Sweetie Belle.

"Yea, I wrote them a letter and sent it express. They should know by tomorrow, I'm just not sure if they'll get a chance to come and visit until the performance season is over." Sweetie said finishing her own dinner.

"Regardless I'm sure they'll be happy to hear the news." Starbloom said getting up from the counter and putting her dishes away. "I'm going to go get ready."

Sweetie nodded and following Starbloom upstairs to the top floor turning out the lights as she went. She watched as Starbloom got changed into her Mare Do Well suit. She leaned in and kissed Starbloom, "Be safe out there." Sweetie said smiling at her turning out the lights upstairs.

"I will Sweetie, have a good night." Starbloom said kissing her back before slipping out the window once the lights went out. She made her way across the rooftops quietly starting on her patrol route.

The patrol went pretty quiet for the first few hours, so there wasn't too much for her to do as she searched the town for crimes to take care of. She landed on the roof of a small building to rest when heard a whistle then felt something pierce her side. She turned quickly and spotted Silver Blade standing on the roof across from her.

She glanced back and saw a blade sticking out of her hip, the armor of her suit slowed it down enough to keep it from going too deep but the pain was still intense. She took a deep breath glancing back at Silver Blade staring at her with hate filled eyes. "Silver, please you need to stop this." Mare Do Well said gritting her teeth as she pulled the blade free tossing it aside.

"I'll stop when you and all your stuck up friends are dead," Silver said pulling free another one of her blades. She fired the blade at Mare Do Well, who took her own blade out and deflected it.

"I don't want to hurt you Silver, please just stop!" Mare Do Well yelled gritting her teeth in frustration and pain. "Nightshade is poisoning your mind if you just think about it rationally you'll see that."

"I see everything perfectly fine!" Silver said pulling out her sister's muzzle blade and holding it her muzzle before charging forward twisting in a wide arc to cut across Mare Do Well's chest.

Mare Do Well bring her blade around to block the muzzle blade leaping back letting out a sharp hiss at the pain in her hip. She knew she couldn't handle a drawn out fight, her crystals flashed and she knocked Silver back with a blast of kinetic energy. "No you don't! Nightshade is abusing you, she doesn't care about you!"

Silver rolled back to her hooves from the blast and narrowed her eyes tightening her grip on the muzzle blade charging forward again leaping up she twisted herself around to bring the blade down in a deadly arc towards Mare Do Well's back.

Just before the blade hit Mare Do Well a bolt of purple magic flashed across the sky sending Silver flying off the room and into a building bouncing off the wall and hitting the ground hard. Mare Do Well glanced at where the bolt came from and saw her mother hovering in the air her wings gently flapping to keep her in place, her eyes glowing white with energy.

Twilight's eyes slowly returned to normal, she flew over head and down towards the area Silver Blade had hit the ground. Mare Do Well trotted over gingerly careful of her hip. She jumped off the roof and made sure to land on her uninjured legs to keep from hurting herself more.

"M... mother what are you doing out here?" Mare Do Well said looking down at Silver Blade, the impact with the ground had knocked her out and broken her hind legs but she was otherwise unhurt. Twilight's magic wrapped around Silver Blade and lifted her off the ground.

"I had a feeling something was going to happen tonight. I felt a strong urge to come out and check on things." Twilight said lifting Starbloom up and placing her across her back before starting to trot to the hospital. "It seems my feelings were justified."

Mare Do Well tried to protest getting lifted up like and placed on her mothers back but it was useless and the pain was getting to be too much for her. "Yeah.... I guess so, I'm glad you came when you did." She said softly relaxing as Twilight trotted to the hospital, "Mom... I can't go in there if I want to keep my identity a secret"

"Don't worry dear, just focus on getting well." Twilight said as she went inside and to the reception. "Nurse Redheart, please send for security, and a doctor." She said putting Silver Blade on the ground, "This girl is a criminal."

Nurse Redheart was unsure at first but nodded sending one of the nurses to the police station and another to fetch the doctor. "What about her?" Nurse Redheart asked nodding to Mare Do Well, "She looks injured as well."

Mare Do Well shifted a bit on Twilight's back unsure what to say when she heard a familiar voice coming from her blind spot. "I'll take care of it Nurse Redheart, thank you." Twilight turned and Mare Do Well see Dr. Westluck blinking a few times.

"Alright doctor, room 3 is free." Nurse Redheart said and Twilight helped Mare Do Well off her back careful of her leg. She followed Dr. Westluck to the room and went inside taking a seat on the examination bed.

Once inside the door Dr. Westluck closed and locked the door to make sure no one would come inside. Starbloom removed the hood of her suit looking over at him. "I thought you retired Doctor, what are you doing here?" She asked peeling off the rest of her suit flinching when she got to her injured him.

"I did retire from the big city, but I decided to stay on as a doctor just in case." He said going over and checking on the stab wound on her flank. "More private practice so I can pick and choose my patients."

Starbloom nodded quietly flinching when he started to clean out the wound sighing softly. "How bad does it look doctor?" She asked after a few moments.

"Looks fine, not too deep and hit mostly muscle it should heal up fine if you don't stress it." He said getting out a needle and surgical thread before starting to close up the wound. "I must say it was a good shot, right in the eye of your cutie mark."

Starbloom rolled her eyes and glanced back at him as he worked. "Yea, I'm sure it was amazing. Hurts pretty bad though."

"I'm sure it does, but you'll be back up before you know it." He said finishing his stitch work before giving her an injection for the pain and infection. "I know it's a lot to ask, but try to stay off it for at least two days alright?"

Starbloom nodded and pulled the suit back on once he was finished, "Thank you doctor. I'll do my best, by the way you will be coming to the wedding right?"

"Of course, I wouldn't miss it." He said smiling as he gave her some antibiotics and let her out of the room. "Don't worry about the paper work on this alright? I'll take care of it."

Mare Do Well nodded at Dr. Westluck before leaving and heading back to the waiting room making her way outside. Her mother was waiting outside and walked her home, it was dark out and Mare Do Well made sure no one followed them before they went inside.

"What happen to Silver Blade while I was in with Dr. Westluck?" Starbloom asked as she removed the suit once they were safely inside.

"Dr. Goodhealth is taking care of her, with three officers from the Ponyville police station. Once she is well enough she will be transferred to Canterlot's high security facility to await trial." Twilight said sitting on the couch.

Starbloom nodded softly and sighed taking a seat across from her mother. "I feel bad for her, so blinded by hatred and thoughts of revenge. She couldn't see Nightshade was using her."

"I know, but she made her choices and now she has to live with them." Twilight said shaking her head sadly. "Such a waste, hopefully she can be rehabilitated."

Starbloom nodded softly, but she was starting to feel drowsy from the shot the doctor had given her. She curled up on the couch. "I hope so, she isn't a bad pony just misguided." She said yawning softly nuzzling her head against the cushion softly.

Twilight smiled softly watching using her magic to cover Starbloom with a blanket. "I know dear, I know." She said softly watching Starbloom fall asleep before she left to return to her library.

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Comments ( 42 )

"I must say it was a good shot, right in the eye of your cutie mark."

Bullseye. :twilightblush: :ajbemused:

I'll shut up now. :twilightblush:

Hopefully Silver Blade can be rehabilitated:fluttershysad:. That Night Shade is just so manipulative. :flutterrage: Also, I'm proud of the Cake Twins going out into the world of Equestria and chasing after their dreams. :pinkiehappy:

3390669 Hopefully, it is hard to tell with her. She might be too far gone.

But ya, the Cake twins are chasing the dream and I wish them the best. :twilightsmile:

Shouldn't this have a Silver Spoon tag? it's rather obvious she is Silver Ghost or a very good imposter. not only does she have the trademark braided pony tail but the same pink ribbon to hold it together.:twilightsheepish:

looking forward to reading this btw.:raritywink:

3553671 Silver Ghost is only the villain for the start of the story. :twilightblush:

but she's in these titles.:duck: including
Silver Ghost - Mare Do Well
Hero Silver Ghost's Results - Suit Upgrade 2.0
Silver Ghost's End
Silver Ghost Returns
Confrontation at Silver Estate

I think she deserves a tag. After all it was your villain and her cool name that attracted me to this fic, and I want to offer it to the Silver Spoon group.

more love for Silver Spoon:yay:

3555202 Well, I suppose I could add her into the tag, though "Final Showdown - Silver Ghost" I believe is the final time she shows up. I marked it as a spoiler incase you want it to be a surprise. I will let a small secret slip, another member of Silver Spoon's family does show up to take her place and she is very similar to Silver Spoon. :twilightsheepish:

Though not sure how much love she actually gets in this story. I did try to give her a good reason for acting the way she did though. You could say Starbloom\Mare Do Well ruined her life when they were fillies.

hay being a villain in her own right is better then being DT's shadow as she is in the show up until "Family Apreciation Day" when she actualy showed an opinon counter to Diamond Tiara.:twilightsmile:

I guess now i'll have to read Star Bloom Chronicles to go back and see how Silver's life was ruined. I hope it works out for Silver in the end though.. not that I wont read if she stays a villain.

as I said it's something:trixieshiftright:

3557096 Well for the full story, you'll have to start with Twilight's Sleepless Nights, since that's where the arc starts with Starbloom's history. Though her "First's" one shots are pretty optional. Like the birthday, Hearths Warming Eve and Nightmare Night one. But Starbloom Chronicles 1 and 2 do show how Starbloom, the CmC and even Diamond Tiara ultimately put Silver Spoon on the path of becoming what she is in this story.

But if you don't want to read all of that back history. You can just read this chapter. The Silver Family It's a summery of what happen. But it has a lot of spoilers of what happened to Silver Spoon in this story as well.

I wouldn't want to skip ahead. I'll read each chapter here on maredowell and maybe back track later to her experience as a filly with Star Bloom.:twilightsmile:

3558103 That sounds good. I really hope you them.

3572167 That was pretty cool. :twilightblush: Mare Do Well is pretty tough, for a unicorn, but she isn't a match for raw earth pony strength. :twilightsmile: She does her best to augment her limitations with her magic. But even that is limited as well. :unsuresweetie:

3572247 Yea, she is more like Batman in that she's normal for her race just well trained. Sweetie Belle, and her mother help support her with money.

Edit: Yea, the fight scenes took some thought to work out to not sound contrived or silly. Also working with pony anatomy makes it a bit tricky with injuries I had to learn a bit on pony anatomy for some of it.

3572373 Yea it would of, but she really didn't plan that one out. :facehoof: Luckily the worked out for her. :twilightsheepish:

3572427 Not quiet automobiles :twilightsheepish: This Equestria is still pre-industrial, there is still like the Super-Squeezy but for the most part it's carts and buggies. This sirens are magically powered and pulled by stallions on water carts.

Yea, Sweetie Belle does do a good job of keeping Starbloom in line for the most part. :twilightblush: Mmm yea inviting Scootaloo with out informing Starbloom was a bit of an oversight on her part though.

3572494 Starbloom does believe there is good in everyone, for the most part. Even if it can be hard for her to spot sometimes. :unsuresweetie:

3572540 Hmm... I don't remember to much of the Punisher series. :facehoof:

3572631 Not a lot of love loss for me and Babs either. :trixieshiftright: Her design and voice didn't do it for me. :fluttershyouch: To be honest first time I saw and heard her I thought she was a boy. :facehoof:

3572661 Just cause she's a bad guy doesn't mean she isn't smart to. :twilightsmile: The smart ones are pretty dangerous. :fluttershyouch:

3572711 Mmm yea, careful what ya wish for. :scootangel: Nightshade, the Dark Starbloom is my best villain I've been told. But the concept did come from Darkwing Duck based on the suggestion from Showtime.

3572814 Even super heroes need a vacation. :raritywink: :unsuresweetie:

3572849 Yes, yes she was. :fluttershyouch:

3572939 Mhmm, Starbloom did her best to handle the corruption though. :unsuresweetie: Wasn't much she could do given the situation she was in.

3572969 Pretty much. :twilightblush:

Well I finished the maredowell series. So sad Silver Spoon had to die.

I am hopeing to see Starbloom reach out to her sister while she is injured or incarcerated. I knew looseing Diamond would hurt but I never expected Silver to become a killer over it.

Also I am thinking that maybe Spoon may have not been as bad as the papers said. It's possible Nightshade built her up in the papers as public enemy #1 inorder to draw out Maredowell.

I have a hard time believing Silver Spoon killed an innocent bystander for no reason. But I firmly believe she killed several muggers and other criminals. As I said I saw her as a Punisher type of hero especially after hearing that her mother was killed by a mugger.

perhaps she snapped when she saw how the public portrayed her and decided to become the villain they accused her of being.\

well that's my head canon for Silver Ghost. I refuse to believe she was so blinded by her vengeance that she murdered innocent civilians.

Basically though she is who Batman could have become.

3574736 Silver Blade is extremely devoted to her sister, and is willing to lose everything to fulfill her final wish of revenge. :twilightsheepish: I'm not sure what I plan to do with her though.

3575442 Hmm I never explored that, but I think she would have found out and would of been very upset to hear about her death regardless of them breaking off their friendship. I did kind of leave that open for the readers it seems. I think Diamond Tiara cried when she heard.

3575532 That is pretty much where I was going with that. Regardless of the fact Nightshade killed Silver Spoon and abuses Silver Blade, she remains loyal to her because she believes Starbloom, the CmC and even Diamond Tiara are the cause of her sister's problems and Starbloom is the trigger that started all of it. But she will get revenge on Nightshade when she takes care of the others. At least that is her plan.

3576050 Yea, some people suggested I bring Silver Spoon back but I don't want to do that whole "She wasn't REALLY dead thing" that a lot of stories and comics do. Which is part of the reason I made Silver Blade to take her place.

Starbloom will do what she can to reach her and help her so she can lead a more normal life with out the anger that's in her.

As for Nightshade planting stories, that is possible since she does have a lot of influence and power. She's kind of like a "Lex Luther" type villain though she can take action if she has to. She could of planted the stories about Silver Ghost killing and hurting other innocent ponies and further poised her mind telling her Starbloom was planting them.

Nightshade reminds me more like The Emporer in episodes 1-3 where he sat behind the scenes and played The Jedi, The Separatists, and The Senate like puppets.

Silver Spoon would have been Darth Vader. But no the new apprentice is Silver Blade.

Nightshade played Silver Spoon for a patsy even before she became her new master.

She killed Silver Spoon only to frame maredowell. She tried once before at the prison to fake her death to frame MDW but that didn't work out so she killed her for real and had all those cops nearbye to witness it. They even photographed the moment of her death!

It's like Marv said in Sin City "Cops.. there showin up to soon.. telling me everything I need to know.":eeyup:

Oh one more thing. While I am saddened by Spoon's death I am GLAD you didn't pull a cheesy "She's not really dead" and bring her back a second time despite your many requests to bring her back.

I love Silver Spoon but she was a menace and had to be stoped.
I like to think she realized in her last words "Maybe I should have stayed in prison." she realized she was wrong.

I'm hopeing Mare Do Well finds out Silver Spoon was set up as well, accused of murders she didn't commit along with the criminals she did kill.

I love Silver Spoon and I say, Let her rest.:pinkiesad2:

3577311 Yea, I can see that compression as well. Nightshade is good at playing others to do her bidding. But she has had a lot of practice at it, she has been in this world as long as Starbloom.

But instead of being raised by Twilight she grew up by herself in Manehatten teaching herself to survive on the streets. Which is how the corruption got as bad as it did by the time Starbloom and Sweetie Belle moved there.

3577331 Yea, Silver Spoon did have a moment of clarity in the end before she died realizing the path she was on wasn't the right one. She knew Starbloom didn't kill her, that's when she realized it.

She actually would of survived the stabbing, but the blade was poisoned which is what did her in. She just got hit with a large dose of it then Starbloom did which is why Silver Spoon went faster.

As for finding out the truth about who Silver Spoon actually killed, Starbloom might find out sooner or later with Noi's help. I haven't really brought her into this story so she needs to make an appearance.

Interesting. well I look forward to more of Return of Maredowell:raritywink:

can you tell me in which chapter of Starbloom chronicles DT and SS break up? just so I know how many I have to read to get there.

even though I know it will make me sad. Fics between my fav spoiled filies often do:pinkiesad2:

3577401 If I remember right... and with my memory I'm probably wrong, it's the second to last chapter. Starbloom Chronicles II picks up more or less where it leaves off on with those two, but there is more on Silver Spoon's decline. :fluttershyouch:

Well I also like the romance you got going between Sweetis and Star so I just might read both. Can you tell me what "Sleepless Nights" is all about?

3577436 Twilight's Sleepless Nights is Starbloom origin story. How she came to this version of Equestria, how she lost her horn and her cutie mark. How she ended up becoming a foal again and stuff like that. It's in the middle of a massive revision though. So the first three chapters will be different then the last two since my editor hasn't gotten to them yet.

I see. maybe then I'll wait to read it last or I might get confused if the revision is that drastic. I revised my "Alchohol's Affect On Friendhsipping" 5 times after I uploaded it:twilightsheepish:

3577522 Heh, well Twilight's Sleepless Nights is the first thing I ever wrote, and I did two revisions of it after uploading it. This revision I have an editor and there are some changes, not sure if I would call them dramatic or major but some of the storyline itself is a bit different.

Yea, the 'to' and 'too' thing is pretty much my biggest problem. I've never been good at figuring out which one goes where even in school. :twilightblush:

Hmm never heard about the comma before names. I'll have to try and keep that in mind in the future.

I wasn't that sure on the action scenes but I'm glad you did enjoy those. I myself have more of a RP background for righting so describing that stuff comes out easier for me.

Nightshade did come from an idea of having a Darkwing Duck\Negaduck style hero and villain playing off each other. But I did fall short in playing it out. I did try to stick to a way the story came out, once chapter of action, one chapter of casual dialog and relaxation. But it kind of fell apart. :facehoof:

I do like the parts with Silver Blade a lot. A lot of the feedback I got on her was they wanted her redeemed. :derpytongue2: So I may do that when I get back into writing. I wanna finish off Bootlegging first though.

Not at all, pretty helpful advice on what I need to do to improve what I got going so far. :pinkiehappy:

Is this dead?

No, just in a limbo state. I get distracted, I need to get myself back into gear and back to working on these stories.

This story has been quite a ride. While admit that the story did start to feel a little flat in the later chapters (it's been awhile since I have last read the story in its entirety.), it has been enjoyable in the characters you presented.

Though to be perfectly honest, I hope you or someone else uses Silver Spoon's "Silver Ghost" persona again. It is a nice costume in its simplicity, and I'm curious to see how Silver Spoon could have used that persona in a more level-headed way.

By the way, how did you get the idea of the Silver Ghost. Or at the very least, her costume?

I'm not sure where I came up with the idea for Silver Ghost or her costume. Though the whole idea of Silver Spoon becoming Silver Ghost started back in the first Starbloom Chronicles story.

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