• Published 18th Jun 2013
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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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A Chance Encounter

Chapter 29

Starbloom was out for a walk after Rarity had left, Sweetie kicked her out when she found out she had been slacking on her physical therapy. She sighed softly making her way around the Ponyville smiling to herself. She wasn't sure what she liked better, the simple life in Ponyville or seeing Sweetie puff her cheeks when she was upset.

She stopped by Roseluck's place and got a dozen red rose to ease Sweetie's temper when she went back, tucking them into her saddle bag before going back to her walk around Ponyville, she was amazed at how little the town had changed in ten years.

Everypony was still friendly and courteous to each other, few of the buildings have been replaced with new, more modern structures and while more advanced infrastructure had been installed they didn't take away from the rustic and down to earth living the town had become famous for.

She made her way into the market place and browsed the stalls trying to decide on a gift for Sweetie. While she was searching though something tingled in the back of her head and her eyes narrowed. Glancing slowly around she backed a few steps away from the stall she was at before spinning quickly and used magic to grab the hoof a pony trying to reach into her saddle bag.

"Eep! I.. I wasn't doing nuffin honest!" She heard a strangle familiar voice speak up. Starbloom looked at the pony for a few moments before her eyes went wide. She could barely believe it.

"T.. Twist?! Is that you?" Starbloom said looking over the light tan earth pony, with slightly curled red mane and tail and light purple eyes. She looked a lot different then she remembered from school. She didn't have glasses anymore, and her mane and tail was more smoothed.

"S.. Starbloom... is that you?" Twist said blinking at her narrowing her eyes as if trying to focus on her. "It is you, I haven't seen you since school. I thought you lived in Manehattan." She said, Starbloom noticed her lisp was less noticeable but still apparent in long S sounds.

"I moved back..." she said watching Twist quietly tilting her head quietly. "Why are you stealing from people's saddle bags... and what happen to your glasses?" She asked leading her away from the market place guiding her by her ear using a magical grip.

"Well..." Twist started before sitting down sighing softly. "Things haven't been going very well for me. My candy business didn't do very good, I lost my glasses and I can't afford a new pair. Starbloom, I got desperate if I knew it was you though I wouldn't of tried to take your bits." She said looking up at her smiling. "You, and the other members of the cutie mark crusaders was one of the few ponies who was nice to me."

Starbloom sighed, then smiled at Twist pulling her to her hooves. "Come on Twist, let's get you something to eat." She said leading her away from market place guiding her carefully with a magic hold on her ear so she wouldn't get lost or run into anything. She lead her back home and into the house looking around.

"Sweetie, we have a visitor." She called out looking around perking her ears to listen for her.

"I hear music down stairs." Twist said tilting her head abit. "Nice beat." She smiled bobbing her head to the music coming from Sweetie's studio. Starbloom just blinked at her.

"Wait... you can hear that? Even with the sound proofing?" Starbloom was amazed to say the least. She closed the door and turned a light. "If she's in the studio it might be a while before she gets upstairs. Make yourself comfortable."

Twist smiled and found herself a place to sit in the living room. "Yea, my hearing has always been really good. Specially since I lost my glasses." Twist said while Starbloom went into the kitchen digging around in the fridge getting some left over salad and bread. She brought it into the living room for Twist to eat along with some apple juice.

"What, happen to your parents Twist?" She asked looking over at her watching as she nibbled at the bread. She noticed her mood suddenly shift and go dark.

"We, moved out of Ponyville after I finished school. We moved to Vanhoover.... my parents was killed in a mugging about two years later, after that my candy business failed and came back to Ponyville with what little bits I had left. Nothing has really gone right since." Twist said looking at the floor.

Starbloom moved to sit next to her and patted her back softly. "I'll talk it over with Sweetie, but I don't think she'll mind if you stay here with us till you get back on your hooves." She said softly looking at Twist.

"Of course I don't mind," Starbloom heard Sweetie say from the doorway of the studio causing Starbloom to jump alittle. "She can stay as long as she needs to."

Starbloom panted heavily and looked over at Sweetie, "For Celestia sake don't do that. Your as bad as Pinkie Pie popping up like that." Starbloom said taking deep breaths to calm herself down.

Sweetie just rolled her eyes abit. "You just need to pay more attention." She said going over and sitting across from Twist and Starbloom. "I'm truly sorry about the loss of your family Twist, we'll do all we can to help you get back on your feet. Tomorrow, I'll take you to the hospital to get you some new glasses alright?"

Twist smiled and nodded at Sweetie, giggling softly at Starbloom who was grumbling softly. "Thank you Sweetie Belle, that will help a lot. I'll do all I can to repay your kindness."

Starbloom sighed then smiled nodding at Twist then smiled at Sweetie before floating the roses from her saddle bags. "Before I forget I got these for you Sweetie," she said blushing at her sheepishly.

Sweetie smiled back at her taking the flowers in her magic and got up getting a vase putting them flowers in it with some water. "Thank you Starbloom, they smell wonderful... But that still don't let you off the hook for slacking off on your physical therapy," She said peering at Starbloom who shrank back a bit.

She leaned over and whispered to Twist. "Don't get on Sweetie's bad side." To which Twist slowly nodded in response.

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