• Published 18th Jun 2013
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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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Corporate Espionage

Chapter 5

After leaving her apartment Mare Do Well was quick to start her patrol. The new suit felt a little more bulky on her but it also felt good, offering her more protection when trouble started. It didn't take her to long to hear an alarm, moving to the edge of a building she saw an office building that had been broken into.

She tilted her head faintly. "Strange, wonder why they would break into an office." She said to herself before leaping down and used her magic to glide towards the broken down door. She released her magic to land and rush inside looking around. She couldn't see any suspects though, not right away.

She made her way slowly through the hallways, keeping her eyes open for trouble. It didn't take long, she felt a blade slash across her right side flank and turned quickly bucking the attacker hard knocking him back against a row of filing cabnits. She didn't have time to check to see if the new fabric held or not.

The attacker had been a earth pony and a simple buck didn't do the trick. She saw her get back to her feet and take the muzzle blade back into her mouth snorting and charged forward. Mare Do Well narrowed her eyes and waited for the right moment before dodging quickly to the right out of the way and bucking hard again sending the earth pony skidding down the hallways.

That blow had been enough to keep the earth pony down, for a little while at least. She came over and gave a final quick buck to the ponies head to knock her out fully. She then continued down the hallway a little more careful this time looking in each room to make sure no pony was going ambush her.

She spotted another earth pony thug in a room. As she looked in the pony swung a bat towards her head and she pulled it back quickly just barely missing getting hit. Turning she bucked the thug hard knocking him back, before leaping into the room. She turned to face the thug as he recovered and shook his head.

She glanced around snorting a bit and stamping her hoof in challenge. The thug snorting in return before charging forward swinging the bat towards her again. She leap towards the side quickly and used her magic to throw a office chair at him hard enough to knock him out.

She sighed softly shaking her head abit. "These guys, are strong, but not very bright." She said softly making her way quickly from the room and down the hall before pausing and listening at a door hearing some ponies inside talking. Tilting her head faintly doing her best to listen.

"Ya sure this is a good idea boss, that purple freak might show up." She could hear one pony say, sounded male younger maybe around her age. She frowned a bit at being called a purple freak. Sweetie was right, she needed to get her name out there.

"Even if she does, the others will take care of her. Now hurry up, if we get this information we'll be set for life." Another pony said, it sounded female, older, but not to old. Maybe five or six years older then she was. That was all she needed before turning around quickly and bucked the door hard using her repulsery magic to blow the door across the room.

Once the door was gone she turned quickly and leaped into the room turning to face the two ponies she had heard... but she wasn't expecting the other two also in the room that had stayed quiet. "Horse feathers," She swore softly to herself looking at them, both unicorns, the younger male had been a pegasus and the older female had been a unicorn as well.

The two male unicorns that had stayed quietly glared at her and with their horns glowing, the older female glared as well. "Get her boys!" She demanded as she went back to work trying to open a safe with her magic. "Do what you have to!"

Mare Do Well gulped softly and backed abit as the two unicorns started to walk forward one of them firing a fireball at her. She felt the blast hit her and yelped softly, before the suits magic put the fire out. She sighed softly and silently thanked her mom for the magic. She used her own magic to released a burst of levitation magic at the unicorn throwing him back against a wall hard.

The other unicorn glared even more and used his magic to hit her with a lightning bolt knocking her back and frizzing her mane. She shuddered abit and shook her head, "That hurt...." she muttered rolling to her hooves and getting up quickily dodging another bolt of energy and scanned the room, her magic flaring she threw a office chair at him. But he moved out of the way.

While she was dealing with the unicorn the pegasus colt flew at her and hit her hard in the side with a bat knocking her back against the wall. "Better stay down little filly, or else." He said grinning down at her and kicked her firmly in the side.

Mare Do Well glanced at the pegasus hovering near her and the unicorn standing near by. She considered her options for a minute before getting an idea. She quickly used her magic to grab the pegasus and just as the unicorn went to shock her again she moved the pegasus in front of her self using him as she shield before throwing him into the unicorn knocking both out.

Mare Do Well move to her feet after those two had been taken care of and turned quick to face the last unicorn. The older female who seemed to be the ring leader of the group, the ring leader looked nervous with out her back up. "I.. I give up! Please don't hurt me." The older unicorn pleaded looking around and backing into a corner.

Mare Do Well moved in close and blocked her in. "Tell the police, tell the other criminals, Mare Do Well, is here to protect this city from crime and corruption." She told her before backing away slowly keeping her eyes on the unicorn. She could hear the police coming down the hallway.

"A.. anything you say. Mare Do Well, I got it." The unicorn said staying in the corner of the room watching her as she backs away. Mare Do Well quickly turned and ran to a window blasting it open with her magic and leaped out. Her magic activating her cape and she glided safely across the street and into an alley before running off just as the police came into the room.

Once in the alley she made her way back to the roof using her wall jumping ability. Safely away from the crime scene she stopped and checked herself over. The fabric had held up the muzzle blade, and the fire. The lightning had hurt, a lot, but didn't seem to have damaged the suit. "Rarity and Twilight did a good job." She said after she had finished checking herself over. "No sign of damage."

Once she had finished that she made her way along the roof tops again to look for more signs of trouble to take care of. She heard another alarm and went to see what it was, as she got closer she smelled smoke and saw a building fire. She gasped softly, looking at the fire. "Hmm, not really my thing....." She said softly before hearing calls for help on the higher floors. "Horse feathers. The fire department can't reach them."

She sighed before backing up a few steps and leaped using a repulsery spell to get more height then normal and her cape to glide over. She made her way quick to the floor with the trapped ponies. "Hang on! I'll get you!" She called out to them. Once she found the group of trapped ponies she breathed a sigh of relief. "I'll lead you out, just follow me." She said and leaded them carefully down the stairs using her magic to blast the fire to put it out long enough for them to escape.

Once everypony was safe a bunch of ponies surrounded her and started to ask her questions. They wanted to know who she is, where she was from, why she was wearing the mask and stuff of that like that. "I'm Mare Do Well, I'm here to help the city, end crime and corruption and help all ponies live safe and happy lives!" She said after a few minutes before quickly pushing her way free of the ground and running off into an alley. A few ponies following her, but once she started to wall jump to the roof tops and weave the buildings around she lost them, even the pegasi had a hard time following her.

Once she was sure she was safe and not being followed she made her way back to the apartment and slide her way back inside sighing loudly closing the window and curtain. She went over and flopped on the couch pulling off the mask and hat setting them aside. It was a little early for her to be done but she was tired, it had been a long night. The robbery had taken a bit out of her, then the fire had been a drain on her magic as well as the chase. She snuggled into the couch and closed her eyes drifting off to sleep still wearing the costume.

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