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...No sex? Y U NO HAVE SEX?
I'm kidding - it's good to see a mature fic that isn't just outright clop or gore for once :rainbowlaugh:

I really liked your characterisation of Twilight and Fluttershy - the Rarijack is a nice touch, too.


...MOAR!!!! :flutterrage:

- Midnight Specter

Oh don't you worry-- MOAR is incoming, as we speak. And I'd say EVEN MOAR is prepared for after that.
Thank you for the comment, of course. :twilightsmile:

"Why didn't you mention Applejack"
I couldn't stop grinning when I saw this line

There will be plenty of that sorta thing coming in the future- Including a few good ones from AJ herself.

Interesting. Well I'm definitely tracking this.


My first instinct is to thank you, my second is to make a "defiantly tracking" joke. Soooo why not both?
Thank you very much for being my first rebellious tracker!


Oh man, now I even have VENGEFUL trackers? This is turning out to be an awesome Saturday!
Thanks man-- And hoo boy, if you're in it for Twilestia, you are in for a TREAT.

Twilestia AND Fluttermoon?
Oh my... Wait a minute...
Okay, I'm ready. And I'm tracking.

I would ask if your body was ready, but you have beaten me to the punch.
None the less, PREPARE...

Because the first 3 days of this fic are going to be back-to-back-to-back updates! :D

For the love of all that is holy: NEXT CHAPTER NAO!!!:flutterrage:

...that is, if it's okay with you...:fluttershyouch:


Hmmm... Well, I do suppose I can roll it out earlier than planned. Maybe not NAO, because I have to sleep eventually... But certainly SOON. :trollestia:

Oh yes... Or should I say Aww yeah?
I'm bad and I shall feel bad. *Leaves*

That's a weird way to spell "I'm awesome and I will continue to be awesome."
All forms of punnery, memetics, and terrible jokes are welcome here. :rainbowkiss:

Alright im tracking and going to read it later... the description bought me

Now THAT is a phrase to warm any author's heart. Thanks. :)
And hey, who knows... Maybe by the time you come to read it, Chapter 2 will be up already... :scootangel:

Several newbie flaws with this story, including incorrect dialogue association. Will get back to this when I get access to a normal computer.

I've... *sniff* Just... *sniff* Found my new home...

/looks at name

I know this feeling...

Tracking and most definitely in need of MOAR!


Well, I certainly plan to answer the call! Might revise my release schedule when I wake up- Chapter 2 will be en route within 24 hours at the LATEST.

Tracking like a Hunter awaiting my quarry... the coveted Fluttermoon. The clopping shall be glorious that night! :moustache:

Ariamaki this story I shall track I shall hunt you down should you cancel this story I love twilestia stories and need more just like I need more twialicorn stories.
just because I have over 200 stories on my track list doesn't mean I have a problem ICANQUITWHENIWANT-TO


Love and Peace! *tacklediveghug* (the most awesome kind of hug, ask dashie! :rainbowdetermined2:)

I can't wait to see how receptive the princesses are, as wither way will be interesting.

Innocent twilight is so adorkable :twilightsmile:

overall? Great for a first chapter, not a weak opening.

5 Hearts! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: (and star votes)


Ehehehe, oh are you in for some joy. In fact, maybe even sooner than expected... :yay:


I will definitely take threats of being hunted down seriously when they come from Mandalore himself (or at least the current one).

In unrelated news, your avatar nearly caused a spit-take of laughter. Thanks. :3

Thank you in ALL regards. Here's hoping you enjoy what's to come... In the next few hours. :ajsmug:

LOL - What kind of shop did Rarity take them to?? :rainbowlaugh:

I really liked Rarity's philosophy on going up in the world. It totally suits her.

But srsly... STILL NO SEKS?

- Midnight Specter

/cough wait-three-chapters /cough
And thank you. :)

As for what sort of shop Rarity took them too... Well, I'm sure a little Google searching in re: Velvet and "The Crop" could answer that. :pinkiehappy:

I demand you update chapter 3 now!! I need to read what happens now!!!!!! :rainbowkiss:


Ehehehe, thanks for the enthusiasm-- I guarantee you that Chapter 3 will be out by Monday night, maybe sooner depending on how these next few bits slice up. You will see the results, and, with any luck, they will be awesome. :twilightsmile:

Welp, you got me doublesold now. :eeyup:

Damn, I was hoping to avoid tracking 'Mature' stories, 'cept for MPPT3K.

Hm. Not bad, so far. But then I love RariJack, and Twilestia. :D

Monday Night for more?... I can live with this. :yay:
I hope Fluttershy succeeds if not Twilight... :twilightangry2:


Ehehehe. It is my calling in life to make people break avoidances like that one. :3


Why thank you! Here's hoping what is still to come pleases you.


Maybe earlier, if things go well on my end. I'm starting to notice some weird glitches introduced to the text when I use that experimental new GDocs Uploader, so I'll be slowing my pace to do an additional check-up before each posting. Not -much- slower mind you. Just a touch.

Hey, me from an hour or so ago! You can reply to multiple comments at once on this site! Maybe stop clogging everypony's windows with your reply spam, hmmm?

A Wild Pinkie Pie has appeared. On a Trampoline. I dont even want to consider how high she was bouncing + magic trampoline power... :pinkiehappy:

I like the idea of rarity having hundereds of favors on call, kinda reminds me of Kim Possible though. :raritywink:

Dashie and Pinkie have has very little screentime, hope they don't get lonely... or bored. That would be bad for everyponies sanity. But who needs something so useless as that! :pinkiecrazy::rainbowwild:

Big Mac is a good brother here, I like that alot... but what was he doin dragging pinkies trampoline? :rainbowhuh: Could they be...?! Actually... that would be a good pairing, as unshakable as he is, he could deal with her brand of fun. And all he would need is to get one word in edgewise (a considerable feat, i know). Eeeyup.

The shop... oh my... I suppose a fashonista such as her would get many orders... and one shouldn't restrict themselves from trying new things I suppose.


Ehehehe-- The trampoline bit was born after I remembered a platforming game where, even if a platform moved, your character in mid-air stayed moving relative to it. It seemed very Pinkie. :pinkiecrazy:

Huh, yeah, I suppose Dash and Pinkie -did- get very minimal appearance-time so far. It's almost like they get a Intermission chapter of their own sometime this week. :pinkiehappy:

And as for the shop... Wait until you see the OTHER store in Canterlot that gets showcased soon.


And there's more like this-- And hotter to boot-- On the way. :pinkiehappy:

Woah you update fast I went to bed and woke up to two chapters. I found them both enjoyable.


Why thank ya! Chapter 2 went up last night because I felt the urge to post it. Chapter 3 went up the moment I found out 4o2 got feature-boxed. Glad to hear they were both pleasing. :3

Right when i finished chapter 2! I LOVE YOU
and MOAR:flutterrage:


And I love all of you, as well. :heart:
And delicious lovely MOAR is coming sooner than one might think... There's even a bonus surprise planned for this coming Saturday, which should be quite... pleasing. :trollestia:

finally, a celestiaXtwilight fanfic without any rape. :trollestia:p

Spike is responsible for Twilight... You know that actually sounds a whole lot more reasonable than the other way around.


Yes, but the way it works officially is Twilight cares for Spike no matter how inaccurate that may be. :twilightsheepish:


Eeyup. In practice, it is almost like a pair of relatively-young siblings with no parental control: The older one has the -official- power, but they both care for the other when the chips are down.

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