When the earth ponies of Ponyville started lashing out against the unicorns and pegasi, Flitter and Cloudchaser retreated to a home in the clouds. Cut off from Ponyville and Cloudsdale, they had no warning when the Legion of Doom overran Equestria, bringing the windigos and eternal winter with them. With supplies running low, they come to terms with their mortality and the feelings deep inside them.

But perhaps their love for one another will keep them alive long enough to make it through the storm.

Incest Is Wincest April '20 'Trapped' contest entry. Contains sister/sister incest (duh), but no clop.

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Caldor and his team of pegasi keep the skies clear for NASCAR.

Additional tags: Caldor (Spectrum/Rainbow Swoop), Sunshower

Another entry in Admiral Biscuit's challenge/request/not-a-contest for more slice of life fics featuring ponies working on Earth:


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Twilight is secretly having a relationship with Cloud Chaser. After having recently broken up with Starlight Glimmer and Flitter's slightly unstable emotional state Twilight thought it'd be better to keep it quiet for a while.

This is the second part of the series I started a bit ago, shipping the main six with background ponies. Fluttershy will be released later, I have to chop this up a bit, as I'm currently writing five stories at once!

This story is pretty tame (I can't guarantee it will stay that way) but it's teen because some of the others are teen and I don't want this changing on people unexpectedly.

I've added an in story dating system to the stories as the stories are actually somewhat intertwined so for any of you who are reading all of them they'll be easier to line up, the dating system has nothing to do with the real world (except that they coincide with 2019 just so they can be more easily tracked.)
Note on crossover chapters. They are the same chapter in two stories because they are relevant to both. They will say with what story they cross over and have the same (or very similar) titles.
Other Titles:
Applejack and Coco: The Obvious Conclusion
Rarity and Minuette: Time To Model
Pinkie and Zecora: Secret No More. Romance Galore
Flitter and Rainbow Dash: Overprotective Marefriend
Fluttershy and Octavia: Not Every Song...

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Origin: Cupcakes

Rainbows, magical, mystical rainbows. A sight of beauty in the sky. But a dark secret lurks among the factory.
A rewrite of 'Rainbow Factory'. Don't judge.

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White Lightning doesn't think like other ponies. Heck, she doesn't even speak; she's happy enough quietly hiding in the background. So when an overambitious boss tries to organize a spectacular storm, she's not exactly well-equipped to deal with it…

Entry for Writeoff FiM Short Story Round, Event 91. Prompt: All the Time in the World.

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You have two questions: what, exactly, is Tree Hugger on, and, more importantly, where do you get some?

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This story is a sequel to Rustic Snuggles

Heading home to Ponyville Castle after a long day of snuggling Applejack at her farm, you are accosted by an adorable little pegasus mare who demands snuggles. When her sister comes home, you find yourself having to snuggle with her, too...
The seventh story in the 'Snuggles' series (it is not necessary to read any of the others in order to enjoy this one!). The others are:
Seraphic Snuggles
Scholarly Snuggles
Prismatic Snuggles
Shadowy Snuggles
Sunlit Snuggles
Direct Sequel to: Rustic Snuggles

Chapters (1)

Glassy Amber, unicorn mare, married to Bally Hoops, pegasus stallion.
Mother and father of Curly Emerald, unicorn, Basket Coco, unicorn, and their newly birthed foal, Sketchy Clouds, pegasus.

'Everyone would say that I can't do it, saying I couldn't do the impossible. I was just I mere "blank flank". Yet I tried, several times. And look where it got me. This is the journal, of Sketchy Clouds.' -Sketchy Clouds.

* * *

Cover Art by Multiversecruise.

Additional tags: Fluttershy


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When humanity's first FTL capable ship lands on Equis the residents are terrified and the crew have to negotiate with the races of Equis, some who look at them as animals, others who hate them for their advancement over them and whose who look at them as possible ally's, friends and something more?
Private Ryan is just a marine who survived the fall, but when he gets flung out into a new world everything changes for him. Now he has to protect the only human settlement on Equis while dealing with his species dark past of genocide and destruction.
Join him and a few more soldiers in a fight to quite possibly ensure the survival of humanity.
(This story was partially inspired by ShadowWalking18's story World of Ponies: The Pony-Human War).

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Today was just going to be one of those days for Shining Armor, he should have just known it. Firstly, he had to babysit Blueblood on one of his date's upon Celestia's orders and then the Prince had to go and get himself kidnapped by some strange and rather vain robot with a purple face symbol of all things. Yep, definitely one of those days. Shining should have just stayed in bed. A Transformers crossover, if that wasn't obvious.

Blueblood/Cloudchaser pairing

Transformers is property of Hasbro and I make no money off of it.

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