• Published 14th Aug 2020
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A Different Kind of Treasure - Mechawrecker

What's the most valuable treasure in the world: Family? Money? Revenge? Love? Depends on who you ask...

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Invasion Plans (Intimate: Ch. 1)

Flitter’s mind faded in and out of consciousness. She could vaguely tell that she was in a bed, but something felt odd about the blanket covering her body. Rather than the traditional fluffy cotton and wool, the object wrapped around her felt fuzzy and coarse. In addition, instead of the light, warm feeling of a normal blanket, the thing around her was much heavier than any cloth she had used before.

As her senses sharpened and she became more lucid, Flitter realized the thing covering her wasn’t a blanket. Opening her bleary eyes, she was greeted by the sight of a dark lavender hoof wrapped across her torso. As if that wasn’t disconcerting enough, she could feel the same fuzzy fur pressing against her back as a slow, deep breathing warmed her neck.

It took a few seconds before Flitter put these clues together. After realizing the position she was currently in, her eyes widened as she thrashed around and shrieked, “CLOUD! What are you doing to me!?”

Her sister groaned at Flitter’s sudden outburst and mumbled, “Flitter, quiet down. It’s too early to do it again.”

Flitter fought to extricate herself from her sister’s grip and hissed, “Let me go, Cloud! Why are you spooning me like that!?” Then, after processing what Cloud had said, she added, “Wait… what do you mean by, 'do it again?'?”

Cloud grudgingly opened her eyes and asked, “You mean you don’t remember?”

“I wouldn’t be asking if I did know, would I?” Flitter snapped, finally managing to slip out of the impromptu cuddle.

Cloud’s eyebrow raised before her muzzle cracked into a wide smirk. With the cockiness of an alpha chicken, she raised her head and taunted, “Let's just say that yesterday’s Flitter was feeling a little... pent up."

Flitter narrowed her eyes at her smirking sister. “Wait, the last thing I remember was convincing Sky to let us stay in his apartment for the night. Everything after that is a blur.”

Cloud snorted, her grin widening until it stretched across her entire jaw. “I’m not surprised that you’re a little disoriented. Last night, most of your attention was focused on enjoying the present, not remembering the past~”

She held up a hoof to show Flitter the dry, crusty residue of their late-night activities stained on her fur. As Flitter’s face turned scarlet, Cloud deepened her humiliation by snarking, “Oh, and this is just the stuff on my hoof. You really should take better care of yourself, sis. I swear, last night’s output was more like a firehose or a geyser.” She peeled back the blankets to show the fluid-stained bedsheets, each plastered with a variety of wet spots of intuitive origin.

Flitter was too mortified to reply. With trembling hooves, she felt the ruined fabric before launching herself forward and tackling Cloud into the floor. With her sister at her mercy, she brought her muzzle close to Cloud’s ear and growled, “What were you thinking!? You do realize that we were on Sky’s bed, right!? What are we going to tell him!?”

Cloud’s flank-eating grin didn’t abate as she whispered back, “Yeah, I know we were on his bed. Your constant sniffing of his sheets while we were doing it was a pretty good indicator~”

“That’s not important!” Flitter shrieked, pointing a hoof at the soiled bed sheets. “If Sky realizes what we did to his room, he’s going to go ballistic! We need to clean this up now before he wakes up!”

“I don’t know… Something tells me that wouldn’t be the reason he’d be mad.”

Flitter was already yanking the bed sheets off the mattress and folding them into a wash basket. Turning to look at Cloud with scorn, she hissed, “Shut up and help me fix his room! You better hope he’s still asleep because if he finds out about this, I’m going to shoot you with so many arrows you’ll look like an inbred changeling!”

Cloud adopted a look of confusion. “Wait, I thought all the changelings came from the same queen that mates with her own brood to produce new eggs. Doesn’t that mean all changelings are inbre-”

A musty pillow came flying through the air and hit Cloud full in the face, cutting off her voice. “Ow! What the hay, Flitter? Not cool.”

Flitter frantically moved to wash the contaminated covers and sheets. As she made her way out of the bedroom, she gave her sister one last scathing warning. “I’m going to put these in the washer before Sky wakes up. If this room isn’t spotless by the time I come back, a couple stab wounds are going to be the least of your worries, understand?” She fixed Cloud with a deadly glare before quietly latching the door behind her.

Cloud trotted over to the bed and picked up a pair of wrinkled bedtime panties. Sighing, she tossed the used undergarments over her shoulder and muttered, “Jeez, I thought getting rid of her heat was supposed to relax her.”

Flitter crept slowly towards where she assumed the washer was. Since their apartments were right next to each other, they probably had the same layout. As she crossed into the living room, the air was suddenly filled with the delectable aroma of fresh cooking. The incredible smell broke Flitter’s concentration and dragged her towards the kitchen where the familiar outline of a blue-haired pegasus stood over a sizzling pan.

Skyfall stirred the pot’s contents before replacing the lid and turning around to prepare the next batch of food. As he reached for the bowl of cherry tomatoes, the sound of a gasp caught his attention. Flitter was standing across the kitchen counter, her wings and hooves desperately trying to hide something within her feathers. Smiling, Sky said, “Oh! Good morning, Flitter. Is everything alright?”

Flitter clutched the stained rags closer to her barrel and stuttered, “G-Good morning, Sky! Yes, everything is perfectly acceptable on this day, thank you.”

Sky raised his eyebrows. Throughout his life, he’d known his fair share of good liars, and Flitter was definitely not one of them. Trotting up to her, he sighed, “You know, if you’re going to lie to me, at least try and make it believable.” Smirking, he grinned at her and continued, “Besides, we both know how good you are at getting what you want if last night was anything to go off of.”

The fur on Flitter’s face turned scarlet as she stammered, “Y-You know about t-that!?”

“Of course I do! After all, I was the one you were coercing into letting you girls stay in my room overnight.”

Relief flooded her mind as she realized her mistake. Thank Celestia… He doesn’t know about what Cloud and I did…

As Skyfall reached for the soiled sheets in her hooves, Flitter gave a shriek of fright and jumped back, nearly cracking the coffee table behind her in half. Sky widened his eyes at her reaction, “Jeez, what happened? With a reaction like that, I’m almost expecting to see a dead body in my room.”

Flitter wasn’t sure if she would rather have Sky think they were murderers or find out about the private show Cloud had roped her into. Panicking, she tried to come up with a reasonable explanation. She couldn’t play it off as a routine cleaning because her earlier reaction gave away that something was wrong. However, letting him touch the mare-stained cloth would probably make her die of embarrassment. Running out of time, she blurted out the only other explanation she could think of.

“I was just taking these sheets to the washer because Cloud wet your bed!”

Silence permeated the small apartment for several seconds. The shock and horror on Flitter’s face was reflected in Skyfall’s as he stared open-mouthed at the bedsheets in her hooves. After making sure he hadn’t misheard, he cleared his throat and whispered, "w-what?”

Flitter was mortified at what she had said, but it was too late now. Silently apologizing to her sister, she pushed on. “L-Last night, Cloud had an accident and wet your bed. I was just putting these in the washer so they would be clean for later.”

Sky’s face scrunched into a look of disgust. “Don’t bother washing them! If Cloud peed in them, I’m definitely not sleeping in it anymore!" Pointing outside, he muttered, “Just throw them out. I have another set of sheets I can use for tonight.”

Nodding, Flitter opened the window and tossed the contaminated sheets into the dumpster. Just to make sure no one would ever find the evidence, she flew around and tossed various other bags of garbage and twigs on top until the white fabric couldn’t be seen.

She retreated back into the kitchen where Sky was finishing up with cooking. Turning to face her, he muttered, "I was planning on surprising you girls with breakfast, but I think I lost my appetite.” He pushed a delicious-looking bowl of hearty salad to her before stepping into the bathroom. “I’m going to take a shower now. Feel free to eat whatever, just save some for your bed-wetting sister, okay?”

Once Sky had left, Flitter rushed back into the bedroom to check on Cloud. Throwing open the door, she blinked in surprise as the room looked much cleaner than she had expected. As she searched around, a voice called out to her from the closet.

“Hey, come check out the cool stuff I found in Sky’s room!”

Flitter shook her head but didn’t reprimand Cloud for snooping after the humiliating excuse she had used to cover their tracks.

Cloud turned around holding something in her hooves. Grinning, she revealed the mystery item to be one of Sky’s baby pictures that showed him hugging the waist of a scaly green dragon who looked very annoyed.

Cloud broke into an amused chuckle, “Wow, who would have thought that Sky would be that cute? He looked so adorable back then. He had probably just gotten his cutie mark by the look of his expression.”

Glancing around nervously, Flitter was focusing on more important issues than an old foalhood photo. “Yeah, cute. Listen, Cloud, I need to tell you something important.”

Cloud smirked as she calmed down from her fit of giggles. “Don’t worry, sis. I won’t tell Sky what happened between us. However...” she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively, “if you ever want to do an encore, I’m down.”

Flitter glared at her with a blush before averting her gaze. “N-no, it’s not that. Whatever I say, you have to promise not to scream, okay?”

Sky sighed as he turned off the water. The feeling of taking a shower was one of life’s greatest pleasures, and he could use all the happiness he could get after hearing Flitter’s disturbing news. Staring into his reflection, he wondered, “Did Cloud really pee in my bed last night? I mean, there’s a bathroom inside the bedroom, and there’s no way she still wets the bed at her age.”

Shaking his head to clear away the disturbing thoughts, he reached for his comb before overturning his entire sink tray as a monstrous roar echoed throughout the apartment. Flailing around to catch the falling toiletries, Sky lifted them up with trembling hooves. “Damn, I guess Flitter told her I found out. I’m not looking forward to the strategy meeting today.”

He combed his hair the best he could, however it still maintained a wild, untamed style, which gave him his typical roguish look. Taking a deep breath, he unlatched the door and prepared to face the two sisters, one of which might already be dead.

As he entered the living room, he was greeted by the sight of a predator staring down its prey. Cloudchaser’s eyes pierced her sister’s body while Flitter stared resolutely at the floor. Each second of silence seemed to escalate the already thick tension building between them, and the creaking of the coffee table under Cloud’s aggressive grip wasn’t doing any favors.

Cloud growled as she ate the BLT Sky had made for her. With each bite, she imagined the satisfaction she would get by tearing into Flitter instead of the admittedly delicious sandwich. As Sky entered the room, all her rage and anger transformed into embarrassment, which caused her murderous glare to change into a look of abject humiliation.

Seeing the effect he was having on the distressed mare, he hurriedly said, “D-Don’t worry, Cloud! It’s no big deal. I have another set of sheets I can use for tonight.” Then, seeing the shame and regret building in her, he added, “There’s nothing shameful about wetting the bed. Sometimes it just happens, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.”

Shooting another disgruntled look at Flitter, she muttered, “Yeah, thanks. I’m really sorry for ruining your bed. I’ll replace the sheets that I apparently ruined all by myself.”

Flitter winced at Cloud’s tone and flattened her ears until they were flush with her mane. As the atmosphere became more hostile, Sky tried to defuse the situation. “Ok, so now that we’re all here, let’s go over our battle plan for invading the Dragon Lord’s palace.”

The other two nodded as Sky pulled out a map of the Dragonlands. “Okay, Spark told me about several of the palace’s defenses including guard patrol routes and sentry locations.” Several red dots and arrows covered the outer edges of the Dragonlands while several more dots were gathered around a mountain near the northeast of the barrens. Sky pointed a hoof at the large cluster and explained, “This is where the Dragon Lord’s palace is. There’s going to be a ton of royal dragon guards swarming around there, so we’re going to need to be stealthy. If we’re caught in there, we don’t stand a chance against them, even with our new powers.”

Cloud swallowed her food and asked, “Yeah, I have an early question. Why aren’t we going to the princesses with this information? If we had the strength of them and all their royal guards, we would have a way better chance at winning, right?”

Sky shook his head. “No, if we go to the princesses or any other military force, questions would be raised. We might even be arrested for being spies for the Dragon Lord! After all, who would believe that three random pegasi suddenly got incredible abilities without using some form of dark magic.” Cloud opened her mouth to argue, but Sky cut her off. “Besides, even if we did get them on our side, we’d be spotted almost instantly by dragon sentries. An army of royal guards is a lot harder to hide in the rocky terrain than three little treasure hunters.”

Having said that, Sky turned his attention back to the map. “Since we’re all pegasi, we’ll be able to fly over most of the hills and valleys, but there is one area we won’t be able to get around.” He pointed at a small line that snaked its way directly to the back of the palace. “This sliver of land is called The Serpent’s Pass. The areas around it are covered in mountains and volcanoes, so flying over them is out. Also, since it leads to the palace, there are going to be sentries posted along it, so we’re going to have to be careful.”

Flitter raised her hoof. “Um.. what are we going to do once we get to the palace?” She pointed to the massive amount of red dots around the gate. “It seems like there are way too many guards in the building to sneak around. Eventually, we’re going to be found and captured… or worse.”

Sky grinned at her question. “Ah, that’s where our new dragon friends come in.” He pointed to the southwestern entrance gate and said, “Spark told me he’s still officially the commander of this gate since he hasn’t been discharged from the military yet. Once we get there, he’s going to bypass security and sneak us past the sentries while they’re distracted with his orders.”

Cloud made an impressed noise. “Wow, how’d you manage to get him to do that?”

“Eh, I had a little help from Helena Hooflepuff, but most of it was my charming personality and good looks.”

Flitter giggled at his quip and said, “Well, I hope your persuasive techniques work if we’re being held at sword-point by a gang of hostile guards. Maybe you can talk them into not stabbing us to death.”

They all shared a laugh at Flitter’s joke. Once they calmed down, Sky rolled up the map and stored it in his bag. “Spark told me that he’s probably going to be officially discharged within the next month, so we’ll need to make it past the gate before then. It should take around three weeks to cross the Serpent’s Pass and sneak past the gate, so we’ll need to leave soon.”

The two girls nodded and moved towards the front door. As they left, Cloud leaned in and growled to Flitter, “I still haven’t forgiven you for telling Sky I pissed in his bed.”

Flitter’s face heated up as she shot back, “Well, if you don’t want me to make excuses like that, don’t molest me while we’re in somepony else’s bed!”

Cloud’s muzzle broke into a smirk. “So you’re saying you’d be okay with doing it in Sky’s living room?”


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