• Published 14th Aug 2020
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A Different Kind of Treasure - Mechawrecker

What's the most valuable treasure in the world: Family? Money? Revenge? Love? Depends on who you ask...

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A Journey Of A Thousand Miles...

The next few days were hectic to say the least. Not only did the three pegasi need to pack enough money and supplies to last the month-long expedition, they also needed to iron out their attack plan for when they stormed the Dragon Lord’s palace.

With less than a week to prepare, Flitter and Cloudchaser rushed to throw together their meager possessions as Sky worked with Spark and the rest of the deserting dragons on the invasion.

“Hey, Flitter, are you going to need this book on our trip?” Cloud asked, holding up a romantic fantasy novel her sister would often read when feeling lonely.

Flitter snatched the book from Cloud’s hooves with a blush and said, “Yes! I was planning to read it on our way to the Dragonlands. It’s going to take weeks to get there after all.”

Cloud snickered at Flitter’s embarrassment. “I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. The way you sigh whenever you read those mushy romance tales makes me queasy. Just mare up and ask Sky to suck face for a while.”

She wiggled her eyebrows and whispered, “Trust me, something tells me he would be more than willing to lock lips with you~”

Flitter’s blush grew as she hid her face behind the book. “Cloud, don’t say things like that! You know I get nervous when it comes to... those kinds of things.”

“Oh yeah? You seemed pretty confident when I has hoofing you a few days ago~”

A light-purple hoof clenched Cloud’s mouth shut as Flitter growled, “I thought we agreed not to talk about that! You know, after you molested me and triggered my heat on purpose so I’d get super horny?”

Cloud chuckled at the memory of their explicit encounter. “Yeah, but I never consented to be the pony that pissed in Sky’s bed, so I guess we’re even.”

Flitter rolled her eyes. “Are you still mad about that!? I apologized like a million times, and it was your fault the sheets were dirty in the first place, so you kind of got what you deserved.”

“Whatever, just ask me next time before you make me look like some kind of Olsen Twin, okay?”

Flitter snorted before rifling through more of their stuff to pack. As she threw a stack of old newspapers into the trash, she noticed a cute Powerpony plushie laying on Cloud’s bed. Her eyebrows raised as she picked up the strange doll and asked, “Hey, Cloud, where did you get this doll? I never took you for the type to still play with plushies.”

Cloud did a double take as she recognized the cute stuffed pony Sky had bought for her on their market date before the infamous medical tent kiss. Panicking at the thought of Flitter finding out about the impromptu snogging session, she stuttered, “Uhhh… I got it from... Griffy, yeah Griffy! He got it for me as a present after I helped him deal with some customers during a busy day!”

“Oh, I see,” Flitter nodded, placing the action figure in storage. “Well, I’ll put it in the travel bag for now. Take it out later if we need more space, okay?”

She went back to sorting through more of their junk as Cloud made her way towards the storage container. Holding Sky’s present in her hooves, her mind flashed back to the casual strolls and flirty quips they would tell each other to try and get a funny reaction. A fluttering feeling fanned a fire in Cloud’s heart as the pleasant memories brought a wave of heat to her cheeks.

Then, just as quickly as it had come, the happiness was replaced by the cruel reality that stood only feet away from her.

Things had finally been getting better between the two sisters. After talking things out and releasing all their pent up emotions, Flitter had started acting more like the cute, joyful pegasus Cloud knew and loved. However, as normal as things appeared, there was still a small hint of tension between them whenever Sky’s name was brought into the conversation.

Cloud needed to hold herself back from Sky’s affections to repair the strained sisterly relationship, and telling Flitter about a date gift didn’t seem like a smart choice to accomplish that.

Turning to the discard pile, Cloud willed her hoof holding the doll to move above the trash bag where several other piles of litter were waiting to be thrown out.

As her hoof began to shake, a pressure formed in Cloud’s chest, as if the prospect of getting rid of something so precious was physically hurting her. For several more moments, she stared resolutely at the colorful plush, trying to force her hoof to let it go and rid her of the painful connection the present had on her heart.

Finally, after several agonizing seconds, she retracted her hoof and placed the doll back in the travel pack. Hating herself for her weakness, Cloud turned to look at her oblivious sister and whispered, “Sorry, Flitter, it’s not as easy as it looks to let go…”

Sky stared blankly at the map in front of him. Rubbing a hoof on his temple, he turned to the gray dragon on his left and asked, “Ok, Spark, explain this to me again. After we sneak by the patrols on the Serpent's Pass, how would we get through the gate with your help?”

Spark pointed a weary claw at the map and repeated, “As I said, until I’m discharged, I’m still the commander of the southwestern gate. All I have to do is order one of the patrols to alter their schedule, and you and your girlfriends should have plenty of time to sneak past the sentries.”

Spark held up a claw and said, “Remember, once you get through the gate, I and the rest of my dragons are out. We can’t be seen anywhere near the palace once news of our court-martial gets to the gates.”

Nodding, Sky felt weary of the deceptively simple plan. “If this palace is so heavily guarded, why is it this easy to sneak into? Shouldn't there be more security? If we’re caught off guard in there, we’re all toast.”

“Once you three get past the gate, it’ll be easy to find the Dragon Lord without being spotted. He’s not exactly known for his subtlety.”

As they finalized their plans, Flitter and Cloudchaser entered Sky’s apartment carrying their travel packs and gear. Sky turned to them with a start before grinning, “Oh, there you two are! I was starting to think you had skipped town.”

Cloud smirked back, “Please, you know you need us and our powers. If we weren’t there to take down that giant behemoth of a general, you’d have gotten your flank pounded in!”

They all chuckled before Sky slung his pack and newly forged shield on his back. “Alright, if you girls have everything, we should be good to go. Provided there aren’t any catastrophes, we should get to the Serpent’s Pass in about two weeks.”

As the ponies and dragons walked through the market towards the town exit, Flitter held out a hoof. “Wait! We forgot to say goodbye to someone!”

As they followed her hoof’s direction, the other two noticed a small orange griffon staffing a very familiar meat stall. Cloud let out an uncharacteristic squeal, “Oh! Griffy, come over here!”

The tiny bird jerked up in surprise before running over to their group. “Hey, where are you all going? Are you looking for more treasure in the Dragonlands?”

The three pegasi glanced at each other before Sky stammered, “Uh… y-yeah, we’re going out to find more cool stuff.”

Flitter leaned in and gave Griffy a hug. “We’re going to be away for a while, so don’t worry if you don’t see us around. We just wanted to say goodbye.”

Griffy’s face fell into a disappointed frown. His tiny claws scraped at the loose pebbles as he murmered, “Oh, okay… you need to go where your job takes you. I guess I’ll see you when you get back, right?”

Cloud hugged him from the other side and ruffled his feathers. “Come on, champ, don’t be sad. We’re coming back soon, I promise! When I get back, I’ll be sure to bring you a cool souvenir from the Dragonlands, okay?”

His eyes brightened up as he returned the embrace. “Really!? You’ll bring me something from a volcano ruin!? That’s so awesome!”

Flitter giggled at his enthusiasm. "Think of it as a return present for the adorable Powerpony plush you gave Cloud. I’m sure you’ll love what we find.”

Griffy’s face scrunched into a look of confusion. “What are you talking about, Flitter? I never got Cloud a Powerpony doll.”

Cloud flinched with panic as Flitter’s eyebrows creased, but a ringing sound from the meat vendor’s stand interrupted them before she could ask any questions.

“Oh, I’ve got to get back and serve customers!” Griffy shouted as he ran back to his shop. “I’ll see you all when you get back, so stay safe. Bye!”

After saying their goodbyes, the little fledgling waved back at them from his meat stand where a line of customers was already waiting. The three pegasi watched him confidently take a customer’s order as he fired up the grill and began frying a fat sheet of pork.

Flitter turned to the other two and whispered, “Are you guys sure this is the same Griffy I met? He’s nothing like the last time I saw him.”

The other two shared a grin as Sky replied, “Trust me, he’s the same Griffy as always.”

The sun hung low in the sky as golden sun beams split the horizon into beautiful slices of pink and orange. The motley group of ponies and dragons trudged forward as they moved towards the Dragonland’s capital.

Spark stared out at the barren lands of rock and magma that were so different from Equestria’s agrarian landscape. With another glance at his map, he dropped his travel pack and called, “Okay, this should be far enough. Let’s set up camp for the night!”


Spark whipped around in surprise to see the three ponies collapsed on the ground. Snorting with amusement, he raised a claw and quipped, “Jeez, if I had known all ponies were as wimpy as you three, I’d have attacked Equestria a long time ago!”

Cloud glared back at him with a challenging stare. "If you’d like to test that theory, we’re r-right here ready to tango.”

The deserting dragons all had the benefit of harsh, often brutal soldier training in the Dragonland’s military which the treasure hunters, while fit, could never hope to compete with.

The dragon unit erected tents and built a fire pit while the three pegasi flew around collecting burnable fuel. Once the campsite was sufficiently stocked, Spark blew flames over the branches and leaves, causing a great bonfire to erupt from the prepared kindling.

Flitter opened her travel pack and reached inside. Pulling out her romance novel, she glanced at Sky’s large, impressive frame glowing in the light of the fire and blushed as she reread the first chapter.

Skimming over the introduction she had long since memorized, the aroused mare furtively glanced around before diving into the more intimate chapters. As images of dashing knights and damsels in distress flashed across her mind, she and Sky began to replace the faces of the book’s characters.

The valiant hero pulled the princess into his strong frame and whispered, “Don’t worry, Princess. That horrible monster can’t hurt you anymore. I am here to protect you.”

Princess Flitter’s breathing increased as she felt his hooves wrap around her barrel. Nuzzling into the cuddle, they basked in each other’s warmth until she whispered, “Thank you so much for rescuing me, Sir Skyfall. I could never have escaped the evil Dragon Lord’s clutches if not for your heroic deeds and sacrifices. If there’s anything I can do to repay you, name it, and it is yours.”

Sky chuckled and smirked down at her adorable face. “Well, now that you mention it, Princess…” his hoof slowly traced down to her more intimate regions as he teased, “there is something we could do that I’m sure would be very… satisfying~”

Princess Flitter’s face grew red as his hooves groped her flanks to clarify the meaning of his innuendo. Even with his rather assertive advances, she swayed her full hips and pressed her heated body against his barrel. “Well then, Sir Skyfall, I suppose I should fulfill my royal promise. What do you say we get started on your reward~”

Flitter broke out of her reverie when a purple hoof snatched the novel out of her grasp. As the incriminating pages flew through the air, she made a desperate grab for the book’s cover, but missed as the perpetrator held her down with a hoof.

“Jeez, I knew you were bringing this half-baked porno along, but I never expected you to use it so early~” Cloud grinned as she held the embarrassing text above her sister's head.

The aroused blush that had dusted Flitter’s cheeks now transformed into anger as she sprang up and wrestled the book out of her sister’s grip. “Cloud! You can’t just take other pony’s stuff like that. At least speak up before you scare someone’s tail off.”

Cloud fixed her with an unimpressed gaze. “You need to start making your move on him now. Once we get to the Serpent’s Pass, we probably won’t have time for leisure activities while fighting off a massive, demonically possessed Dragon Lord.”

“I know,” Flitter argued, indicating the romance novel Cloud had rudely taken, “I was just looking for a little inspiration for how to ask him. Since most of your advice involved a hoof going places I’m uncomfortable with, I figured I should get a second opinion.”

A bark of laughter escaped Cloud before she could stop it. Snorting into her hoof, she snarked, "Mare up, sis. Despite how amazing he is, Sky is still just a stallion. It’s not hard to get them in the mood. Go up to him and flick your tail to the side a bit while you're in heat. I guarantee that’ll get a reaction~”

“Well, you may be okay with starting a relationship that way, but I’d like to have a foundation built on something more than just two pieces of a puzzle snapping together,” Flitter shot back, standing up and making her way to Sky’s tent. “I’m doing this my way, so you can keep your advice to yourself.”

Cloudchaser rolled her eyes and drawled, “Alright, have fun getting clam-jammed when you fall apart during your confession.”

Flitter threw her another look of admonishment before approaching Sky’s tent. Cloud watched her sister intently as she called out to him through the curtain. Once his head appeared, Flitter’s wings started to twitch while her hooves nervously pranced in place. Sure enough, her rambling words started to blur together as she tried and failed to say the phrase that was stuck in her throat.

Sky gave a smile of understanding and wrapped a wing around her barrel. As Flitter’s breathing calmed down, he led her back into his tent and whispered words of encouragement to soothe the anxiety coursing through her body.

With one last affectionate nuzzle, Sky pecked Flitter on the cheek before closing the tent, cutting off Cloudchaser’s line of sight.

The smirking mare stared at the spot where the other two had vanished. It took a few moments before the smugness and teasing drained away from her cocky grin.

As reality slowly dawned on her, Cloud dropped her arrogant facade and shuddered, “This is good… this is what I want… this is what is best for Flitter, so I am happy.”

With her mental reminders firmly back in place, she solemnly plodded to her own tent and closed the entrance flap so that no creature could see the fresh tears falling down her crying face.

Author's Note:

A/N: Oh… wow… this was kind of hard to write. The emotions made me feel a little bad for what I was doing to these fictional characters. Feel free to dab your eyes with a tissue if you need to.

Anyway, thanks for reading! 

(If you’re waiting for more clop, follow this and my other story. I have a plan for more in the near future.)