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When the earth ponies of Ponyville started lashing out against the unicorns and pegasi, Flitter and Cloudchaser retreated to a home in the clouds. Cut off from Ponyville and Cloudsdale, they had no warning when the Legion of Doom overran Equestria, bringing the windigos and eternal winter with them. With supplies running low, they come to terms with their mortality and the feelings deep inside them.

But perhaps their love for one another will keep them alive long enough to make it through the storm.

Incest Is Wincest April '20 'Trapped' contest entry. Contains sister/sister incest (duh), but no clop.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 6 )

I just call them "Those Pegasi with the anime hair."




Cough umm... Good story?

Twincest saves Equestria...I can dig it. :ajsmug:

Legion Of Doom? WHAT A RRRRRUSH! If you get this you get the greatest gift of all, the gift that keeps on giving. The Gift of Jericho.

Hey, so I'm back to give a bit more of a proper review.

First, the transition from Cloudchaser thinking she's gone mad from finding her sister attractive to them making out is rather nonexistent.

Maybe let them confess their feeling first.

Next, the windigos being ponies was a good idea and they were well characterized, should maybe be expanded on in a different story.

Cozy Glow and Chrysalis is sweet.

If you had more time and words to work with this could be much better but I understand the constraints you had to work with.

7/10 Story. I'm biased because of CloudFlitter.

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