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Time to write some fanfiction! Yay! If you have any thoughts comment! I find reading them fun!


Twilight is secretly having a relationship with Cloud Chaser. After having recently broken up with Starlight Glimmer and Flitter's slightly unstable emotional state Twilight thought it'd be better to keep it quiet for a while.

This is the second part of the series I started a bit ago, shipping the main six with background ponies. Fluttershy will be released later, I have to chop this up a bit, as I'm currently writing five stories at once!

This story is pretty tame (I can't guarantee it will stay that way) but it's teen because some of the others are teen and I don't want this changing on people unexpectedly.

I've added an in story dating system to the stories as the stories are actually somewhat intertwined so for any of you who are reading all of them they'll be easier to line up, the dating system has nothing to do with the real world (except that they coincide with 2019 just so they can be more easily tracked.)
Note on crossover chapters. They are the same chapter in two stories because they are relevant to both. They will say with what story they cross over and have the same (or very similar) titles.
Other Titles:
Applejack and Coco: The Obvious Conclusion
Rarity and Minuette: Time To Model
Pinkie and Zecora: Secret No More. Romance Galore
Flitter and Rainbow Dash: Overprotective Marefriend
Fluttershy and Octavia: Not Every Song...

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 13 )

Well, it's me misspelling a term for something that doesn't contain anything serious or objectionable, I should go change that.

May I ask why all your ships are F/F? There have been plenty of male background characters for at least a couple of the Mane 6 to have a straight relationship.

Because I felt like going them all FxF, I can do straight ones later or in their own ones. Just see what strikes my fancy.

cloudchaser and Twilight? i can dig it.

Yay! ^.^ This will likely be a little slower than the other stories because Cloud Chaser's in the hospital, lol.

im guessing i gotta read your other stories for context?

Nope, I mean you do find out that Cloud took a lightning bolt for RD, but otherwise nope.

well that's a blessing, no offense, but there are just a lot of stories like that, and it's pretty annoying to go back several stories just to understand the one i wanna read.

Hehe, understandable, stories should be mostly self-contained. Flitter and RD will likely show up but I'm not going to vaguely reference things from other stories, hehe. They'll be referenced in ways that give you enough to understand their context.

a weak, timid, or bland person. The word milquetoast derives from the name of Caspar Milquetoast, a diffident character in H. T. Webster's comic strip The Timid Soul.

Huh, I never knew it was from a specific character like Mary Sue is and I've only every heard it used as bland before.


All her power and knowledge wet there is nothing she can do.:fluttershysad: No greater time is there for one to feel useless.:fluttershysad:

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