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Rainbow Dash finally decides to tell her friends that she is gay.

This news comes as a surprise to absolutely no one.

Rated Teen and Sex for discussions of homosexuality. A lot of homosexuality.

Written for F*** THIS PROMPT #12: "Rainbow Dash is a Lesbian."

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Everyone dreams of a happy life. And in a world of multicoloured ponies, magic, and manufactured rainbows, it seems possible that everyone can have that. But for some, unfortunate circumstances can stop that pursuit dead in it’s tracks, no matter how hard they try to push on.

Caramel is a pony who finds himself in that situation, even if he doesn’t want to admit it. But when something is standing between you and the life you need, it can’t be buried forever. No matter how hard you try. And Celestia does Caramel try.

Note: This story has sad elements and conflicts in it

Thanks to Lord-Commander for Editing this story.

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When it looks like the CMC might actually have a shot at becoming Ponyville's flag carriers for the Equestria Games, Silver Spoon comes up with the ultimate plan to throw the Crusaders off their game: Have Diamond Tiara flirt with Scootaloo.

An alternate take on "Flight to the Finish".

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Lyra and Bon Bon: foster parents? It'll happen, if they can only get past their sardonic caseworker, nerve-wracking inspections, and each others' neuroses. That's assuming things work out with any one of the children that passes through their home. After all of that, there's just the matter of the adoption and the birth relatives. Hugs, heartbreak, and humor will follow in droves.

Also, Lyra tries to cook soup.

Cover made by the wonderful Whipstitch.

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Every child has a moment when they must come face to face with fear. It is a moment predicated in growth and exemplifying growing up. It is a moment that can define a childhood, for good or ill.

For Dinky Hooves, that moment has come.

Winning entry of the January 2013 Writeoff, "The First Time".

A standalone story of the Whiskverse!

Approved by Twilight's Library!

Now in Chinese! (Google translated and read by me!)

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash is a well-known pegasus mare in Ponyville, but her parents know her as a colt, Sonic Dash. When they come to visit, she must confront both her parents and her friends with the truth of her identity. Will her parents accept her as their daughter instead of their son, and how will her friends handle the secret she has kept from them for so long? A story about family, gender identity, growing up with the wrong body, and, of course, friendship.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Seeing the poor dragon at his wits end trying to woo Rarity, Gilda decides to give Spike some tips and help him gain the mare of his affection. Although she finds him slightly annoying, he starts to grow on her. And she soon learns that Spike has taken a liking to her as well...

Maybe too much of a liking.

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While she's providing veterinary care at the park, Fluttershy runs afoul with one of the more domesticated critters.

...Fluttershy would never kick a puppy on purpose, would she?

Editing by Formerly Committed and Shellsh0cker.

Dramatic reading here!

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When Rarity's latest dress design is inspired by Pinkie Pie, she invites her to her boutique for a private fitting. But whatever is to be done with Pinkie's sneaking of cakes from her deliveries?

Image by the awesome ChibiQueen-Anna.

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Roseluck doesn't like to admit her crush to most ponies; the few she's told were too busy laughing to hear her explain herself. She's ready to give up on the notion of confessing her love, until the town jeweler offers his encouragement and even his assistance in helping her secure her "special somepony". Would he have been so enthusiastic in helping if he knew the "special somepony" is a "special somegriffon", she wonders?

UPDATE 03/31/13: This story is not dead. My current plan is to do one last minor revision to these chapters, then finish and publish Chapter 3. I know that there are a lot of people waiting for more of this story, and my last intent is to disappoint them. I will try my hardest to make it worth the wait.

Credit (and lots of thanks) where they are due:

Exuno: Editor
Lung and LyRarity: Pre-readers
Hawkysu: Kind words and support

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