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This story is a sequel to The Day Spike Stopped Caring

(But you don't need to read the first story!)

Breakups are hard. They're only made more difficult when they involve Death, a missing ex, and a ticking expiration date on a Wonderbolts acceptance letter. Spike will have to traverse Lewis Carroll's wet dreams on acid if he wants to find Rainbow Dash by the end of the day.

Unfortunately, there are many obstacles ready to impede his path, many discoveries still for the drake to have—like Greed glorifying gluttony guiding him to his desires like a used car dealer—and an old love interest hellbent on getting him back. Maybe it's about time Spike started caring. Well, kinda caring.

Edited by the revived NATOstrike , the polished OmicroniX, and pre-read by Sejox.

Cover-art done by the super-duper Doctor Disco

Chapters (8)

Discord hasn't been feeling himself lately. Rarity thinks that it might be a good idea to get his mind off of things by having him assist her with upcoming work for the Summer Sun Celebration. Being the good sport that he is, Big Mac helps Discord out.

As it turns out, the project is surprisingly fun.
It's also more than a little painful.

Rated "Highly Recommended" by Present Perfect.

Now featured on Equestria Daily!

Now part of the Royal Canterlot Library (11/24/17)

Thanks to Door Belle, Garnot, Solocitizen and GeneralLiberator for their help.

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For years now, Spike has been known as Twilight's baby dragon. But how much longer is he to remain a baby? When can he finally be teenager, all leading up to a big, strong adult dragon? With each passing year comes more questions and even less growth on his part, him staying the same size as ever. It is only with a final confrontation with Twilight on his thirteenth birthday does Spike learn the real truth. Dragon immortality isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Thanks a ton to my incredibly awesome and talented collab partner Draconian Soul, who you guys should definitely check out for some really rad stories!

Another big round of thanks to my editors Xl9, SolidFire and mikemeiers for all their expert help!

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Discord has trapped Twilight in a vast, seemingly unending library. This library has a copy of every spell checked book that could possibly exist. Twilight's only way out of the library would be to find the book that explains how to escape. But when every single idea, story, possibility, and random book exists, how can she find the one book that can teach her how to leave this unfathomably large library?

This fanfic is a crossover based on the ideas presented in the short story, "The Library of Babel," by Jorge Luis Borges, and influenced by "A Short Stay in Hell" by Steven L. Peck.

The sequel to this story is also sequel to A Place for Pinkie.

Listen to the audio play on Youtube.
Read the complete Esperanto translation by Amphicoelias via .pdf, .odt or .epub!

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After making a bet with the crusaders that he could get a date with any mare in Ponyville, Spike winds up on a date with a crush from the past. Will everything turn out okay, or will karma catch up with him and turn the date into a disaster?

Knowing Spike, probably the latter.

Collaboration with the amazing FamousLastWords

Submission to Jake The Army Guy's Obscure Shipping Contest

Thanks so much to Pearple Prose, FrontSevens, Enigmatic Otaku, Norm_De_Plume, and Pickleless for editing. Y'all are da real MVPs.

There's no such thing as Minuette X Spike art so thanks for making it happen, Kairipancakes.

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This story is a sequel to I Can Count On You

Ember, Lord of all Dragons, has been presented with a problem that has forced her to seek the help of her best and closest friend.

Now that Spike has arrived all she needs to tell him is her problem. An ancient law, one that no Dragon Lord can object against, has come into effect.

What's that problem? She is to be bonded with the winner of a special tournament as life-mates.

Additional tag: Action.

*If you are feeling generous you can buy me a Ko-Fi!!

*This fic will deal with a lot of fighting, but it shall not be gore related, and the blood will be kept to a minimum.*

**This is my first attempt at writing something based almost purely on fighting/combat in a tournament-like scenario.**

Artwork by Traupa.

Chapters (10)