The Library of Discord

by Chinchillax

Chapter 7

Fluttershy was too frightened to say anything.
“Discord! You are just the one we wanted to see,” Twilight said confidently.
“Am I? I’m glad at least someone wants to see me. What is it you want?”
“I want to know.” Twilight paused. “I want to know who you are, Discord.”
“Me? I’m the spirit of chaos.”
“But… how did you get that way? How did you make this universe inside your mind?”
“My dear princess, you cannot understand me at all. Asking me who I am is impossible. And besides, it doesn’t matter anyway.”
“It does matter, you know why? Because we’re going to be friends.”
The word, “friend” briefly unmasked the sneer on Discord’s face.
“Friends understand each other Discord. I want to be your friend. You’ve been alone for all this time, with no one but yourself to talk to. Please, please take this chance. Tell us who you are. Tell us why you live in this library! Why you behave like you do. Tell us so we can get to know you so we can be your friend.”
“You don’t want to be my friend! You don’t care about me at all, Princess. You are trying to manipulate me into letting you go, right? That’s what this is about. You’re trapped here and I won’t let you leave. Well, you know what? Fine! Leave!”
And with a snap of his lion hand, Discord opened up a portal right next to them. “Leave,” he repeated. “You found Spike. I was hoping that a few months in my library would leave you begging to get out of here enough to release me and I’d give Spike back to you as a present, but your searching spells and teleportation foiled that. You won, Princess, congratulations, now go home.”
Twilight was stunned at how quickly she got what she had wanted. She eyed Spike and Fluttershy and started to walk to the portal. Spike followed but Fluttershy stood rooted to her spot.
“Come on, Fluttershy. He’s a lost cause. We need to leave.”
“I’m staying, Twilight.” Fluttershy asserted.
A perplexed look crossed Discord’s face.
“What? Discord is crazy; he’s already betrayed us once. Let’s get out of here before he changes his mind about the portal.”
“No, Twilight. Everyone deserves a chance to have a friend, and I will be Discord’s friend. I’m willing to hear him out.”
“Twilight, let’s go,” Spike urged.
“Spike… we can’t leave without Fluttershy.” Twilight responded.
“Yes, we can.” Spike whispered. “It all works out.”
“Go on, Twilight, we’ll be there soon.” Fluttershy assured her.
With uncertainty all over her face, Twilight Sparkle walked into the portal. Spike entered the portal right after her, still holding the book.
Twilight saw all of her friends waiting on the other side, all except one.