• Published 12th Nov 2013
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The Library of Discord - Chinchillax

Discord has trapped Twilight in a library that contains every possible book that could exist. Somewhere in the depths lies the one book that can teach her how to escape. But when every idea and story exists, how can she find the one book she needs?

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Chapter 11

The rainbow magic coming from the elements of Harmony unshackled Discord from the stone that held him as he turned to see Fluttershy and her friends around him. Immediately, Fluttershy came and hugged him. Spike joined in quickly afterwards.

Pinkie Pie, who was never one to miss out on a chance to hug someone, jumped in as well. Twilight was a little aghast but joined in too. And then everypony else, including Princess Luna, joined in the group hug that didn’t make much sense to them, but it felt like the good thing to do.

Discord cleared his throat. “I’m sorry, everyone. I’m truly sorry for everything I’ve done. I shouldn’t have made so many mistakes. I will change. I want to change. I want to see what this ‘friendship’ thing is, because I think I like what I see so far.”

Twilight looked in Discord’s eyes and saw something she didn’t think she would ever truly see, complete sincerity. He really did want to change. She didn’t understand what all had happened, but if Spike was able to forgive Discord, she could find a way too.

“Now, if you’ll excuse Fluttershy and I, we have a conversation I wanted to finish.”

Fluttershy and Discord were walking through the woods near Fluttershy’s cottage.

“Fluttershy… would you like me better if I looked more like a pony?”

“Discord, I like you just the way you are. There’s nothing wrong with you.”

“I know… I just had a lot of time to think about how I could enjoy this world better while I was waiting to get released from stone.”

“I’m so sorry about that! I tried to be as fast as possible.”

“It’s completely alright,” Discord assured her, “I mean… I can change form really easily. Why don’t I just change and get your opinion?”

And with that, a flash of light enveloped Discord as he switched to a new form. He reappeared as a light gray stallion alicorn with a black mane and tail with white streaks in it. His horn had a small curve to it that was reminiscent of one of the antlers he had had. His flank emblazoned with the symbol for infinity.

The look of awe on Fluttershy’s face told him he had made the right choice.

“What do you think?”

“I… I like it. But you can be whatever form you would like, Discord.”

“I saw your face. I think I’ll stay in this form for a while. And you can stop calling me Discord.”

“Really, what would you like me to call you?”


“Well, okay, ‘Accord,’” she laughed silently to herself.

“I’ve made some other changes too.”

“Changes? Like what?”

“Well… I got so anxious waiting for you in the library that I stopped all of my multiple thought spells. I can now think of only one thing at a time.”

“Really, but wait… why would you do that?”

“I can only think of one thought at a time now, and I want my one thought to be you.”

The End