The Library of Discord

by Chinchillax

Chapter 10

Discord had had to watch her leave. He had been with Fluttershy for so long and it was so hard to see her go. In the time it would take her to leave and convince her friends to let him go, days will have passed.
Discord had some time to think about what he had done.
The dragon knew almost everything. It was all in the last 50 pages of the book. It shocked Discord when he first discovered that book. The ending was unreal. One of the characters in the book, “Discord” was able to talk to his friend “Flutter shy” about all the pain of being completely immortal and the eventual lack of things left to experience. She had listened and somehow this thing called “friendship” was more powerful an emotion than the pain of immortality. And the happiness of friendship overcame the sadness of being immortal. In the end, Discord was able to be friends not only with Flutter shy, but good friends with Spike as well, and then eventually everyone else too.
It was a really good story. Discord had wanted it to be true. He had wanted so bad for it to be true. He had wanted it so badly he had watched this book after Twilight arrived and waited to see if it would really glow like the book said would happen. When it did he was surprised and excited that the possibility of this story happening actually existed.
He was so excited he teleported the dragon next to the location of the glowing book without him noticing and hoped the book might actually come to fruition. And it had… it really had happened. He had finally been able to tell his feelings to someone. Now that that was over… what was left to do?
Have fun?
His normal experiments in fun had always ended up with him being imprisoned in some way or another.
He stared outside of the library universe and into the room that held his statue. Fluttershy had barely even arrived.
He could simply escape the statue as he had done previously. It wasn’t difficult to do, but it didn’t seem like a very nice thing to do if he was really just about to be freed.
“If only there was a way to make the time go faster,” Discord thought to himself.
A thought struck him that he never would have considered, but it was the only real way to drop the speed of time back to a normal level like his friend.
“What if I only was able to think of one thing at a time, like Fluttershy?” The mental handicap made Discord shiver. But he thought about how much he liked her and wanted to understand her more. If he was going to participate in this universe instead of reading it out like he had the other ones, maybe he ought to experience life a little more like they did.
He experimented with one of his spells that had allowed him to think of two things at once. He stopped it. He stopped another, and another. He kept tearing down the enhancements until he could hear Fluttershy talk outside at her normal speed.
He had another thought he wouldn’t have dared considered before.
“What if I was in a form she found more familiar? Would she like me more?”