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It was sudden. Just a bright light, and then, nothing. Darkness. Cold. Dullness. In a split second, everything was gone.

After some time, John found himself in a new world, a changing world, full of color, and friendly creatures. A world that welcomed him.

A world where everything he once loved is gone.

Marked Teen for some sexual references it may or may not include. Not actual sex will be involved.

Thank so much to Sejox for his help so far.

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This story is a sequel to The Day Spike Stopped Caring

(But you don't need to read the first story!)

Breakups are hard. They're only made more difficult when they involve Death, a missing ex, and a ticking expiration date on a Wonderbolts acceptance letter. Spike will have to traverse Lewis Carroll's wet dreams on acid if he wants to find Rainbow Dash by the end of the day.

Unfortunately, there are many obstacles ready to impede his path, many discoveries still for the drake to have—like Greed glorifying gluttony guiding him to his desires like a used car dealer—and an old love interest hellbent on getting him back. Maybe it's about time Spike started caring. Well, kinda caring.

Edited by the revived NATOstrike , the polished OmicroniX, and pre-read by Sejox.

Cover-art done by the super-duper Doctor Disco

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It’s high noon on a Friday as my assistant pass me a letter. It was about the mysterious mare that appeared every Saturday at nine o'clock at the bar ‘Golden Hoof’ in Canterlot.

I have heard rumors about her but never bothered enough to go and see it myself.

Maybe tomorrow will be the day.

And maybe, just maybe, I found the next Maestro.

Thanks to sejox for being my first editor and helping with all my works. Thank you, bro.

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