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Five years after the events of Shadow Play, things have changed for Spike. He now has a pair of wings, he's the size of a teenage dragon...and he had to watch Rarity be engaged to another pony. Naturally, this crushed him, but it's four years after the fact.

Still, he has several regrets over how he handled things with Rarity. Wanting to know how to get past this, he takes up Applejack's advice and asks Twilight how to talk to girls in a romantic way. She agrees to help him get past his issues, but Spike soon discovers feeling he didn't expect, buried feelings that were there for years. It catches him off guard big time.

The question will soon become: Should he go forward with those feelings?

Part 1 of the My Little Kirin Saga. Part 2, How To Raise A Kirin in 12,371 Steps, can be found here. Rated Teen for later suggestive content. Cover image by Ambris. Major thanks to Salnalus for helping me edit this story.

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This is the tale of a drake craving freedom.

Spike wakes up every day to a nagging roommate. His days are spent doing chores he neither likes nor dislikes. And, to make matters worse, Rarity's heart is still as distant as ever.

So he stops caring for a day.

Spike Stopped Caring cover done by the wonderful, 2135D. Please check him out; his art is better than my stories.

Edited by gaming goof, Diamond Brook, along with the ever so mysterious, Silent Watcher, the new and improved, Obsidian Shard, and tea drinker, Vexy.

FamousLastWords calls the story: "Swag."

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Ponies are only scary until they are snuggled.

A baby dragon learns this first-handly.

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All Spike wants to do is grow up and be respected. Luckily, he has Pinkie Pie to cure him of that mentality and remind him just how great it is to slow down and actually have some fun with someone who cares for you.


This story takes place somewhere in the middle of Season 2. So no Alicorn Twilight, no castle, and a lot of character development is yet to happen.

This was written for  Jake the Army Guy's Horse Words Extravaganza with the prompt being obscure shipping. Honestly it saddens my heart that these two don't get paired together more.

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When Twilight publishes the Friendship Journal, they all become orders of magnitude more famous than they already were. Except Spike. Nobody cared about him. That is, until he gets a letter from an interesting organization about some legal matters revolving around it...

Written with S7E14 - "Fame and Misfortune" in mind.

Now with a reading by DRWolf001! It's really great!

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With Twilight away in Canterlot, Spike is left to his own devices. But Ponyville isn't the busiest of towns and before long, boredom begins to creep.

So to cheer himself up he decides to go spend time with his friends. Five stalwart companions whom he has known through thick and thin.

But Spike soon begins to realise that really, those are Twilight's friends. Not his.

In fact he starts to wonder whether, since he moved to Ponyville, he's actually made any friends at all...

(*2nd edition. Based on feedback, the final chapter and epilogue have been added-to to better reflect the contributions of the CMC.)

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This story is a sequel to Sweetie Belle's Sweet Birthday

After Sweetie Belle's Cuteceñera, Sweetie Belle and Spike are now officially an item. Everything starts out fine for the happy couple, but nothing is perfect all the time, especially young love. When Sweetie Belle begins to feel very self-conscious about her looks, Spike decides to sit her down and ask her a very important question: "What do you see?"

NOTE: While this is a sequel, this story in particular is also a bit of a standalone.

Second story in The Love Life of Sweetie Belle and Spike series.

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After deciding it best that Equestria lay claim over all of Earth and its inhabitants, Princess Celestia finds she now has a very special birthday present to offer to her sister.

Namely: Canada.

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Two magical prodigies cast in Twilight's shadow stumble about in somepony else's story and try to find meaning in their lives.


An affectionate parody of Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.
Which is in itself an absurdist and existentialist parody of Hamlet.

Russian Translation
Chinese Translation

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(Takes place immediately after "Luna Eclipsed", colab with yodajax10.) Another Nightmare Night has come and gone, and now Ponyville begins the process of cleaning up after it.

Spike offers to help out, but Twilight reassures him that they can handle things on their own. So, reluctantly, the baby dragon decides to spend a little time with Princess Luna, who has just come out of her shell.

But what can the two talk about? Quite a lot, actually. And both will come to realize, they have something in common.

(Featured on 9/09/2016)

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