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There exists a legend that few speak of outside of hushed whispers. A horror that strikes without warning and few have seen, and among those few even less have lived to tell others. A skilled user of darkness and wielder of the deadliest of weapons. Such was the methods and abilities of The Ninja. But this tale is of two families of Ninja, or rather the tale of their heirs. Of how cunning and seductive Rarity Belle, Heiress of the House of Iga, met the Deadly and Clever Spike Sparkle, Heir of the House of Fuuma, and how their love saved both of their families.

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Good relationships are all about compromise. For example: Rarity likes massages, and Spike likes adventuring up giant magical beanstalks to fight giants.

This is gonna be one heck of a compromise.

Written for LtMajorDude for Jinglemas 2022!

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"Down these mean streets a dragon must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid. He is the hero; he is everything."

The Case of the Diamond Dress comes to a dramatic conclusion, as Spike the Dragon (Private Eye) makes a decision that will change his life, and the lives of everypony who lives in the seedy heart of The Big Muffin. Part 9 of 9*.

A novel by Penny Dreadful, creator of the High Noon: Applejack series.
*Due to legal reasons, parts 1 through 8 of Here's Looking at You Spike cannot be bought, sold, or read within the borders of Equestria, Earth, or nearby countries. No refunds.

Cover modified from this picture. This story was written as part of a writing prompt for Bean's Writing Group.

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A scrunched-up piece of paper comes to a stop in the hallway at Princess Twilight’s hooves from Spike’s room. After reading the paper, Twilight goes and gets the one pony that can help.

Author's Note:
I couldn't resist writing a mushy Sparity story. Oh, before I forget, the drawing was done by me. Even though I am ambidextrous, I still can't write very well with my left hand. But the writing style has a purpose.

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During a day at the fair Spike wins a prize at a carnival game! As he enjoys all that the fair offers his mind continues to return to the token...and what a fair marking the turning point between summer and autumn means for him and the ponies he loves.

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With Spike having become an adult, Canterlot now plays host to dozens of mares from the the Crystal Empire set on attracting his attention. Rarity, faced with the prospect of having real potential competition for Spike's heart, is forced to confront her own long-developing feelings for Spike, and the question as to whether Spike still feels the same way about her. Meanwhile, Spike decides that the time has finally come for him to tell Rarity how he's felt about her and finally put the question of their relationship to rest, one way or another.

With both ready to confront their feelings towards each other, the question becomes, what could possibly go wrong?

Note: This story is part of the Guarded Emotions continuity.

Edit: Featured as of 2/1, Thank you guys so much!

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Rarity, highly successful owner of her own fashion line, stumbles upon some problems designing the newest sets of evening garments for the next Grand Galloping Gala. Will her husband Spike be able to help her overcome her tribulations?

Title Picture cropped from an image by Amostheartman.
This story has a continuation which is also most definitely NSFW and rated mature - it's mostly just Rarity and Spike joyfully consummating their marriage.

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Spike and Rarity are married of 2 years now, but one day Ember and Smolder said that Spike is hoarding.

Rarity distress wanna know what he's hoarding and with a help of Twilight, Rarity is going to Spike mind just to find out that is the best hoarding she ever saw.

This is part for the Sparity contest made by Pia-chan
Also she made the cover.

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Just being a friend is simple and safe, according Spike. He’s not cut out to be anything more than that: he isn’t the dashing hero that an amazing pony like Rarity expects and deserves. When a random act seemingly breaks their friendship, and when he’s given a chance to relive that moment in hopes of finding a way to fix it, he’ll discover just how complicated, and also how simple, his and Rarity’s relationship is.

Written in honor of Pia-chan's contest
Preread by Bugsydor

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Spike always thought the hardest part was getting Rarity to say yes. Well it turns out that that was just the beginning. With dates to schedule, invitations to send out, venue reservations to make, dress preparations to complete, and new in-laws to deal with on top of his usual responsibilities, the princess’s number one advisor would’ve had enough on his plate without the fear of the legendary “Bridezilla” rearing it’s ugly head and leaving everything in ruins.

The only way to keep the mighty ender of marriages at bay is to make sure Rarity’s stress levels stays low, and if that means Spike will need to plan the whole thing by himself, then so be it.

This day is going to be perfect. No matter what.

Written for Pia-Chan’s Sparity Contest.

Cover Image source: https://dribbble.com/shots/4309812-Bridezilla

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