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After being neglected and overlooked too much, Spike decides he needs a friend of his own that has nothing to do with Twilight or the rest of the girls. Seeing as how he knows every pony in Ponyville he decides the next best thing. Build a friend. With a robot friend and the girls realizing how much they hurt Spike can they make it up to the dragon before he decides that his robot is the only friend he needs.

Takes place following the events of season 7 and the MLP movie, but before season 8 begins.

Chapters (6)

It has been 7 years since the events for the show and in that time, Spike has been living in the Dragonlands to be with his own kind. Now he has secretly moved back to Canterlot to find out what he wants to do with his life back in Equestria while privately living in Canterlot Castle. However, Rarity also lives in Canterlot now and secretly goes to the private section of the castle garden, doing nothing but drinking canned cider and bars of chocolate with a broken look on her face. The two have started to meet there regularly when it rains, but Spike wonders what could possibly have happened to the mare he loves to bring her to such a cold state.

Story based on the 2012 Makoto Shinkai anime film, The Garden of Words.

Cover made by SJArt117: https://www.deviantart.com/sjart117

A Contest Entry for Rubyfire377's Sparity contest: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/306/sparity/thread/365640/a-new-contest

If any of you haven't seen the movie that this story is based on, I strongly suggest that you find a way to watch it. It's a terrific film that has become one of my favorite movies of all time.

Chapters (9)

Join Spike Cynder as he starts high school in a new city. At Canterlot high he'll make friends, rivals, and have all sort of fun and adventures with seven new friends.

*Takes Place in an Alternate version of the Equestria Girls setting*

*Twilight has no pet dog named Spike*

*Rainbooms don't have magical powers*

*No rogue Equestrian Magic or banished magical beings*

Chapters (6)

Discord goes a little too far in his pranks, and Starlight blasts him into oblivion. Since he's a douche, Starlight will stop at nothing to make sure he's gone forever.

Wait, what do you mean Starlight wasn't the one that killed him?

I blame Sledge.

A comedic take on "A Matter of Principals". Not to be taken seriously.

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Spike's seen his fair share of the world. It'd truly felt like each passing year had taken with it a little more of Twilight's sanity, until all that was left was a husk of the mare-turned-alicorn.

Twilight, in the end, couldn't comprehend the life of an immortal.

Couldn't fathom the idea of living for thousands of years.

But Spike can.

Because Spike has.

And it's destroying him.

Contains mild spoilers for the state of the world in G5.

Russian translation by Mordaneus!

Chinese translation by forgivenlove!

Read the expanded version of this story!

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As it turns out, not all I do is make music. I actually have a pretty decent talent making plush pony dolls on the side. It brings in good bits... on occasion, such as this one time a little baby dragon commissioned me into crafting him a white unicorn with a blue mane to snuggle with at night.

Then one day, about a week later, I suddenly found myself with more clients. Like... a lot more clients.

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Just being a friend is simple and safe, according Spike. He’s not cut out to be anything more than that: he isn’t the dashing hero that an amazing pony like Rarity expects and deserves. When a random act seemingly breaks their friendship, and when he’s given a chance to relive that moment in hopes of finding a way to fix it, he’ll discover just how complicated, and also how simple, his and Rarity’s relationship is.

Written in honor of Pia-chan's contest
Preread by Bugsydor

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to The Girls of My Life 2: Old Flames and New Flames

See Spike Drake and the Canterlot Cuties in their childhood days, and how Spike got to know each of the girls and vice versa.

Recommend reading The Girls of My Life, and The Girls of My Life 2 Old Flames and New Flames before this, in this exact order.

Chapters (9)

While cleaning up the Castle of the Two Sisters, Spike discovers a chest containing twelve magical talismans that grant him special powers. Using these powers Spike shows the girls and anypony else he is no longer the little helpless dragon they make him out to be. Unfortunately the original owner of the talismans has no intention of letting another use them.

Alternate Universe before the events of seasons 6-9

Elements of Jackie Chan Adventures

Chapters (17)

Twilight has just transferred to Canterlot High, but she might not be telling the whole story on why. Perhaps she found out something about someone, that put her in harm's way. Whatever it is, Sugarcoat and Sunny Flare will figure it out.

Updated every tuesday.

Is finished!

Chapters (5)