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When Celestia asked the Guardians of Harmony to help reform Discord, they didn't get the chance. After less than a day of freedom, the chaos lord vanished. A year later, the Guardian of Kindness vanished, too...

A year ago, Chrysalis invaded Ponyville and Canterlot with Discord at her side. After a bloody battle resulting in the deaths of countless ponies, Discord was defeated and Chrysalis fled with her changelings. Now in a Canterlot dungeon, the chaos lord is a shadow of his former mischievous self. Despite his betrayal, Princess Celestia strives to understand what drove him to ally with the changelings. Enlisting the help of her sister, Princess Luna, the ruler of all Equestria sends her right-hoof mare to try and ferret out what could've caused Discord to betray them once again.

Deep in the dungeons of Canterlot, Luna engages in a half-mad game of Twenty Questions with the draconequus, desperate for answers. But the more time she spends with Discord, the more questions she has. Why did he help Chrysalis invade Canterlot? Why does he want to kill her now? Who was Rosedust? Why are the Princesses of Equestria responsible for her death and the death of someone else Discord is hungry to avenge? And is all of this an elaborate lie to trick Luna and Celestia into setting their old friend-turned-enemy free once more?

Chapters (6)

After the second changeling invasion, Fluttershy is eager to get back to a normal routine. However Discord seems to be constantly underfoot, checking her identity and the status of her health. Eventually, an unexpected visit from Princess Luna brings Discord's fears out of the night and into the light.

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Leave it to Twilight Sparkle to create the greatest spell of the past century – and then want to destroy it.

It's too dangerous to use, she says. It's too tempting. It can't help you the way you think it can.

Well, Starlight Glimmer knows a thing or three about temptation. She'll prove to Twilight that this spell – this magnificent book – is too important to destroy. That it can help ponies.

She just has to survive using it, first.

Second place in the May 2018 WriteOff.

Cover art is "Reformed" by Okaces.

Chapters (1)

What if Discord never ate the reforming spell Twilight was going to use on him as a last resort? What would happen to the Spirit of Chaos when a spell forcibly changes him to what the ponies' morality consider good to be? Nothing good, that's for sure. Or rather, nothing bad, according to the new Discord the spell creates.

Chapters (1)

Suddenly finding herself in hell, Twilight is presented with one fact: for the rest of eternity, she's stuck in a library holding every book possible. She's expected to organize them and is allowed to read them.

What makes this hell, again?

Now has a Spanish translation by SPANIARD KIWI.

Chapters (1)

As the sun sets, and being unable to sleep, Fluttershy attempts to dissect her relationship with her best friend. Though her feelings are clear, Discord's outlandish personality makes her question if he even reciprocates those desires.

Things only get more complicated as the night progresses.

(Fluttercord fluff)

Chapters (1)

For as long as any of the Cutie Mark Crusaders can remember, Diamond Tiara had always been the biggest bully they knew. But when that said bully dies in an accident, each of them starts to go through their own emotional experience from this sudden change in their lives. Each will learn more about themselves and about the pony who they all thought they knew before she is laid to rest.

***Takes place just after season 3 but before season 4. This story is completed.***

Now with TV Tropes page

Chapters (12)

(takes place after the Season Six finale, To Where and Back Again)

Fluttershy liked company.

Well, most of the time... some of the time... it depends.

A cup of tea and a few cookies here and there weren't anything new to her, but someone sleeping over? That was out of her normal range.

Now, how about them sleeping over consistently, without ever leaving? That was weird.

Images of the Breezies surfacing in her mind, she realizes that she'll have to tell her company to go home.

But this wasn't like the Breezies.

This was Discord.

Featured on 2/8/17 - 2/9/17

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Two with Good Taste

*Strongly recommended that you read the the prequel first, though not required. It will just help explain a few things.

It's been two months since Fluttershy defended her 'princess' from the crowd of mean ponies during her pet adoption event. And yet, Discord is still waiting for her to realize that they've fallen for each other. He's tried his best, but his flirting only seems to make things worse rather than better. He's growing impatient, and he doesn't know what to do.

Meanwhile, Fluttershy has grown troubled over her clashing feelings for Discord and the way he flirts with her. But when she goes on a mission to save a group of innocent souls in need, she finds herself in a troubling situation, alone and in need of help.

Sometimes, a single event is all it takes for a pony to put two and two together.

Cover by TheTalentlessPony

Chapters (1)