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A.K. Yearling's mail mostly consists of the usual fan correspondence. However just before the Friendship Summit in Griffonstone and the Daring Do Convention, the Griffon Ambassador writes to demand the return of the looted Griffon's Goblet. This is followed by a variety of letters from Griffonstone and elsewhere.

Chapters (5)

Long ago, the founders of Equestria built a magical portal on sacred ground, hiding their greatest secret on the other side. Generations of leaders stepped through the portal so that they might emerge as the equal of their forebears.

Celestia and Luna were the last to enter. For a thousand years, the portal lay forgotten, its purpose lost.

Luna thinks it is time that Twilight learn what it means to rule.

Chapters (1)

He's misanthropic, anti-social, lazy, shallow, and kind of a jerk. He's also not very bright. So why on Earth -- any Earth -- would a complete stranger expend the magical energy necessary to shove him into another reality, give him unfathomable power, and grant his every last wish?

Why indeed...

As requested, here's my parody of the second-worst thing to ever happen to fanfiction.* The cover art is only tangentially related, but it amuses me, so I'll keep it unless something better comes along. (A talented artist who loathes this ponyfic sub-genre as much as I do might attempt at some point to draw the main character in all his gear, but I'm not counting on it.)

*The number one spot goes to Erika "Snowqueens Icedragon" Mitchell, a/k/a E.L. James.

Chapters (3)

Fluttershy shares a tender, loving moment with ... a gigantic tarantula.

Cover image by jazzie366 M Defective.
Story written specifically to disobey the instructions in the title of this thread.
Audio Reading by DanMcIntosh.

Enjoy, and keep a bottle of brain bleach at hand.

Based on this story:
Hairy love

Chapters (1)

A party for Rainbow Dash with plenty of strong cider? Count Gilda in! Except Dash is probably the only pony who wants her there.

She shouldn't have come.

A combination of two minifics, "A Trick of Memory," which placed 10th of 27 in the /fic/ write-off "For Old Times' Sake," and "Gilda Has the Floor," which placed 14th of 101 in the /fic/ write-off "The Best Medicine."

Featured on Equestria Daily!

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Every generation the bravest breezies leave their home and travel through a much more hazardous and hostile world, all for the sake of pollen. How could a bunch of yellow dust possibly be worth it?

The answer is a story that every breezie should know. One that Seabreeze teaches his daughter the night before he leaves for Equestria.

Winner of the World-Building Association's April 2015 writing contest. Prompt: "Fairy Tale."

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One lonely night, Vinyl decides to use her old two-way radio to relieve the tedium. In doing so, she stumbles upon the voice of 'Adi,' who has a story so crazy Vinyl isn't willing to believe it.

But Adi is desperate, so desperate that Vinyl knows something really is wrong. Can her words help Adi overcome whatever is really happening? Even if she can instill hope in this stranger, is hope worth anything against seemingly insurmountable odds?

All Vinyl can do is sit before her radio and talk. Perhaps it will be enough.

Thanks to Mercury Gilado and Starlight Nova for pre-reading and editing.

Now featured on Equestria Daily!

Cover Art Credit: HolyShmow

Chapters (13)

Rainbow Dash's first sonic rainboom makes headlines across Equestria. Every reporter is out to cover the story from their own angle. Sometimes they get it partly right.

She’s going down in history. Maybe.

Chapters (9)

Under a rock in the Everfree Forest, there lived a pony.

Once a year, she came out to play.

**Beware of spoilers in the comments.**

Chapters (1)

A classical Equestrian fable, passed from mouth to mouth; from quill to page. The children of yore are the parents of today, and as they grow and change, so does the classic tale. Let us explore this tale as it may one day be known.

In the magical land of Equestria, three regal alicorn sisters rule for the good of their subjects, all the types of ponies, until one day, the shadow of jealousy comes upon one of them. How will the three sisters deal with this? Will harmony be lost forever?

Open the storybook, reader, and let us find out.

Massive thanks to Sagebrush for the beautiful art piece and for his help with the story, and many more thanks to Blue Thrush and Lysis for their wonderful prereading and editing.

Chapters (1)
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