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Even years later, a certain stallion can still remember the conversation that changed his life.

A minific of sorts written for one of Haphazred's weekly writing prompts. While technically complete, I might write an additional chapter or two someday; I'm not sure if I'd post those here or as a sequel.

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Meet Sunpraiser! She's energetic, near perfectly law-abiding, and not even a little ambitious. Today we'll be following her through one day of her life. She's going to have to make some difficult decisions to but she'll do anything for her Princess. Just as she should. After all, the Princess knows what's best for Equestria.
And she would never even think about overthrowing the empire, right?

Please don't take this to be indicative of my overall writing skill.
I apologize in advance for this fic.

Chapters (1)
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