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Pinkie Pie is my waifu, and she will ever four ever be my waifu... not yours.

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This story is a sequel to A Day Between Logic and Insanity

The Sequel to: A Day Between Logic and Insanity

Pinkie Pie, the baker who fell for a princess, now has to make due with her promise to Celestia that if she was to romantically involve herself with Twilight, she would be forced to become a royal guard.

She, with Twilight's help, studies and practices hard to become part of the royal guard. Though with being Pinkie Pie, things will not be so smooth.

Pre-Read by: SolidFire, kiheerSEDMAN

Edited by : N/A

Art by: ratchethun

Chapters (19)

This is another fic I originally published to deviantART about a year ago. Like An Entwining of Hearts, it was then posted to Equestria Daily in October.

It's a two shot somewhat comedic shipping fic, focusing in on the Twilight/Pinkie ship. The basic plot is that Twilight gets bored and ends up reading a dating guide. Not knowing much on the subject, she starts to go around look for a date. Pinkie eventually gets involved.

Chapters (2)

In this short Romantic Comedy, we view Pinkie's shifting emotions, as she tries to find a way to tell her best friend, Twilight Sparkle, that she has developed something more than just friendship. As she goes through these events, not only does she gets to know herself better, but finds herself getting to know a bit more of her friends as well.

Romance, witty puns and frustrating feelings will be the base and heart of the story. Enjoy.

Chapters (5)

She never expected to see a golden chariot flying over Ponyville. She never expected just how much her life would change. She never expected Twilight Sparkle … and Twilight Sparkle most certainly never expected Pinkie Pie.

Chapters (7)

Twilight and Pinkie tell Rarity they're dating. Rarity calls on every trope in the book to explain it.

Chapters (1)

Twilight looks up to the stars one night, while she thinks on her freinds and their relationships. When she thinks on her own, she feels only a storm of chaos. Can she resolve her uncertainty with her love?

Chapters (1)

After a tragic event, Twilight tries to numb herself to the pain and nearly loses the most important thing in her life.

Just a short sweet fic i wrote trying to break out of my writer's block.

Many thanks to my editor for again working her black magic in making my rambling thoughts readable. Check out her page

Chapters (1)

Mood Wings - Observations on Pegasus Body Language.

When Twilight Sparkle finds this book, she discovers an entirely new field of research. The secrets of pegasus wings lie before her, and she insists on making her own observations on the matter.


Field research, of course.

Chapters (1)

Twilight and Pinkie Pie have been together since Twilight ascended. It's now been two years and all of the other Elements of Harmony have ascended, including a certain Party Pony. It's their anniversary and Twilight has something special planed. Pinkie sure is in for a surprise.

This is my entry for the "I have a dream" contest held by the Twinkie Pie group.

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