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What happens when rumors start circulating that seem to paint a pair of rulers in a bad light? What happens if those rumors are very much true? Nothing good when one of the pair is prone to worry.

This story contains: Consensual Incest, Incest pregnancy, a romantic ménage à trois relationship and drama related to those topics. There are no described sex acts, just mentions of sex and kissing.

This story was written for the Wincest Slice-of-Life-tember 2020 contest.

Chapters (5)

Discord's last significant attempt at a relationship ended with him being petrified for 1000 years. He's understandably hesitant about trying again.

Having an unknown source of love-magic start drawing every female in Equestria toward him is pretty much the last thing he wanted...

Pre-read by many members of the Fluttercord group (a major spoiler in itself), with awesome input from: MrsHolmes, Woolly, Lemonade Shimmer 1127, OneFluzzyPuppy, MissyAngel, GarfieldThePony

Featured on FimFiction 21Nov.2015-25Nov.2015 :heart:
Featured on Equestria Daily 20Dec.2015 :pinkiegasp:
Also featured in a Royal Guard spotlight :coolphoto:
Now with a full-cast dramatic reading by Ribon Chan! :moustache:

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When Luna gets bored she decides to read a few Batmare comics, when she takes a liking to them she makes her own Batmare costume and even a Trottin outfit for here marefriend Twilight... Hilarity ensues.

Wow, this is my first story... Just a little something I cooked up when I saw this picture

Sex tag is just for certain implications, nothing actually happens.

And just in case it matters to anybody, this takes place probably a couple days after the events of "Princess Twilight Sparkle" because... convenience...

Also, in this story Luna has updated her vocabulary to a more modern style because, you know... more convenience...

Also, Also I don't own this cover art picture

Chapters (3)

Twilight Sparkle, who doesn't know first thing about romance, planned to spend another hearts and hooves day at the library while reading a good book, much to Spike's objection. However, this time she will be forced to attend this very special occasion but not everything will go smoothly, not when a certain duo wants to do everything in their might to make it the worst day ever!
Will love prevail? Or will it succumb to petty misunderstandings and fears? Read to find out!

MANY thanks to two friends who were proofreading this fic of mine! Korvas Terindar and Inferno Demon Dash!

Pairings: Spilight and...one other pair!

Chapters (1)

One night, after returning from her first and worst date ever, Twilight Sparkle decides to put dating on the very bottom of her 'what-to-do' list. Upon hearing that, Spike strongly disagrees and decides to change her mind with a little more than few words.

Will he manage to rekindle the yearning for romance in his long life best friend or will he fail? Read to find out!

Many thanks to: YourNeighborhoodAlicorn and MythrillMoth for pointing out some of the most glaring mistakes which helped this story become even better! Kudos to both of you, I'll reflect on that information and try to become even better at writing!

A/N: The original idea of this story as well as the art for cover belong to Lisboa. If you wish to thank someone then please also thank him and not only me because I have only 'colored the sketch with more words!' Also be sure to check out that amazing gallery on deviantart where you can witness the art created By Lisboa!

Chapters (1)

"He truly loved her and knew she loved him just as much. The dragon gulped deeply as a fluttering sensation occupied his stomach. He didn't just love Twilight as a friend."

After finally giving up on Rarity, Spike realizes that the true mare of his dreams has been in his company for a lifetime, but is unsure if Twilight would ever consider him as more than a great friend and assistant. The only way he can find out is ask.

*Featured 2/20/2014, Thank you all so much!*

Cover Art: Hey,.. real' quick, before the intro starts.. by Frist44

Special thanks to all the readers who pointed out grammar and spelling errors. You're great proofreaders!

Chapters (3)

While cleaning the library, Spike comes across a book hidden in Twilight's bed. At first it seems like an ordinary book, but he soon finds out that his longtime friend has been holding some feelings back. But what should Spike do? Should he open his heart to Twilight? Or will he crush her feelings?

The characters in this story are anthronized. Cover art by OnyxPrince

A big special thank you to FlimFlamBros. for proofreading this story and helping me out.

Chapters (6)

Every weekend when the library's closed and no threats to Ponykind are around, Spike and Twilight enjoy their nights with munchies and some flicks. This time though, their choice of cinema encourages some interesting discoveries between the long-time friends.

(Image is cropped from Frist44's work on Derpibooru.)

Chapters (1)

Prequel: Number One Assistant
You don't need to read the previous story, but it doesn't hurt to have some context :heart:

Hearth’s Warming has finally arrived!
The two long-lived best friends, Twilight and Spike, must now achieve the task of announcing to literally EVERYPONY they know that they are now a couple. However, because the two have enjoyed each other’s company so much, they’ve spent very little time preparing for this fateful night since their own fateful night a few days prior.

So, how will everypony react? How will Twilight and Spike react to their reactions?

Rated Teen: Suggestive Themes
Any criticism or feedback is much appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read this :pinkiehappy:

Chapters (2)

On a calm and snowy night, just a few days before Hearth's Warming, Spike decides to check up on Twilight to see if she's doing okay.

Twilight has been through much hardship recently, but thankfully, over the past year she's gotten much better since. However, with fears still lingering in Spike's mind, he wants to be absolutely certain that Twilight's improved well-being stays that way.

And he'll do it by doing what he does best at. By being right by her side. There for her. Always.

Teen Rating: A moment of strong language.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this. You're criticism is much appreciated :pinkiehappy:
ARTWORK by: Seabridge Drive THANK YOU!

Chapters (1)