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Cozy Glow lives in a hole that goes a long, long, long way down into the dark.

In loving memory of Sunshine-Smiles. Forgotten, but never dead.

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It took Twilight a long time to build up the courage to ask Applejack out, but she finally did it. What she hadn't prepared for was the two of them triggering an Attunement, an incredibly rare magical reaction that unicorn fillies call 'True Love's Kiss.'

And the date was going so well, too.

(Takes place in late season 7, after Once Upon a Zeppelin but before Shadow Play)

Editing by Formerly Committed and JetstreamGW.

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When Twilight Sparkle's life grew more full of accolades, it grew more full of demands. First, she became Twilight Sparkle, the element of Magic; then she became Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship. Then the savior of two universes, then the rejuvenator of the Tree of Harmony, then owner of the Castle of Friendship. The Redeemer of Starlight Glimmer, the aunt of the world's most powerful alicorn, the headmistress of the School of Friendship. So it went.

And at the end of it all, she realized that Twilight Sparkle didn't really exist anymore - all that was left of her was a series of titles, awards and obligations, and the pony that held it all together was little more than a puppet to the demands of the world around her.

And when she understood that Twilight Sparkle was as good as gone, a second option opened itself up to her: if she could unfetter herself from the glory she had worked all her life to obtain, would Twilight Sparkle exist again - not as a name attached to a role, but a pony with her own hopes, dreams and desires?

And if she did, what would come next?


A brief story about time, reality, pseudophilosophy, self-actualization and surprisingly tasty desserts.

Cover art by KzKsM.

Part of the Re- 'Verse.

Thanks to Wanderer D, Flashgen and Door Belle for their help proofreading, editing and offering advice.

And, more than anything else, my immense thanks to GaPJaxie for inspiring, reviewing and talking to me about this story. Without him, it literally would not exist.

Chapters (3)

Moonlight Raven doesn't date much. As a dark mistress of the night, she often finds that others cannot comprehend her mysterious nature and her unfathomable magical powers, poor mortal fools that they are. Besides, her loving sister, Sunshine Smiles, is the only real friend she needs. But when Sunshine sets her up on a date with none other than Maud Pie, the only pony in Equestria more mysterious than she is, Raven finds herself having to do some serious self-evaluation.

This story is about Moonlight Raven from the Canterlot Carousel episode.

Mods plz add tags already D:

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There's being alone, and then there's being alone; where the only companionship is the screeching of your own subconscious, and every fear and anxiety weighs on you like a blanket of lead. Twilight Sparkle has five amazing friends, but still she feels alone. Is something wrong with her?

Yes. Yes it is.

Note: Contains references to real-world drugs and sex. Don't read if you don't like those things. Not fully edited because too many stories. Sorry.

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Lyra misses Bonbon the same way she does every day, aching to see her even tho only a few hours have separated the two of them. What bubbles thru her head while she sits at home? Can this story even be reconciled as pony fanfiction? Read on to find out!

Note: Contains references to real world drugs and sex. Don't read if you don't like those things. Not fully edited because too many stories. Sorry.

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Rarity moves to Canterlot. Rainbow joins the Wonderbolts. Fluttershy and Twilight are shut-ins, to an extent. The friends remain so, but they have lost some of the freshness of their connection. Rarity, in her new home, invites all of her dearest friends to join her in the ancient city. Twilight struggles with her attraction to Rarity, long a secret, while another pony's plan comes to fruition.

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When Applejack starts dating an old pegasus friend, she thought the worst part would be making time in her busy schedule for romance. She didn't expect a whole truckload of unusual complications.

Complications like splinters. A hostile home environment. Being confused for an egg. A book that contains the secrets of the universe, and a theory about a rubber band.

Some ponies just have to worry about their jobs and who did the laundry. Applejack has to worry about her species tearing her love life apart. Pegasi are weirder than she thought, and the universe isn't making it any easier.

Preread/proofread/nonsense-checked by Tchernobog and Timaeus.

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