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I was introduced to MLP by a friend in S3. At the time I teased him about it a little, but I guess the joke is on me as here I am now, writing Trixie shipfics. Feedback is always welcome.

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During Twilight Sparkle's first sleepover after the friendship games, she asks a question that opens an old wound.

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A short look into an AU where Pinkie's early life on her family farm, surrounded by rocks keeping her company, had absolutely no effect on her mental well being.

A bit silly and a bit sad.

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Rarity is overworked. Saving the day on a regular basis doesn't do her schedule any favors; on the contrary, it brings in several customers. She appreciates that, both for the additional income and ever-increasing opportunities to live her passion. But the emergencies keep piling up as well and any moment Rarity has to herself is spent cornered against her backlog.

She will not rush or botch any order though. That was simply, irrevocably out of the question. Her customers will get the marvels they asked for and deserve. She'd just have to soldier on, like so many times in the past.

She's swiftly reminded that even heroes need rest, along with one fateful, foreboding proverb: desperate times call for desperate measures...

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This story is a sequel to Cracks Along the Prism

Their first date. It was meant to be, if not an amazing experience, at least a special one for the two of them. It was...unique. In all the wrong ways.

Now at home, all Maud wants to do is go to her room, sulk a little, and think through the what, where, and why of it all going wrong.

However, behind her back, the three most deranged people in the Canterlot area have banded together to, in their own twisted ways, answer those questions for Maud through the quasi-legal use of resources and favors.

It's family bonding time! Maud's consent is not a factor.

Edited, altered, engineered, and steam pressed by the malodorous Crowscrowcrow.

Featured on 12/11/2020! Huzzah!

Stonewalled at the Spring Fling
Sitting on a Rock
The Quartz Quartette Quarrel
Cracks Along the Prism
Maud's Boulder Holder

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This story is a sequel to Hearth's Warming on the Rock Farm, with Trixie Lulamoon

It had been awhile since Trixie returned to the rock farm and rejoined the pie family. Yet even with a new lease on life, a place to call home and even a family, there is still an emptiness in her heart she can't seem to overcome. Actions of her past still haunt her nightmares and her waking moments are filled with more emptiness than pleasure these days. Lucky for Trixie, there's a certain somepony that might just have an idea of how to heal her broken heart.

Art by Colon Exclusionzone (I think)

This story was made as a request from: Crowscrowcrow

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Sunset Shimmer, prized pupil of Princess Celestia, has taken the most brash decision of her life. She will now have to live in the human world for years before being able to return. Fortunately, she has the help of some natives to endure this experience.

Fair warnings:

This is a different take on Sunset's story pre Equestria Girls, where things happened differently. This story will contain Sunset exploring everything she possibly can about the human world, leading to subjects some might find uncomfortable. So you have been advised.

There is no sex in this story, but there will be talk about sex, although it'll be later on. Nudity will be common but not in sexual situations (at least not early on).

This story will also deal with bullying, but not too dark.

I will appreciate greatly all forms of feedback :3

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There are many rules to a good horror film. Most ponies learn them with time and experience.

Twilight never did. Now, trapped in a desolate inn at the end of a long driveway, far from help, she will learn of them. Or, at least, one of them. The one Rarity, her only surviving friend, insists is keeping Twilight alive.

To everyponies misfortune, Twilight has questions, and fleeing in terror like she should will not get her the answers.

It’s going to be a bad night for the killer.

Edited by the Illustrious and Maleficent Crowscrowcrow...crow...crow...crow

Cover image made by vanillaghosties.

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This story is a sequel to Hopes and Follies

The fallout begins across Equestria as Trixie and Discord's actions become more widespread, forcing a response from the princesses.

Trixie works her way towards Las Pegasus, torn between her desires to be with Twilight and her fears of what their next encounter will truly involve. Does Twilight truly want more, or was she caught up in the spur of the moment?

Fluttershy's changes have forced Discord to try to hunt her down before the princesses do. Yet the former pegasus is lost between rational thought and primal instinct, creating terror across Equestria.

Somehow, Twilight needs to balance between her interest in the newest Alicorn, and her duty to her fellow princesses. To Equestria.

Amidst the myriad of hopes and follies that make up one's actions, can there truly be a happy ending for everyone?

Only one way to find out.

Special thanks to Crowscrow and Ponyponipon3 For pre-reading and ideas. About time I finally got around to this second arc. :facehoof:

Cover art done by MegaBlackOX.

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This story is a sequel to The Shimmer of Magic

Sunset and Trixie begin the new year with goals and ambitions. Their feelings for each other are stronger than ever, and they are sure they can face anything life has to offer head on.

And now, with the help of their friends, they'll have to face a challenge bigger than any of them could have ever foreseen when they are approached by the last person they expected.

Edited by Crow

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This story is a sequel to The Quartz Quartete Quarrel

Several months have passed since Sunset's control over the school was broken. Much to Trixie's bafflement, she's still coming to school. To make it worse, she has apparently befriended Pinkie Pie; Maud's sister. Nothing has happened yet, but the situation has Trixie on edge. Just what is Sunset still doing in a school that hates her?

For Maud, the last few months have been confusing. Maud has a hard enough time making friends, is she really ready for something more? The thought of anyone else with Trixie though...it's a thought Maud doesn't like to dwell on either.

These questions and concerns, however, will reach a crisis point when three siren's come to school and begin magically working to make students act on simple, darker desires; victory at any cost. Recognition. Fame.

It would have been fine, if only Trixie and Maud didn't have other concerns on their mind as the spells were weaved. If Trixie wasn't paranoid about Sunset and harboring a deep grudge. If Maud wasn't going between her desire to be with Trixie, and her fear of losing her.

If only.

Edited, proofread, directed, and produced by the fetching Crowscrowcrow.

Sketch done by MegaBlackOX

Stonewalled at the Spring Fling
Sitting on a Rock
The Quartz Quartette Quarrel
Cracks Along the Prism
Maud's Boulder Holder

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