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Maud's family is planning to go on a week long vacation. However, this means Maud needs someone to take care of Boulder while she's gone. And apart from her sisters, Maud has very few friends to ask, or that she trusts with him.

Trixie's available, and more than eager to help her 'Maudie'. But, can Trixie overcome her laziness to properly handle Boulder? Can she think of Boulder as more than just a rock? And will she ever get that kiss she thinks Maud owes her?

No, maybe, and again, no.

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Stonewalled at the Spring Fling
Sitting on a Rock
The Quartz Quartette Quarrel
Cracks Along the Prism
Maud's Boulder Holder

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Trixie didn't even get a thank you kiss!

6812950 Lime's kind of a jerk like that.

Haha, nice one shot!

I've grown surprisingly done of Maud and Trixie pairings. I think you did well while expressing Maud's stoicism while still letting us see that Trixie's feelings aren't one way.

I also felt that this portrayal of Trixie was very endearing. She was willing to earnestly watch Boulder even though she didn't see why Maud was so weird about it. She may have slacked some for the sake of the drama of the story, but I was a little surprised by get pretty genuine sincerity. In fact, Trixie's genuine expressions of affection for Maud are really cute. I wish I could read more of them.

Honestly, though, I suppose the nature of the story made it easier to see how Trixie has changed and been influenced by Maud but I also want to see how Maud has changed from her affection for Trixie. I wish I could read more about this cute couple.

I also, maybe surprisingly, found Limestone pretty endearing in a way. Straightforward and probably a little mean, I like to think she still cares for her sister and doesn't particularly dislike Trixie... She just doesn't get her out their relationship. As weird as Trixie thinks the Pie's are, I'm sure they all think she's pretty weird herself.

Anyways, I know this was just a one-shot, but I wanted to express my interest in it anyways. Thank you for the chapter!

Great story.


I've grown surprisingly done of Maud and Trixie pairings.

Hmm...did you mean 'fond of'? Or are you actually done with them as a pair? I haven't seen many decent stories with the pairing myself, and thought it might be fun to give it a try.

Regardless, I'm glad you liked it. if this story is well liked and people want more, I do have several other one-shots I thought about to continue it when I am in the mood. Two would be before this chapter, and two after it. I have two other projects I need to get working on, but I wanted to try to do a few one-shots this year, and this is the first of them.

I also, maybe surprisingly, found Limestone pretty endearing in a way.

Heh, yeah, the tiny parts with her were fun. I kind of see her in the same way, actually, though it doesn't portray at all in the story.

Thanks for the comments, they help keep me motivated. :pinkiehappy:


Haha, yes, I meant fond of. I type all my comments out on my phone and the same laziness that keeps me from moving five feet to my computer also keeps me from rereading them after I'm done, so... Autocorrect.

The Trixie x Maud pairing is one that has managed to entice me despite how few good examples there are of it, but something about their chemistry makes me wish I could read more of their interactions. I'd even wholeheartedly accept purely platonic friendship. Maybe it's the idea that Trixie would be looking for expressions of adoration that Maud won't provide... But I also love moments of sincere emotion from Maud despite her stoicism that Trixie would be so proud to see.

I think the best example of Maud x Trixie romance I've seen outside of this overshot is Foudubulbe's comic series on the pairing.

To be fair, though, Trixie is my big, weird love in MLP, so I like reading new facets and opinions of how her character can be more. That said, I'd love to read more one shots like this but I'd also like to read any of your upcoming projects since I've loved everything you've written so far here on FIMFiction.

Maybe we'll also get to understand Lime a little better in the future too? Thanks in advance!

I love this paring and I'm always glad to see more of it! I love it!

She missed a whole class while sleeping by the pool! And she's sporting a mean looking black eye, but I can't get her to tell me why."
"She provoked Boulder."

That might have been a little overboard, Maud.

"Really? Well, what about Sunset?"
"Boulder doesn't trust her."
Pinkie began inhaling her food. Gravy and bits of potato flew around her, though none of the accidental missiles landed on Maud. "How come?"
"Boulder attacked her before."

He doesn't trust Sunset because he attacked her? Boulder sounds like a real jerk. :ajbemused:

Trixie held a fist up in the air triumphantly, clicking on a small mini fan hidden behind her to make her cloak flutter a little.

She's resourceful. As Boulder is technically a resource, I'm not sure if this'll go really good or really bad.

"Grrr! Give me that! Trixie! Quit making Maud blush, you exhibitionist freak!"
"Love you too, Lime."

Awesome. :rainbowlaugh:
I like the thing Trixie and Maud have going here, even if we don't get to see a lot of it.

"That? Oh, don't worry about it, Trixie just found a way to get Boulder back on her own. She just needs to work on her aim."
"I'll be there in twenty minutes."

Score two for Trixie. :trixieshiftright:
Score one was with Lime.

This was fun. :pinkiesmile:

I laughed at that bit with Twilight.

Anybody who decides to test whether or not someone else's pet is alive by throwing them into a lake is pretty much asking for it, anyway. Whether or not Boulder's alive, Maud acts like he is, so imagine if it had been a hamster or something.

GOOD stuff! i am a fan of this pairing and am glad to see a gem like this. or Azurite as the case may be.


I loved it! :)


He doesn't trust Sunset because he attacked her? Boulder sounds like a real jerk.

Well, there was circumstances about that incident that will be revealed in coming stories. :pinkiehappy:

Awesome. :rainbowlaugh:

I like the thing Trixie and Maud have going here, even if we don't get to see a lot of it.

Did you mean Trixie and Lime? If so, then yeah, I kinda like it and am hoping to do more interaction between them at some point.

6878450 Fou, the creator of the ultimate Mauxie comic commented! :pinkiegasp:

I-I mean, yeah. :trixieshiftleft: That's kinda cool. :trixieshiftright:


Did you mean Trixie and Lime? If so, then yeah, I kinda like it and am hoping to do more interaction between them at some point.

Them too, but mostly Trixie being able to bring some actual emotion out of Maud, Maud giving Trixie a soft spot (ironically), and their general interaction makes for a really cute couple! :rainbowkiss:

...If Maud gets what passes for shy around Trixie, at least in public, I'm wondering how Marble reacts.

6879473 Heh, agreed. I was going for there being emotion from Maud on some level, but it hardly showing on screen. So, Lime saying that worked quite well.

Hopefully I can work the evolution of their relationship in well over the course of these. Others commented on the changes that Trixie has done since being with Maud, but this story doesn't really show any changes on Maud's part.

As for Marble...I can only imagine, but, I suppose her just getting into a relationship would be monumental in itself.

If Boulder ever had kids and Trixie had to watch them she probably wouldn't last 3 hours.:rainbowlaugh:

Boulder is a earth Elemental I bet, with all the magic that grown around him he must of come to life.
Well if they take good care of of him he'll grow up to big and strong ....like this.


Maude: ...........................They grow up so fast.

Good stuff :pinkiehappy:

Nearly 30 weeks and two prequels later, and this passage makes much more sense:

"Really? Well, what about Sunset?"
"Boulder doesn't trust her."
Pinkie began inhaling her food. Gravy and bits of potato flew around her, though none of the accidental missiles landed on Maud. "How come?"
"Boulder attacked her before."

I truly hope you continue with this series.


He doesn't trust Sunset because he attacked her? Boulder sounds like a real jerk.

Errr, THANKS! :twilightangry2:
7187137 No, just me! But beware us living rocks, especially the big ones! The Nargun

:pinkiesmile:"Really? Well, what about Sunset?"
"Boulder doesn't trust her."
:pinkiesmile:"How come?"
"Boulder attacked her before."
:pinkiegasp:"Ah, that incident.

What Incident? The plot thickens!!

Celestia face palmed before putting a finger to her lips and signaling to Pinkie.

"Oh! Thanks, Principal Celestia! That's a great idea! Hey, Trixie!" Pinkie brought two fingers up to her lips and whistled loudly for her.


That...almost made sense to me. I've really gotten too used to Pie family logic.

And now she's one of the damned!:pinkiecrazy:

And...a squirrel, the most likely cause of all the racket


Boulder is now best pony. :trixieshiftright:

That was a hilarious story! Boulder eating crackers' essence :D, jeez that was nice. I really liked how Trixie's and Maud's relationship going, Maud being shy, and Trixie being too insistent, I also liked that Trixie is becoming more like Maud. Knowing all the rocks, similes and other stuff. Such a cute pair they are :rainbowkiss:

The stone lives!!!!!!

Will you continue the Trixie adventures?

yeah, I've just been lethargic on my writing lately. I have plans, I just need to write them out. :twilightsheepish:

Omg, that's so good to hear, I've been craving for your Trixie a lot, she's like the most Trixiest of Trixie, I based your Trixie on my Trixie :D. In my pathfinder games, this is so amazing. I'm drawing a comic right now, and when I drew the actions Trixie did, it reminded me of your stories. XD I will finish it soon, maybe I will show it to you. But it's good to know you will be back Phaoray :D.

I originally based my Trixie off of...well..several other writers. The biggest one initially was Yukito, who I still chat with at times. I played a male version of Trixie in a D+D game a few years back, had a chameleon familiar named Leon that was from Yukito's works and everything.

Video games have kept me away more than I care to admit, college has added to it, but if I wasn't gaming so much, I'd be writing. I have some plans to get back into it again soon, just gotta finish getting this last game out of my system and then gonna go cold on them for a bit. :pinkiehappy:

Wow, I mean :D, a celebrity, my idol is writing to me, favorite author, I'm really excited XD. Sorry, that had to be taken out of my system.

Your D and D adventure seems interesting, you were a wizard, I assume? My Beatrix is a sorceress, and here's the short comic about our party, I'd be honored if you read it. It's silly, really, but I guess you'll recognize your smug and being a bit vulgar Trixie XD. I had a lot of fun drawing it.

What kind of game, if it's not a secret, I've lost my fair share of time by playing Fallout 4, Terraria and Lisa: the Painful, the latter one was quite crazy and really did a trick on me.

Heh, happy to hear my responses made your day. Sorry about the late reply, more of my lethargy I'm trying to shake off.

I was a sorcerer, Trickster did not need a crutch like a book to cast his mind blowing spells. :trixieshiftright:

I used many illusion spells, creating copies of myself to take hits across the battlefield, put fake walls up to block off terrain, and even made illusionary boxes that trapped people inside of them until they mentally thought they had broken through or the spell expired. Fun times.

It was a good comic, though I did have some trouble figuring out which scene to read or jump to next. It was amusing nonetheless. :pinkiehappy:

Currently I've spent a ton of time in Stellaris, a 4x game. It was both fun, boring, and annoying, but I managed to make a good pony empire under it's Eternal Alicorn monarch Trixie, so once I got some mods in it turned out okay.

I have a few ideas for the continuation of this series, hopefully I can make it a goal to finish this series by the end of this year. if I do the extra stories in my head, I think their is four to go.

Do I spam a lot? I mean, this commentary section is supposed to be about this story :D. Well to be honest I was rereading it, and it's still pretty awesome and hilarious, I couldn't find any more stories about EqG Trixie, so I am reading these stories and I dare say that your stories are like Golden Times, you know? XD I say golden times, because nowadays I don't see any new stories about EqG Trixie, so golden times it is, such precious times. I wish I could forget about your stories and read them again :d.

Now that the 'comment' section is written I may reply to you. Don't worry about replying late, I'm having problems with internet so I get offline for days and weeks, it's normal.

Sooo, you were a sorcerer too :D, that's awesome. I'm proud my Beatrix is a sorcerer too, though she is now an oracle, kinda like sorcerer but she is cursed and "talks to herself", by talking to herself I mean she is talking with her deity. I explained everything in my newest character development here.

A shame I don't have any illusions spells, I chose spells that can protect me and those that can deal damage. Like "shield" and "magic missiles", but I do have "hypnotism" and "deja vu" spells. Deja Vu is pretty cool, you cast it on somebody, and the target is doing the same thing twice :D. Although, now I'm an Oracle and I will have very different spells, Oracle is like a battle mage, I will have different weapons levitating around me and protecting me. Hmm, you say "fun times", why'd you stop playing? Did you reach 20th level? I'm only 5th and it's already painful enough XD

About comic... How do we read? It's from left to right, am I right? Maybe I'm confused, and accidentaly made it manga-like. Or I dunno XD.

Stellaris, huh? Now I can pass the time in this game :D, thank you very much. An empire you say? That's an interesting game, never heard of it until now, oooh, can't wait to play it. You may have "infected" me with your lethargy :D.

I can't wait to read them, and feel free to ask me to draw anything, I will do it for my favorite author, well that is if my drawings are good enough :D. I feel like they're childish, don't feel bad about saying the truth I don't mind the criticism. Good luck with your stories, though :pinkiehappy:

Thumbs up!


XD I say golden times, because nowadays I don't see any new stories about EqG Trixie, so golden times it is

I need to look around again, but I have yet to find a long starlight x Trixie fic, despite them being the big item when it comes to Trixie these days. It's all either porn or a quick 5k romance story. :ajsleepy:

huh, being blind in a rpg is always a pain, good she recovered. My Trickster eventually became a follower of Talia, Bronze dragon god of Love. It was a bit random, but that's where the rp took him. :pinkiehappy:

A shame I don't have any illusions spells, I chose spells that can protect me and those that can deal damage. Like "shield" and "magic missiles",

Heh, I think I might have done a total of...100 damage from 1st level to when we ended at 15th? It was all about controlling the battlefield and getting the enemy to attack the wrong targets. I can't imagine how much damage Trickster mitigated for the party.

we got up to 15th level and then decided to end it, play the character's progeny and all that. So the game world and the events are all still in the world, we just aren't those characters anymore.

While it may not be much, you can check out some journal entries Trickster did on this website, it's the main one we use to keep track of characters, levels and everything in the world we play in. The journals are from his perspective, sooo they are a touch exaggerated in his favor.

I can't wait to read them, and feel free to ask me to draw anything, I will do it for my favorite author, well that is if my drawings are good enough :D

I may prod at you later, I am trying to fight off my lethargy and get back to a chapter a month at least, so gonna see what I can do with this month and work on that Mauxie story. Wish me luck! I may prod at you just for someone to talk pony a little, all my other writer friends are not around anymore, so I just have myself for motivation and the surprising amount of likes and follows I've been receiving lately. :pinkiehappy:

Actually, the startrix ship was, and is a big item, but it seems that it's not really. Yeah, I agree I've only like read only one actually good fanfiction, I'm waiting for more.

Talia god of love you say, huh. Freya is a god of love too, that's funny XD. It's like I don't alternate versions of our dnd worlds.

Oh my goodness, I will read that great and powerful journal right away, looks interesting :D. You guys even have a website, that's amazing.

Well, I will be happy to help whenever the time comes. But, I just want to say that I will be offline for one year after April month. It's because of rules in the country I live, Russia to be exact. And here you have to go and train in an army camp or something for a whole year...

Anyways, good luck with stories. And the likes and lots of love that you get is deserved. Truly, you of all writers are underrated, people should check you out more, in my opinion :D

I liked all five of these stories. Limestone remains the highlight, and I think Quartz Quartet was the best of them. Should we expect more someday, or is that the end of the tale?

It's not over, I am just poor on writing right now. Everyone I used to edit for or chat to about writing kind of faded away or stopped so not as much driving me lately. Plus college hasn't helped. I hope to look at writing more, but not sure when. :ajsleepy:

This is a very well-written and entertaining series, but is Maud supposed to be so dark and scary? This instalment is only tolerable if we assume that Twilight was about to throw Boulder, but, being a total klutz, accidentally hurled him into her own face. Otherwise, Maud is a violent lunatic who should be sectioned, and the story is Accidental Nightmare Fuel. Is that what you intended?

This story probably has some...issuey parts to it at this point. First off, it was a random comedy and I figured Twilight about to throw boulder into a pond and Maud punching her was humorous.

Second, this story was the first one made in the Mauxie series, when I was just doing a one shot for the heck of it. It grew into the other stories much later as you can see by the publish dates. :twilightblush:

There is one other major issue...but since noone has mentioned it I'll happily keep that to myself for now. :trixieshiftright:

But really, if someone was about to fling your pet into a pond, I can see getting physical to prevent it. Maud's just odd in her choice of said pet considering what most people consider a pet to be.

It doesn't help that I read this straight off the back of the others, where Maud is so OP that she can easily dominate not just Sunset Shimmer, but all three of the Dazzlings at once in a physical fight, to the point that they're all terrified of her. That makes the thought of her slugging poor, sweet, nerdy, vulnerable, insecure Sci-Twi and knocking her out cold (over a stupid rock), and then callously leaving her where she lies, even more perturbing than it would otherwise be. YMMV. I'm not really a fan of EG Maud having super strength; not just because she isn't an Earth Pony so there's no real reason for it, but because it gives the impression that she could've easily sorted out the villains in the first two movies, without having to call upon the magic of friendship, if only she could be bothered - she just couldn't be bothered. That reflects rather poorly on both her and Princess Twilight.

I don't want to give the impression that I hated this series, because I didn't! You're a very good writer, good enough to keep me reading the whole lot in one extended sitting, and I liked everything else about it. I especially enjoyed The Flirtatious and Half-Naked Trixie's exhibitionist streak, which felt strangely appropriate for the character!

Will there be another story after this one?

what a tragic tale

Indeed, I hoped to evoke true suffering with that ending. :pinkiehappy:

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