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This fanfic was inspired by A New Hero

As the time for Nightmare Moon to return draws closer, Celestia gives birth to a son she names Fire Sword. To her surprise he ends up being an alicorn she knows he will have a role to play when her sister returns. When his mother disappears, Fire Sword joins Twilight Sparkle on her quest to defeat Nightmare Moon and bring Celestia back as they make new friends, as well as keep old ones from Canterlot and undergo the journey of a lifetime to study the magic of friendship.

Chapters (9)

Bob, a creative totally real name, ends up in Equestria because some purple bitch summoned him. Watch as he tries to find a reason for existing as a man in a pony’s world.

Chapters (19)

After Lightning failed to remember she spiked the team's drinking beverage with acid, it's affecting her with Sunset and Rainbow, they went on to look for a solution to this, and they need to be quick because practice time is starting at any moment.

Took place sometime during Equestria Girls: Wondercolt Soccer of Friendship even though the fic was dead but it's the least I could do

Chapters (1)

Before Princess Celestia and Princess Luna ascended to the throne they had a brother who was a pegasus however unlike most pegasi, the Prince could perform magic. Many thought of this as a miracle and the pegasi would think of him as a hero. Unfortunately, the siblings father and ruler of Equestria, King Lunard II had different views about this supposed miracle. He felt threatened by his own son. So when the young Prince performed a trick that was believed to be impossible, he took matters into his own hoof...

Chapters (4)

With Sunset Shimmer now on Rainbow Dash’s team, Canterlot High School will now have to travel around the world, visit many places, and with a little bit of energy, play soccer against other schools. They’ll defend their winning streak as one of the best high school footballers in the world.

They have their own rules of football: skill, training, strategy, teamwork and, in Sunset’s case, friendship. It’s more than enough to keep in top form and win their way to the championship game.

The question is: how long can they hold on their own?

Update 3/13/2022: The story was renamed. I hope it sounds catchy. :pinkiehappy:

Editor: Arkadios. And we collaborated.

Chapters (4)

Twilight and her friends want to go caroling on Hearth's Warming Eve. Anon really has to use the bathroom. Who will win in this war of wills?

No one, really.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Striker and Keeper

It's only been a few weeks since their moment in the showers, and their love began to blossom. And with practice time over, they feel like it's about them to release their passion they've been once again. And this is one of their memorial moments.

More Sunset x Fleetfoot.

And it took sometime in Equestria Girls: Wondercolt Soccer of Friendship

And for the A Thousand Words contest.

Art by: ZettaiDullahan

Chapters (1)

12 students from Class 1A are picked to be transferred from UA High in Japan over at Canterlot High in America for three weeks. And upon their arrival, they come face-to-face with the Rainbooms; and befriend the group.

However, the visit takes a turn when new threats arrive at Canterlot High with plans to take down society as a whole.

Now Rainbooms and the hero students must work together to stop them.

Spoiler Warning: Takes place in Season 5 of MHA; though somewhere between episodes 106 & 107.

Chapters (3)

Sunset gets kidnapped... again. By the Dazzlings. For the 55th time.

With the number of times that Sunset was held hostage by the Dazzlings, the girls' paranoia clouded their train of thought even stronger, and it only fuels their "mom" behavior towards her. And since she got kidnapped for the 55th time, the girls decided enough is enough and their mother act reaches over 9000!

That also means they'll make sure Sunset was never out of their sights or else they'll suffer a big heart attack. However, though, their improved "mothering" and "protecting" act becomes so good that it eventually fuels Sunset's childish side. And so with that, the madness begins.

Note: A lot of boob jokes, just so you know. :twilightsmile:

Also, expect more motherly mane 6 and a childish Sunset. :pinkiehappy:

Edited: Chapters 1 and 2 were changed a little.

Edited: Chapter 8 was finally changed a little.

Chapters (9)

Upon receiving a strange birthday gift from his grandfather, the peaceful life of an ordinary young human boy is changed forever when he is suddenly teleported straight to Equestria, where he encounters Princess Twilight and her friends and accidentally awakens an ancient evil. Now the boy known as Declan must aid his new friends in defeating this evil in order to get back home.

BTW this is a collab story with Word Worthy, plus Equestria Girls never happened, not that I have anything against it.

Covert Art done by _Vidz_

Chapters (17)