My Little Pony: The Visitor

by Hopeful Soul

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

“DECLAN!” They all yelled.
While most of the others stared at their fallen friend in shock and horror, too scared and worried to move, Rainbow quickly became full of anger and turned her attentions directly towards Sibrella. Her tail flicked, her wings flared up and she snorted preparing to fly.
“Hey! You’ll pay for that you witch!” she cried as she zoomed straight towards the Demon before anypony could react but before she could touch her, Sibrella suddenly disappeared and then reappeared behind her.
“Too slow!” Sibrella mocked the blue Pegasus before slowly putting on the Emperor’s Gem which made her body surge with power for a brief moment. After a few seconds she turned to them and asked casually. “Does this necklace make me look fat?”
Rainbow Dash was flat faced. “No, you look fabulous…” she said, sarcastically, “Now hold still!”
The Pegasus tried to grab her again but she disappeared once more and reappeared on the ground below, near the group.
“Ha! So much for the big hero,” she mocked. “As for the rest of you, stay out of my way if you value your own safety. Change is coming…”
Sibrella laughed as she began to walk away, while also stepping on and breaking Declan’s fallen glasses along the way before fading away into the shadows.
“She’s gone!” Pinkie gasped.
“Thanks for the observation Captain Obvious…” Rainbow remarked, bitterly and sarcastically.
“No need to thank me!” Pinkie smiled.
“Mainly because it wasn’t helpful at all…” Rarity muttered, flatly. Twilight then remembered something important.
“Oh no… Declan!” Twilight cried as she turned began to gallop to where he was. Greatly concerned, the others quickly followed her as well, silently hoping for his safety and well-being.
The soon reached and gathered around him, he still appeared to be unconscious as they checked him over, each of them looking greatly worried, even teary eyed as they silently hoped that he was alright.
“Oh dear…” Rarity muttered, fearfully and looking greatly concerned.
“Is he ok?” Pinkie Pie questioned, worried.
“I don’t know… these are pretty serious injuries…” Princess Twilight remarked, seriously as well as anxiously.
“Oh… this is bad… What do we do!?” Rainbow questioned.
“Maybe… take him to a hospital?” Applejack suggested.
“I… don’t know if they know how to treat humans, I mean they didn’t even know how to treat dragons…” Spike pointed out.
“That’s true…” Twilight agreed, “Maybe we need to…”
Suddenly, Declan’s body started to glow, surprising them. They were even more surprised when his whole body turned white and glowed even brighter while the green aura outlining him remained.
“Ah! He’s glowing! He’s glowing!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed.
“Again! We can see that! We’re not blind!” Rainbow Dash said, stressed.
“What’s happening?” Fluttershy gasped.
“I don’t know!” Twilight said, looking very worried.
“Oh dear…” Rarity muttered, just as worried as Twilight was.
“Declan…” Spike breathed.
As he continued to glow parts of his body begin to morph and change, which surprised them all greatly, but they were even more surprised when the glowing finally stopped, allowing them to see him more clearly and gasp. Declan was no longer a human child, but a unicorn colt!
He had a emerald green coat, an angular muzzle and his mane was the same color and shape as his hair only in a less spiky but still ruffled plus he had a brown tail as well as a pointed horn. He seemed to be around the height of all the other colts but unlike them his flank was barren of a cutie mark. Everypony was stunned.
“Oh my…” Rarity remarked.
“He… he turned into a pony!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed.
“Wow! Is that what he really looks like?” Pinkie inquired.
“No… this is something else…” Twilight mused.
“But what could it be?” Spike wondered. They then heard a slight moan coming from him.
“Girls! Spike! Look! He’s waking up!” Fluttershy pointed out.
Declan groaned as his green eyes slowly opened and he sat up a bit while feeling a sharp pain in his chest. “Oh… I think I broke my everything bone…” he groaned, before he looked up and noticed Spike and the girls staring at him. “Spike? Girls? What happened? And why are you all looking at me like that?”
“Uh… Declan? I don’t know how to tell you this but uh… you don’t exactly look like yourself anymore…” Applejack told him, slowly.
“What do you mean?” Declan asked, confused.
“Um… try to stand up.” Applejack instructed, a bit nervously.
“Ok… not really sure why…” Declan began as he tried to get up but found that all four of his limbs were wobbly. “What the…?”
The child looked down to where his hands should be and was shocked to see that they were two green hooves. He raised them up and started at them before feeling his face and noticing that he had a muzzle plus a mane then he looked behind him and noticed his tail.
“I’m… I’m a unicorn!” Declan gasped.
“Yes… and a rather adorable unicorn I might add.” Rarity remarked, smiling.
“Uh… thanks?” Declan responded, slowly.
“How the heck did this happen?” Rainbow wondered.
“Yeah, how’d I turn into this?” Declan added.
“I guess the Princess was right… without the magic from the Emperor’s Gem to shield you, the magic from this world turned to into what you would look like here.” Twilight deduced.
“So… until I get the gem back… I’m stuck… looking… like this?” Declan questioned, letting it all sink in.
“In a word… yes.” Twilight confirmed. “I’m sorry, Declan.”
“Hey, it’s not the worst thing in the world.” Spike comforted him.
“Yeah! Being a pony is the best thing in the world!” Pinkie beamed, while bouncing around him. “And we should know!”
“Well it may be acceptable here but I can’t go home looking like this! My parents would freak!” Declan expressed. “That is… if I even get home at all…”
“You will Declan, you will, I promise.” Twilight stated, firmly. “We just need to get the Emperor’s Gem back.”
“Kinda hard to do when we don’t know where to look.” Rainbow Dash pointed out.
“Right…” Twilight realized.
Declan then gazed around at the semi-destroyed area surrounding them and looked disturbed by all the craters, tears in the ground and ripped up trees. “Whoa… what happened here?”
The ponies, plus the dragon, were a bit unsure of how to answer him and looked a bit nervous, which Declan could see by the looks on their faces and the constant exchanging of glances.
“What?” he asked.
“Uh… well… the thing is… you kind of did it…” Spike finally answered.
“Wait… did I do all this?” The human turned colt asked, fearfully.
“You mean… you don’t remember what happened?” Rainbow questioned, shocked. “You totally lost it and started smashing everything around you! Even us!”
“Rainbow Dash! You are not helping matters!” Rarity scolded her.
“I’m just saying!” Rainbow defended.
“I did…?” Declan inquired, stunned. He felt shocked and scared by what he had just learned as well as guilty but confused, “I… I don’t remember any of it… just the end where Sibrella took the Gem…”
“Really? You don’t remember? Not a thing?” Fluttershy asked, surprised.
“Probably for the best.” Applejack voiced.
“Yes, nopony needs those kinds of foul memories…” Rarity agreed.
“So… what else happened?” Declan questioned.
“You and Sibrella fought each other, landed some pretty solid shots too but… she beat you.” Spike revealed, sadly. “She outsmarted you…
“What? …Aw…” Declan sighed, as he lowered his head, “This is all my fault… if I had just done as she asked… none of this would have happened… but my rage took control…” he said, filled with guilt.
“Declan… this isn’t your fault…” Twilight tried to console him.
“Yes it is…” Declan said, “It’s just… when I saw you guys getting hurt I… I kind of exploded inside…”
“We understand, Declan.” Twilight told him, comfortingly, “But in the future you have to learn to control yourself.”
“And besides, we actually think it’s very sweet that you care about us that much.” Fluttershy added.
“Yeah… sweet and stuff…” Rainbow said, rubbing the back of her head. She quickly shook her head. “Anyways… we gotta go stop Sibrella!”
“What’s the point?” Declan questioned, upset. “I failed to stop her from getting the Emperor’s Gem, I failed to control my anger and now I’m stuck like this for what could be forever!”
The others stared at him, stunned by his tearful words.
“Well… it sounds awful when you say it like that.” Pinkie voiced.
“It is!” Declan exclaimed, upset.
“Please Declan, we need you!” Fluttershy begged.
“Yeah, you might be the only one who can stop Sibrella!” Spike added.
“I can’t do it…” Declan despaired as he lowered his head.
“But Declan…” Fluttershy began.
“No!” The human turned unicorn stated, firmly with tears falling down his cheek.
“What are we going to do?” Fluttershy asked the others, worried.
“I don’t know…” Twilight admitted, depressed.
Rainbow then silently walked over to him and stared at him with a seemingly calm face before slapping him with her hoof. Everypony gasped in shock while Fluttershy covered her mouth.
“Would you get a hold of yourself!?” she exclaimed. “Your totally bumming me out!”
“Rainbow Dash!” Rarity scolded.
“What?” The aforementioned Pegasus questioned.
“Listen Rainbow Dash… Declan’s going through a lot of pain right now…” Twilight said.
“Both physically and emotionally.” Pinkie added.
“So… maybe take it easy on him?” Fluttershy offered.
“I don’t care! We have to stop Sibrella and he’s gonna help us!” Rainbow stated, firmly.
“And I told you I can’t!” Declan said, stressed and anxious. “I failed guys… I lost the gem, lost my temper, put you guys in danger and now I’m stuck as a unicorn and I don’t even know how to use my new unicorn powers! I just can’t do it… all I ever try to do is make sure I don’t let people down… but I failed… big time…”
The girls and Spike looked at him sympathetically while Rainbow still looked peeved.
“Ugh, would you quit being so insecure already!?” she yelled, “So you made a mistake, so what? It’s not the end of the world! Well not yet, but still!”
“Rainbow… you… you just don’t understand…” Declan sighed.
“Actually she does… we all do.” Twilight stated, firmly.
“Really?” he asked.
“Of course!” Pinkie beamed.
“Yeah, we’ve all felt like we’ve failed at some point…” Applejack admitted, putting her hat on her head.
“But we didn’t let it get us down for long.” Fluttershy smiled.
“And we didn’t make any excuses about our failures either!” Rainbow stated, a bit harshly. A glare from the others made her change her tune. “I mean… sure we got nervous, we didn’t let it up us from trying to fix it.”
“Exactly! You know, I kind of went through something that was almost like what you going through.” Spike told him as he approached.
“Yeah?” Declan inquired, a bit interested.
Spike nodded. “Uh-huh, and I learned that sometimes, to feel good about yourself, you gotta let go of the past.”
“Yeah, just because you lost Declan doesn’t mean you’re a failure or anything!” Rainbow told him. “You just gotta start believing in yourself and stop being so afraid to lose! Relax!”
“And this is coming from her.” Applejack added, gesturing to the proud Pegasus beside her, “Besides, it’s not over yet and I know we all can beat her, together!”
Declan turned to them. “What?”
“Declan, you can’t take on carry all this responsibility by yourself. It’s too much pressure to put on anypony’s shoulders, especially yours.” Fluttershy said, softly. “And whether you like it or not, you're still young; so you need others to help you.”
“She’s right, we’re all in this together!” Rarity stated, firmly.
“If Sibrella messes with one of us…” Twilight began.
“She messes with all of us!” The rest of them finished, firmly.
“Really?” he asked, stunned beyond belief, “But… are you sure we can beat her?”
Pinkie shrugged. “Don’t know. But if we have hope, what can happen, right?” she asked, cheerfully.
“Your right…” Declan realized with a smile, as he finally stood up again, this time on all fours while his friends smiled proudly. “Let’s get moving and find Sibrella!”
“Yeah!” They cheered.
“Now, try and walk.” Rainbow instructed.
“Ok…” Declan said, nervously.
Declan looked down and took the first step with his right front hoof then his left and then his right hind leg and left but during the whole thing he seemed to shaking and struggling to keep his balance, like he was walking on a tightrope.
“Whoa… this is gonna take some getting used to…” Declan remarked as he wobbled a bit while trying to walk on all fours, “Been awhile since I’ve done this…”
“You walked on all fours before?” Twilight asked, interested.
Declan nodded. “Yeah… when I was baby… then I learned to walk on two and well…”
As he spoke his horn glowed with a light green aura and spontaneously fired a small magical bolt. They all yelped and ducked as the bolt flew and knocked the branch off the only tree that wasn’t wrecked during Declan’s rampage earlier.
“Oops! Sorry!” Declan apologized. “Guess having a magical horn on my head's gonna take even longer to get used to…”
“And control…” Rainbow muttered.
“Well, don’t worry, I’ll be the one to teach you how to use magic.” Twilight assured him.
“Whoa! For real?” Declan asked, excited.
Twilight nodded. “Of course! Anything for a friend.”
“Well, it better be a crash course because I have a feeling we'll be fighting Sibrella again real soon.” Rainbow voiced.
“But we still don’t know where she is.” Rarity pointed out.
“Yeah… that is a problem but…” Twilight started to say. As they talked Declan glanced upward towards something.
“I’m think she’s at the source of a dark and scary looking cloud…” Declan spoke up, they all turned to him.
“Really?” Pinkie Pie asked, intrigued.
“Well, that’s one possible option but…” Twilight began.
“I’m sticking with the cloud.” Declan said as he gestured to above them. They all looked up and gasped when they saw that there really was a dark and scary looking cloud heading their way. The source being a little purple dot, far off in the distance.
“Oh…” That was all that Twilight could say.

All across the land, including Ponyville, everypony could see the dark cloud filling up the sky and making it almost night-like even though it was still the middle of the day. Many were confused, surprised and fearful by what was going on.
“Hey! What happened to the light?”
“I don’t know! The sun was just out a minute ago! Now it’s gotten so dark…”

In Canterlot the Princess could also see what was happening at the top of their tower and looked very solemn.
“That darkness… it’s Sibrella…” Celestia deduced, grimly.
“Yes.” Luna confirmed. “And if that’s the case then I fear that the worst is still yet to come…”

While this was happening, at the very heart of the black cloud AKA the little pink spark that could be seen faintly in the distance. Sibrella, now with the Emperor’s Gem, was surrounded by a purplish-pink bubble with her hands held out, releasing her magic and laughing like a maniac.