• Published 20th Feb 2015
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My Little Pony: The Visitor - Hopeful Soul

On a day that started out like any other, a regular boy's happy life is changed in a flash.

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Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Later on…

Declan stood perfectly still, his eyes glued on three rocks lined up in a row and standing near him were Twilight and Spike themselves.

Declan looked at the rocks nervously, sweat dripped from his face while Spike looked absolutely confident in him.

“Come on, D, you can do it!” he told his human friend.

Declan turned to Twilight for encouragement.

“It’ll be ok,” she assured him. “Just remember what we practiced on the way over here.”

Declan sighed. “Ok, here goes,”

The human turned unicorn colt concentrated hard and his horn glowed with a light green aura again. One of the rocks then began to levitate upward. Declan carefully maneuvered the square shaped block to the second rock and struggled as he tried to gently place it on top it.

“That’s it bro, you got this!” Spike told him.

“Just one more piece…” Twilight Sparkle urged him.

Declan then began to levitate the other rock upwards.

“Come on, come on…” Spike chanted.

The young colt soon began to sweat and groan as he began to struggle moving the rock over to set on top of the other two but eventually his concentration is broken and the rock went flying off into the distance.

“Gah!” Declan remarked, in frustration.

“Aw, so close…” Spike shook his head, disappointed and sad.

Not too far away, the others were still moving ahead. They were getting closer and closer to Sibrella’s location and during that time they sometimes took breaks so that Twilight could teach Declan how to control his magic. Sometimes the others would go on ahead while Twilight taught him but they soon stopped so that they could catch up. Rainbow turned to them as they continued.

“Hey! Are you coming?” she called out.

“Yeah, one sec!” Twilight responded.

“Man… this unicorn magic stuff is tough! I barely know how to use it plus it comes and goes and I can’t control it!” Declan said, exhausted.

“Don’t worry Declan, learning magic takes time.” Twilight comforted him. “I also learned fast because that’s my special talent. Yours is…”

“Still a big fat mystery…” Declan sighed.

“But not an unsolvable one.” Twilight stated.

“How so?” Declan inquired.

“Let’s just say I have a feeling of what your talent could be…” Twilight said.

“Yeah? What is it then?” Declan questioned, curious and eager.

Twilight shook her head. “Sorry, but that’s something you’ll have to figure out all on your own,” she told him. “But I have faith that when the times comes… you’ll figure it out easily too.”

“I hope so… by the way, I know we have to travel closer to the source of the dark cloud to find Sibrella but…” Declan began before he looked up at the aforementioned dark cloud and saw little flashes and rumbling all over it. “The further we go in the less friendly it looks…”

“We know, but this is the only chance we have.” Twilight stated.

“If you say so.” Declan said. “And despite our lessons together being short I think it’s really helping me out.”

“Good. Anyway, did you study up on that beginner’s guide to magic I conjured up for you?” Twilight asked.

Declan shrugged. “Beats me, I fell asleep on page three of that book,” he admitted. Twilight gave him a flat look before sighing.

“It’s fine, you’ve more then learned enough to help us in defeating Sibrella for good.” Twilight assured him.

Declan was surprised but smiled. “Thanks,” he said before a certain cowgirl pony spoke up.

“Hate to interrupt the teaching lesson but uh… we’re here.” Applejack informed them both.

They all looked up ahead and saw that the pink spark they saw at the center of the storm was now a giant orb hovering right above them all.

“Whoa…” Rainbow remarked.

“Think she’s in there?” Declan wondered, before a bolt of purple lightning nearly struck them. It fried a spot on the ground and made everypony yelp, startled.

“I think so…” Fluttershy confirmed, fearfully.

“So… what do we do now?” Spike inquired.

“We get up there and hit it!” Rainbow declared.

“So… you want to smash that?” Applejack questioned, gesturing to the giant energy ball doubtfully.

“Pray tell dear, where exactly do you plan on ‘hitting it’?” Rarity added.

“Uh… I… haven’t thought that far yet…” Rainbow Dash admitted.

“Surprise, surprise…” Applejack muttered, deadpan.

“Rainbow, that barrier is made of pure energy.” Twilight told her.

“So?” she asked.

“So you’ll probably end up hurting yourself more then the barrier, even with your hard head.” Declan quipped.

“Hey!” Rainbow protested.

“Nice one.” Spike said, quietly while smiling and nudging Declan, who returned the smile.

“Guess we’ll just have to call her out then.” Applejack suggested.

“Uh… I don’t think making her mad is such a good idea…” Declan advised.

“We’re not making her mad.” Pinkie defended. “We’re getting her attention; by yelling at her!”

“That’s what’ll make her mad!” Declan stated.

“Oh dear…” Fluttershy realized, worried.

“Well, we got no choice! Go for it, Twilight!” Rainbow told her. The Princess of Friendship nodded and stepped forward.

“Sibrella! We’ve come to face you! Show yourself!” Twilight called out. There was a long pause and the sphere had suddenly become quiet, much to their surprise and confusion.

“Huh… maybe she didn’t hear us…” Declan suggested, hopefully.

Just then, the energy sphere began to crackle and emit more energy then before, as if it was angry, or more accurately… she was angry. “WHO DARES!?” she roared, from inside the sphere.

“Nope, she did.” The young colt declared, resigned.

“We dare!” Pinkie answered.

“Um… kinda…” Fluttershy added.

“Yeah, so why don’t you get out of that stupid bubble and face us already!” Rainbow ordered.

“Very well…” Sibrella hissed as the sphere crackled with more and more intense energy making it hard for everypony to see and forced them to cover their eyes and shield themselves from the small shockwaves each bolt made when it hit.

Eventually the energy sphere dissipated and Sibrella herself appeared floating above them with a nasty smile on her face and the Emperor’s Gem around her neck. Declan’s eyes narrow at the sight of it.

“So, back for more, eh?” Sibrella questioned, amused.

“You bet we are, and we’re taking you down!” Declan told her.

“You don’t scare me, boy! You can’t beat moi, why you can’t even control your newfound magic!” Sibrella pointed out, with a mocking sneer. “By the way; cute look.”

“Yeah, yeah, heard it before, now why I don’t I show you how much control I have?” Declan challenged as his horn glowed.

“Go ahead and try.” Sibrella challenged. “Though with those injuries you have I would advise against it.”

Declan’s knees began to wobble a bit upon her mentioning the serious damage to his body that he gained after he lost to her, which worried everypony else but still he stood tall.

“Noted. But I’ll do it anyway!!” Declan declared as he fired a powerful magical beam from his horn like last time which Sibrella managed to dodge before she fired one of her own from her hand which Declan shielded himself from by levitating a boulder in front of him. The blast shattered the rock but Declan was completely unharmed.

“So… you learned a few magic tricks, eh?’ Sibrella remarked.

“I had a good teacher.” Declan said as he and Twilight shared a smile. “And also…”

Declan charged up his horn again and fired another beam of magic that suddenly separated into multiple bolts of energy that went flying towards Sibrella like rockets. But then, Sibrella snapped her fingers and an energy bubble appeared around her again, the bolts hit it and soon vanished. They were all stunned.

Sibrella sneered. “Ha! Top that!” she said, while the Emperor’s Gem currently around her neck glowed.

“Great, because of that stupid gem her shield is even strong now!” Rainbow said, frustrated.

“How can we break through it?” Fluttershy wondered, nervously.

“Easy; the old fashioned way!” Rainbow stated as she flew towards it at top speed but ended up bouncing off the bubble and flying back far, while Sibrella just yawned.

“Uh… is there a Plan B?” Declan inquired, slowly.

“Nope, Plan A hasn’t failed yet!” Applejack said as they all charged forward, along with Rainbow whose recovered, while Declan stood in one spot looking concerned.

The Mane Six and Spike then stood all around Sibrella and attacked her from different angles, Rarity and Twilight used magic beams, Applejack and Pinkie bounced up and hit it, Fluttershy and Rainbow bucked it from the air and Spike used his fire but none of them worked.

Sibrella yawned again. “Pathetic…” she scoffed as she waved her hand and created a gust of wind that sent them all flying back and rolling across the grass. They quickly got up again though.

“It’s no use! None of our attacks had any effect!” Twilight despaired.

“But these do!” Sibrella sneered as she lifted a rock out of the ground and created a large ball of fire as well.

“Aw… ponyfeathers…” Rainbow grumbled, her ears flattening while the rest of them stared in shock, looking frozen.

Twilight however, managed to turn to Declan and magically push him out of the way. “Quick, Declan! Run!” she cried.

“What!? No! I can’t leave you guys!” Declan told them, as Sibrella fired her attacks at them.

“Well, you better run out of the way!” Applejack stated. She turned to the Princess. “Twilight!”

The alicorn nodded and put up her barrier around them.

“Ha! Waste of time!” Sibrella called out, as the attacks hit the force field and shattered in an instant, knocking them all down like dominos.

“No!” Declan cried.

“Yes!” Sibrella sneered, as she drew one hand back. “And now…”

Sibrella quickly created an energy spear and tossed it at the fallen ponies and dragon but Declan reacted quickly and created his own barrier around them, which manage to deflect the spear but it still cracked up a bit. “Ha-ha! Yes!” he smiled.

“Curses!” Sibrella said, frustrated.

Declan quickly rushed over and made sure the others were unharmed.

“You guys ok?” Declan asked, concerned as he started to help Twilight. The rest all began to get up also, although they were still very sore and groaned as they slowly stood on all fours again.

“Uh-huh… don’t worry… compared to your injuries sport… this is nuthin’…” Applejack assured hi.

“Yeah… nice thinking by the way… that magic shield you created saved us…” Twilight smiled, while panting. The shield then vanished.

“Welcome… it’s not as durable as the Emperor Gem’s but it’ll do…” Declan said.

“Yeah… not sure how we can get through that…” Applejack admitted, sounding depressed as she lowered her hat.

“Not to mention… I don’t have enough energy to create another shield…” Twilight confessed.

“Oh… it’s hopeless…” Fluttershy sighed. “We can’t beat her…”

“We’re doomed!” Pinkie cried, dramatically. “Doomed I say!”

“You took the words right out of my mouth, Pinkie Pie.” Rarity nodded.

“And with a dramatic flare to boot.” Spike added.

“Look girls, she’s stronger than us when we’re apart, but she’s no stronger than us when we’re together.” Declan told them. “We can take her. We just gotta have hope and work together!”

Twilight, along with everypony else, let his words sink in before they began to feel a happy and hopeful feeling in their hearts. “He’s right!”

“Yeah! We can do it!” Pinkie Pie cheered.

“Got that right!” Rainbow agreed.

“Yay…” Fluttershy cheered also, only quietly.

“Thanks Declan, we needed that.” Spike said, appreciatively.

Applejack nodded. “Sure did,” she confirmed. Declan smiled thankfully, while the evil witch above them laughed, mockingly.

“Ever the hopeful one, aren’t you?” Sibrella remarked, preparing to fire another energy bolt. “Too bad it can’t save you!”

“Well, that’s your opinion, but you know… to live without hope is to cease to live.” Declan said, smiling peacefully. “And that’s something I will never do.”

“Oh, never say never, boy. Especially when it’s about to happen… right… now!” Sibrella yelled as she fired the energy ball at Declan and his friends. While the weak group of seven tried to shield themselves, young Declan stood his ground and kept a serious look on his face before it hit and created a large explosion.

Sibrella laughed at this but her smile soon ended once the smoke finally cleared up and he bugged out when he saw a giant dome around them which protected them all.

They all opened their eyes now and were surprised by the dome.

“What!?” The demon exclaimed, shocked.

“Uh… where did this come from?” Rainbow Dash asked, confused.

“Got me…” Applejack mused.

“What!?” Sibrella exclaimed, shocked.

“Hey Twilight, I thought you were tired to make a shield…” Spike pointed out.

“I am… so…” Twilight began before she and all the others turned towards Declan.

“What? No! This wasn’t me!” Declan denied.

“Oh… I think it was…” Twilight stated as she pointed at his flank. He looked and saw star like mark appear on his flank, it was almost like Twilight’s only it had eight points and was black with no other stars surrounding it.

“Whoa! My cutie mark!” Declan gasped. Then it dawned on Declan. “Hope… That’s it! Giving ponies, and people, hope! That’s my special talent!”

“Exactly. Well done, Declan.” Twilight nodded, smiling proudly.

Declan smiled then was surprised when he noticed something happening with Sibrella. It seemed as if the Emperor’s gem was being pulled by something and was trying to leave her.

“Huh? What is this?” she questioned, baffled. The others began to notice it as well.

“Hey, what’s going on with the gem?” Rainbow pointed out.

“I don’t know, it’s acting funny…” Applejack observed, before also noticing something. “Well, would ya look at that? It’s making the shield around her go down!”

The others looked and saw multiple holes in the shield that were quickly spreading till the shield was seen no more, much to Sibrella’s shock.

“Awesome!” Spike said, pleased. “Now what we can actually get to her!”

“That’s not all…” Fluttershy breathed as she gestured to the still shaking gem again. The others looked and saw the gem suddenly snap itself off of Sibrella’s chest.

“What!? NO!” Sibrella cried as the Emperor’s Gem flew away from her and zoomed all the way to Declan where it created a little string and placed itself around his neck.

“Alright! It’s back!” Declan smiled.

“But… how and why?” Rainbow asked, very confused.

“Yeah, you sure you don’t have any metal on you? Because it was drawn to you like a magnet!” Pinkie expressed, as she was suddenly pulled into a nearby tree, as if to demonstrate.

“Uh… I don’t have any metal on me, Pinkie…” Declan mused.

“Oh… never mind then!” Pinkie Pie said, returning to her cheerful state. Rarity rolled her eyes while Fluttershy face hoofed.

Declan turned to Twilight. “Twi? Any ideas?”

“Hmm… it must have responded to your feelings again after you got your cutie mark…” Princess Twilight Sparkle deduced.

“You think so?” Declan inquired.

“It’s the best guess we got right now, I suppose we’ll just have to go with it.” Twilight shrugged.

“If you say so.” Declan said.

He then noticed that his whole body started glowing again. And just like before whole body turned white and glowed even brighter while the green aura outlining him remained.

They all watched as the energy form of pony Declan then reared up and quickly stood on two legs before morphing into a more human shape. When the glow finally ended Declan could see himself clearly and noticed that he was back in his human form, completely restored to normal, save for the glasses.

“Alright! I’m back to normal!” Declan cheered. His excitement soon wore off after a minute once he realized something important. “Oh… my glasses aren’t back…”

“Yeah… they kinda broke…” Rainbow admitted, rubbing the back of her head.

“Sorry… sort of slipped all our minds…” Applejack added, taking off her hat.

“Aw, man! I can’t see anything without my glasses!” Declan practically moaned.

“Don’t worry Decky, we’ll get you some new ones!” Pinkie Pie assured him, before a bolt nearly struck them. They all cried out. “Uh… once we beat Sibrella that is…”

“Speaking of which, where is she? All I see our blobs…” Declan said, as he looked in the opposite direction of Sibrella, who looked baffled by his blindness.

“Strange that he didn’t need glasses when he was a colt…” Spike observed.

“I guess our eyesight is slightly better than humans…” Twilight guessed.

“You think?” Spike asked her.

“It’s the best guess we got right now…” Twilight shrugged. “Anyway, just follow our voices Declan and stay close.”

“But I…” The human began before his side throbbed again, making it clutch it tightly as he groaned.

“But you're still hurt, remember?” Rainbow pointed out, firmly.

“She’s right, just let us take care of this while you rest.” Fluttershy added, pleadingly.

“Ok…” Declan said, slowly.

“Ha! Like I’d let you!” Sibrella spat as she waved her hand and suddenly glowing cuffs came out of the ground and snapped around each of the ponies, and dragon’s legs, immobilizing and alarming them all.

“Gah! What the!?” Rainbow exclaimed as she tried to fly away but the restrained around her legs prevented her from doing so. They all struggled to move but quickly found that they couldn’t.

“Oh no…!” Declan gasped, worried.

“We’re trapped!” Twilight Sparkle realized.

“And… I think the big meanie up there is having a problem… do you think we should give her some privacy or something?” Pinkie inquired.

Everypony looked up and saw Sibrella shaking and trembling with rage.

“You… you… you took my gem from me you little brat!!” she yelled as she charged up her dark magic. “Now… prepare to watch your friends perish!”

The Mane Six all gasp in shock. Spike held onto Rarity, who held him tightly while Declan’s eyes widened once he saw what was about to happen.

“GIRLS!” Declan cried as he raced over to them, tears beginning to flow.

“You're too late little boy! It’s time for your friends to meet their doom and there’s nothing you can do about it!” Sibrella shouted at him.

“No!” Declan said as he ran forward, stood in front of the Mane Six and extended his arms. “I won’t let you hurt them!”

“Then you’ll be destroyed instead!” Sibrella stated.

“I don’t care! These girls are my friends!” Declan cried.

“Declan, no!” Twilight protested. “Don’t risk your life for ours!”

Everypony else then began to protest and argue, trying to tell him get out of the way but the eleven-year old would not budge. Sibrella just sneered.

“Fool,” she spat before firing her super charged, dark magical blast straight towards Declan. He could feel the air blasting him in the face and the area around him heating up as the blast neared while the others just watched on in horror.

“DECLAN!” Everypony cried as the blast neared Declan.

That’s when the Emperor’s gem flashed once again.

Inside Declan’s mind, both his human self and his pony self both appear and faced each other for a bit before they both became energy and started to swirl together in a whirlpool of light and soon after that created a bright flash of blue light.

The Emperor’s Gem then started to glow again, this time with a golden glow as it shifted from white to a yellowish-gold. Declan then yelped in surprise as blue light suddenly flashed out of the Gem and consumed him. The bright forced everypony to cover their eyes.

“What’s happening!?” Rarity exclaimed, alarmed.

“Declan!” Twilight Sparkle cried out, worried.

When the flash of light finally ended everypony unshielded their eyes and saw just what happened to Declan and the result made all of their eyes widen and their jaws drop, including Sibrella herself.

Declan now had bright blue eyes which glowed, as well as light blue and dark blue clothes instead of light green and dark green plus his skin was much fairer than usual.His old glasses also reappeared on his face, fully repaired as well.

Everypony stared at the new Declan stunned and in awe while the young boy himself looked over his new appearance in surprise, he also noticed that his Cutie Mark was now a glowing blue symbol on the back of his right and left hands.
Sibrella looked like she was freaking out. “W-What!? What’s going on? What is that!!?”

“I’m not really sure myself.” Declan admitted, as he admired his new appearance. “But I think it’s the true power of the Emperor’s Gem! Once it’s fueled by the Magic of Friendship and also… The Light of Hope!”

“The Light of… Hope?” Sibrella gasped, stunned.

“Yes! And with that power I’ve not only healed myself but I can also heal and restore my friends!” Declan declared as he raised a hand to the sky, and fired a blue lightning bolt upward.

The sky rumbled with thunder and suddenly seven bolts of blue lightning came down and struck the Mane Six and their dragon companion, but instead of getting hurt or electrocuted each of them felt like they were getting healed.

“Wha… what the hay is this?” Applejack asked, baffled.

“I don’t know… but it feels… warm. And I feel… good.” Twilight breathed with a smile

“I feel totally awesome!” Rainbow declared, excited.

“Me too! I’m not in pain anymore!” Pinkie said, equally happy.

“Yeah… same here!” Fluttershy gasped, pleased.

“Alright Declan!” Spike exclaimed, proudly.

At the same time, Sibrella could not help but continue to stare in shock and watched as the lightning bolts finally vanished and all of Declan’s friends were fully healed and ready to go again.

“How… how did you do that!?” Sibrella exclaimed, freaking out.

Declan just shrugged. “Don’t ask me, I’m still trying to figure it out myself…” he admitted, before gaining a serious look. “But with this power… I feel like I can really save this world!”

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