• Published 20th Feb 2015
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My Little Pony: The Visitor - Hopeful Soul

On a day that started out like any other, a regular boy's happy life is changed in a flash.

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

As Declan continued to sleep and recover at Twilight’s Castle, after seeing a talking horse and mini dragon right in front of him, the cause of the strange quakes and occurrences happening all over Equestria continued to stir, and the metal box that contained it began to glow with a dark aura. An aura that would give any person, or pony, an uneasy feeling if he or she or they got too close to it.

Inside the box, creating the dark aura, the mysterious woman that looked a lot like the picture back in the mansion on Earth, had her eyes closed once again. She seemed to be concentrating hard, then she moaned with pleasure.

“So… it’s here… it’s finally arrived. Well, it’s about time!” she said. “And soon… it will be mine once again! But first… time to call in some reinforcements…”

The mysterious and demonic looking woman put her hands together while the dark aura that surrounded her metal box prison began to rise up while she chanted a strange incantation.

“Summone per manum terra troglodytam… Earth Troll Arise!”

The dark energy then shot up toward the surface, for what purpose, only the prisoner in the metal box knew, and it made her laugh evilly.

Around the same time, Declan’s eyes were just beginning to open. He groaned as he slowly came to and lifted his heavy eyelids, his vision was a bit blurry at first but eventually it cleared up. His head still hurt though as he lifted it off what seemed to be a comfy pillow and sat up while quickly adjusting his glasses.

“Ooh… my head… I had the most messed up dream… there was a talking horse and a… little purple and green purple and…” Declan began before he finally noticed something.

He saw that he wasn’t in his room and that the walls were shiny and crystal like, just like they were in that strange room before. He also noticed the same talking horse and dragon from before standing nearby him. The purple horse looked concerned while the little dragon just waved at him.

“Aw… man!” he complained.

Twilight AKA The Talking Horse approached him slowly. “Are you ok?”

“Gah!” Declan yelped as he fell off the bed and scooted away.

“Wait! Hold on! I’m not gonna hurt you!” Twilight tried to assure him.

“Y-YOU’RE A TALKING HORSE!” Declan exclaimed, freaked out.

Twilight frowned a bit insulted. “Hey, I am not horse, I happen to be a pony, an alicorn to be precise.”

“What’s the difference?” Declan commented, deadpan. Twilight opened her mouth to say something but Spike stopped her.

“Don’t get her started, we’ll be here all day.” Spike told him, flatly.

“Great… now the dragon’s talking…” Declan muttered, sarcastically. “Man… this one crazy dream…”

“Um… whoever or whatever you are… I’m afraid to tell that… this isn’t a dream, you're awake.” Twilight informed him.

“What!? No, no, no, this is not real… this is not real… this is not real…” Declan chanted with his eyes closed, hoping when he opened them he’d be back home but when he opened them, he still saw Twilight and Spike staring at him befuddled.

“So… how’s that working for ya?” Spike questioned.

Declan groaned frustrated, then walked over and started banging his head against the wall. “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!”

“Stop! Stop! That’s not gonna do any good!” Twilight exclaimed to him.

Declan groaned as he rubbed his sore forehead. “Ok… that was a mistake…”

“Ya think?” Spike remarked, deadpan.

Declan scowled. “You know... maybe there’s a reason why ponies and dragons shouldn't talk…”

“Listen, I know that this is a lot to take in but you need to Calm. Down.” Twilight urged him. “Just take a Deep. Breath.”

Declan did as she told him and then sighed, deeply. “Ok…”

Twilight nodded. “Good. Anyway, I’m Twilight Sparkle and this is my assistant Spike,” she said while the little dragon puffed out his chest proudly. “What’s your name?”

“Declan.” The boy answered.


“My name. You can call me Declan.”

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Declan.” Twilight Sparkle smiled.

“So… where am I Twilight? What the heck is this place?” Declan asked, confused. “And please tell me that I’m not in a well-designed room inside an insane asylum because I still think I’m going crazy here.”

“No… This is my castle.” Twilight said, as she looked around it smiling. “Nice, isn’t it?”

“Castle? You mean you’re a…” Declan began.

“A Princess? Yes.” Twilight nodded.

“The Princess of Friendship to be precise!” Spike added, proudly.

“Oh… your majesty!” Declan said, before bowing quickly. His face then fell upon remembering something. His voice became flat. “Ok, why am I talking to a pony?”

“Uh… no need to bow, to be honest part of me is still getting used to being a Princess of Equestria.” Twilight Sparkle admitted, sheepishly.

“What’s Equestria?” Declan asked, confused.

“The name of this country.” Twilight answered. “Ruled by Celestia and Luna, Princess’ of the Sun and the Moon respectively.”

“Wait… you mean there are other Princess’ in this world?” Declan said, surprised.

“Including myself there’s four, my sister-in-law Princess Cadence rules the Crystal Empire, a kingdom in the North.” The Alicorn explained. “She’s also the Princess of Love.”

“Huh…” Declan remarked, surprised. Then he realized something. “Hold on… are these Princess’ like you?”

“If you mean Alicorn’s, then yes. Why?” Princess Twilight inquired.

“Well… does this mean that there are more talking ponies out there!?” Declan questioned.

“There sure are! We got Earth Ponies, Pegasus Ponies and Unicorn Ponies and there are millions of them all over Equestria!” Spike said.

“Great… this just keeps getting better and better…” Declan remarked, sarcastically.

“So… what are you anyway?” Twilight questioned.

“What? You’ve never seen a human before?” Declan asked, surprised. The dragon and the pony shook their heads. “Well, I’ve sure seen ponies where I’m from.”

“You have?” Twilight asked, surprised and also excited. “What are they like? Oh, I have so many questions!”

Declan leaned closer to Spike. “Hey… is she always like this?”

“Pretty much.” Spike replied with a deadpan face.

“Great…” Declan muttered, flatly. “Anyway the ponies where I’m from don’t really speak, that’s kind why I was so freaked out when you did.”

“Really? They don’t talk?” Twilight inquired, very surprised.

“Yeah, mostly they just stand around and stare into space plus they kinda smell.” Dillon stated. “No offence.”

“None taken… I think.” Twilight Sparkle said, slowly. “Anything else you can tell us anything else? Like where exactly you’re from?”

“Just a nice quiet neighborhood in Victoria, it’s a city in British Columbia.” Declan replied, simply.

“Victoria? British Columbia?” Twilight repeated, surprised. “I’ve never heard any of it.”

“Makes sense, seeing as this is an alternate world and all.” Declan pointed out.

“Hmm… good point.” Princess Twilight realized.

“Also, the ponies from my world aren’t purple or any other color, and they don’t have symbols on their flanks.” Declan stated, gesturing to Twilight’s cutie mark, which she took notice of. “What the heck is that thing anyway?”

“Oh, that’s my Cutie Mark, almost everypony has one, we get them when we find our special talent.” Twilight explained. “For example, the stars on mine represent my expertise in magic and stargazing.”

Declan paused before speaking. “Hmm… lame.”

Twilight frowned in annoyance, but continued talking. “Don’t humans have them?”

“Uh, do you see any on me?” Declan questioned, deadpan

Twilight looked at him closely, nearly getting her muzzle in his face, causing him to back away while she scanned him up and down. “Well… no, not really...” she said, a bit surprised. “So… how do you know what you’re good at?”

Declan just shrugged. “I don’t know, we just… know and sometimes we have more than one special talent.”

“Wow! That’s amazing!” Twilight remarked, growing more and more fascinated.

“I guess so…” Declan shrugged.

“What’s your special talent, Declan?” Twilight asked, curiously.

“Uh… say what now?” Declan questioned, confused.

“Is there something that you’re really good at?” Twilight inquired.

Declan thought for a bit. “Uh… I’m not really sure.”

“Not sure? What do you mean?” The alicorn asked, surprised and confused.

“I mean what I say, I don’t really know what I’m good at…” Declan shrugged, somewhat depressed.

“Oh… well I’m sorry to hear that.” Twilight said, sympathetically. She felt bad for him, in a way, he was like the Cutie Mark Crusaders, a group of fillies trying to find out what they are good at but haven’t found it yet.

Declan just shrugged and smiled a bit. “Eh, no worries, I’m sure I’ll find it eventually,” he said, seemingly confident, though deep down he doubted it.

“If you say so. So… anything else you can tell us about yourself?” Twilight asked. She then gestured to the Emperor’s Gem around his neck. “Like where you got that Gem?”

Declan looked down and quickly remembered that he had it. “Oh! Yeah, my Grandfather gave it to me for my birthday.”

“Today’s your birthday?” Twilight echoed, surprised.

“Yeah.” Declan nodded.

“Better tell Pinkie.” Spike whispered to Twilight, who nodded.

“Whose Pinkie?” Declan questioned, confused.

“Later, right now I need to show you something.” Twilight said, quickly.

“Ok…” Declan said, slowly. Then he saw Twilight’s horn glowed with a magenta colored aura and was amazed when he saw her levitate the Legends of Equestria book over to them. “Whoa! Cool! Is that magic?”

“Yeah, and Twilight’s the best there is when it comes to magic!” Spike smiled, proudly. Twilight blushed at this which made Declan laugh.

“Look! She’s blushing! Almost looks like a tomato!” he smirked. Spike and Declan both chuckle at this, while Twilight rolled her eyes, amused.

“Anyway… does this look familiar?” Twilight asked as she showed Declan a certain page in the book with a familiar Gem on it, which made Declan’s eyes widen.

“No way… that’s my gem!” he said as he grabbed the book and held it close. “But… how?”

“I have no idea… how did your Grandfather get it, anyway?” Twilight questioned.

“He got from his father and his father before him… Gah, the point is it’s a family heirloom, passed down ever since my family first settled in Canada.” Declan answered.

“Canada?” Twilight and Spike echoed.

“It’s the name of my country. Ruled… I guess you could say… by a man named Stephan Harper.” Declan explained, somewhat flatly. “The continent is also called North America, one of seven, just FYI.”

“Interesting…” Twilight mused.

Spike snickered a bit. “North America… get it? North A-MARE-ica!” he laughed. “Get it?”

“Yeah, it’s hilarious.” Declan muttered, deadpan. “Anyway, after I got it I went into some haunted, spooky mansion on a dare then the gem started glowing and poof! Here I am.”

“Fascinating…” Twilight remarked. “And it seemed to be drawn to this place in particular…”

“Yeah, this thing practically dragged me here like a magnet.” Declan stated as he held it up.

“Hmm, interesting…” Twilight said, as she began to ponder. “It must have a certain connection to this place for some reason?”

“Well, while you’re trying to find out what that reason is… do you think you can send me back home… like right now?” Declan questioned, impatiently. “When my parents realize I’m gone they’ll freak!”

“Uh… well I’ll take some time… but I think I can send you back…” Twilight began.

“Yes!” Declan smiled.

“But first we need to do one thing.” The alicorn added.

“Aw…” Declan groaned, disappointed.

“Stop whining.” The alicorn said, annoyed. “We just need to show that Gem to Princess Celestia, maybe she’ll be able to make sense of what it is and why it sent you here.”

“Oh, ok, cool!” Declan said, brightening up a bit. “You know something? I think was wrong about you, you’re alright, Twilight.”

“Hey! You rhymed!” Spike pointed out, smiling

“Oh yeah!” Declan realized, smiling also. They both shared a laugh, Twilight even giggled a bit. “Man… for the first time today… I think things are finally looking up!”

Immediately afterwards though, they felt another strange earthquake rock the castle and beyond, this one was far more intense than the others, catching them all off guard and soon the shaking knocked them all off their feet/hooves and they hit the ground hard.

“Whoa! What the heck is going on here!?” Declan exclaimed.

“I don’t know! But it came from outside! Come on!” Twilight said as she got up and ran off toward the door, Declan and Spike soon got up as well and began to follow her.

They soon got to the door and ran outside where they stopped in shock when they saw the ground opening up just outside of town, in the grassy part of it. The ground cracked up and split in two as a pair of four fingered hands emerged and grabbed the ground one by one before pulling the rest of it out, revealing it to be a large troll like creature made completely out of moss covered rocks and parts of the ground itself. It roared loudly, which could be heard all the way from Twilight’s castle.

“Wah! What is that thing!?” Declan cried out, fearfully.

“I think it’s a… rock troll!?” Twilight said, shocked.

“A rock what?” Declan questioned.

“Let’s put it this way; we are in deep guano…” Spike gulped, just as scared as he and Declan hide behind Twilight while the Rock Troll continued to roar deafeningly and angrily, and as it did so Sibrella began to laugh evilly from inside her metal prison, as she watched the crisis began to unfold.

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