• Published 20th Feb 2015
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My Little Pony: The Visitor - Hopeful Soul

On a day that started out like any other, a regular boy's happy life is changed in a flash.

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Chapter 17


Three Weeks Later

Emerging from a restful sleep and pleasant dreams of home and familiar yet exotic places far from it, Declan Shay let out an almighty yawn. His body briefly felt like butter as the boy stretched to and fro, then catapulted himself onto two feet.

Declan rubbed his eyes with a small smile as he collected his glasses off the nightstand beside him. Putting the bifocals on, he blinked as his eyes quickly adjusted to the sunlight filtering in, then he peered at his clock. The digital face read seven o’clock; right on the dot. Declan felt his lips curl into a smile as the alarm finally went off, but with no sleeper to disturb.

The pinging was swiftly silenced, and Declan let out a chuckle to himself. “A day passes in Equestria, and only a moment here, and here I am beating my alarm. Man, time is weird…”

As he spoke, the boy padded his way over to his dresser, maneuvering around his rogue soccer ball that had somehow taken up an inconvenient section of the floor overnight. He quickly chose his distinct green-dominated ensemble from each drawer and set about his morning routine.

After a shower and with his outfit donned for the day, Declan headed downstairs, where his parents were busy around the kitchen and a third person was seated at the dining table. They were concealed behind a tall opened newspaper with a steaming mug of dark coffee in front of them, but Declan could already tell who it was, and his smile only grew.

Most of the table was already set for breakfast.

“Good morning kiddo!” Harvey Shay greeted his son with a smile, glancing up from the sink as he rinsed bacon grease out of a skillet.

Rebecca Shay shared Harvey’s radiant smile as she forked some bacon onto a plate with freshly buttered toast and scrambled eggs. “Good morning, Declan. I was just about to call you down,” she chuckled, “but it looks like you magically beat me to it, sweetie.”

“Mark me, honey, I think our son here might be the next Houdini, or Penn and Teller,” Harvey laughed, leaning towards Rebecca’s ear conspiratorially and causing her to arch a brow.

Declan shook his head sharply, and happily bolted to his empty seat at the table beside the newspaper reader while his mom and dad did the same. “Sorry, Mom and Dad, but no magic to it this time, I’m afraid. Just the smell of your exquisite cooking.” Harvey chuckled with pride and Rebecca now had both eyebrows arched, impressed at her son. Declan smiled sheepishly. “A friend or two of mine have quite the descriptive vocabularies; the bigger words kind of rub off on you after a while, what can I say?”

“I’ll take exquisite over ‘cool” or ‘happenin’ any day, myself,” Grandpa Shay remarked, finally lowering the newsprint and revealing his wisened yet sunny features. “Good magical morning, Scamp!” He gave Declan a wink.

“Hey, good mornin’ Grandpa!” Declan replied in between forkfuls of egg and bacon, returning a smile as golden as the eggs.

“Goodness Declan, you’re going to end up eating the plate and the entire table at this rate,” Harvey commented while Rebecca struggled not to spit out her orange juice from a giggling fit.

“‘Eh, but he looks like he could take on the world, couldn’t he son?” Grandpa Shay replied. “That’s some aura of confidence you got about yourself there, Declan. You’re positively glowing.”

“Aw, thanks, Gramps.” Declan grinned. Grandpa Shay gave the boy a second wink before taking a sip of coffee and returning to his newspaper.

“You have certainly changed a lot these past weeks, Declan,” his mother observed. “Any particular reason?”

Declan glanced away with a knowing smile. “Oh, you know… just following the advice of some friends of mine,” he replied. His smile then became warm as he thought of seven certain somebodies. “Really good friends…”

The Shays soon finished the remainder of their breakfast and before he knew it, Declan was already on his way to school with backpack in tow. The morning passed by like most ordinary days, pleasant, productive, if a little dull at times. He never told his parents or his school friends about his experiences in the strange new world of Equestria, those memories were important to him and he wanted to keep them to himself.

But at recess, however, Declan’s experience from Equestria and his newfound friends really began to show. After two rounds of cops and robbers, a few other games, and one epic bout of King of the Hill Dodgeball during what the teachers were calling “a surprise extended free day for outstanding academic performance and attendance school-wide,” Declan received many remarks from friends and fellow classmates about his more than average confidence and surprising “tactical awesomeness.”

In all, the team under Declan’s leadership won the first round of Cops and Robbers, emerged victorious in all instances of freeze tag, and all but crushed the opposition in King of the Hill Dodgeball for a grand finish to the recreation before everyone headed to lunch with either bragging rights, or just a growling belly.

After lunch and another period of recess, school was nearly out and it was time to pack up for home. At the moment, Declan was waving goodbye to some of his friends, who were currently leaving.

“Ok, see you guys later!” he called out before they left. He also began to leave also.

While making his way down his school’s cavernous front entry hall, Declan noticed an open, vacant janitor’s closet, and his eyes practically glowed with intent. Taking a quick glance around to make sure the coast was clear, which it surprisingly was, Declan slinked into the narrow room.

Declan then lifted up the Emperor’s gem, which he kept under his vest and smiled. As it faintly glowed in response to his touch, the boy smirked.

“Alright Emperor’s Gem, you know the drill; Sugarcube corner, table for eight.” Declan smiled before the Gem, along with his body glowed before dissipating into green light and vanishing once more, leaving behind an entirely inconspicuous janitor’s closet in his wake.


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Wonderful job, my friend.

I hope there will be a sequel.

6656465 Thanks, that means a lot:pinkiesmile:

I like it because the way it is looks and sounds epic

6859940 Thank you. I'm hoping it also ranks up with all the other great human in equestria fics or the pony adopt human fics

Please it need's a sequel dosen't need to be long :heart::twilightsmile:

7490281 I'm actually making a sequel series to it as we speak, it's just about done, though I'm worried some might not like it...

7490354 don't worry about what they think as long as you are happy im happy *brohoff*:heart::twilightsmile:

Wonderful story hope you do well on the sequel:heart:

This was an amazing story! Nice job :twilightsmile:

Sequel done?

Comment posted by T-bone deleted Nov 29th, 2017

No one. Its a diarchy. Luna and Celestia rule together.


plus Equestria Girls never happened

you are actually blind

SEE? Now you bully me again! Stop trolling me in every comment you see!

No. The description literally says that Equestria girls never happened yet you still comment about it happening and I was being sarcastic.

When you're telling a person like that (especially in sarcasm), it's very rude to tell anyone. You supposed to say "Uh, read the bottom description" or "It's actually a story where Equestria Girls never happened"

Do I appear to be a fucking five year old to you?

I was just telling you how to be nice to everybody (especially when you think they're not friendly), not treating you like a five-year-old. If you don't like me, just don't bother me and you can ignore my comments. I saw your comments, but I ignore them because I knew you could attack me the same way what happens when you disturb the hornets' nest. When you saw my comments, you did the exact opposite.

And reminder: Good people never say swear words at other people including their friends and family.


I was just telling you how to be nice to everybody (especially when you think they're not friendly), not treating you like a five-year-old. If you don't like me, just don't bother me and you can ignore my comments. I saw your comments, but I ignore them because I knew you could attack me the same way what happens when you disturb the hornets' nest. When you saw my comments, you did the exact opposite.

1. Again, do I look like I'm five to you? I know how to be fucking nice. I just prefer not to be nice to you. Can you not fucking see that?
2. You ignore them and instead sic all your followers on me thru your blogs, where you are in your safe-zone.
3. I'm not a hornet. ????


You ignore them and instead sic all your followers on me thru your blogs, where you are in your safe-zone.

I'm doing this to protect my channel. You started all this.

I just prefer not to be nice to you



How do I protect my channel? OOh! I know! Lets do the same thing he does to me to him! That way I look smart and definitely NOT like a hypocrite.


2. Why? Because I don't like you.


Buddy. You missed something in the description, it was an honest mistake, it happens. I've completely missed the most obvious of details countless times, it's a very human thing to do. Calling you blind for that may be a bit rude, but it is absolutely not bullying. You gotta be able to take a comment like that on the chin and not spin things into a huge fight. All you did was miss a detail in the description, and all he did was point it out. Chillax.

I didn't see that until he showed up without telling me nicely. And I understand that, but he won't leave me alone.


Well, again, all he did was point out your mistake. You commented on a public forum and he replied, that's not bullying. You arent being harassed, you escalated this beyond an innocuous comment into a fight. If you'd said "oh, I missed that, my mistake," none of this would have happened.

:fluttershysad:Why didn't he treat me nicely? I wanted to be treated nicely.


Well, sometimes people on the internet don't do that. You HAVE to be emotionally durable enough to handle someone lightly insulting you like saying "you're blind" from time to time. I have no other answer for you. You need to de-escalate, not turn a light little jab into a fight.

But why didn't you tell him not to bug me?

I hate to say this, but click the link.
I was just reviewing my story until he ruined it. And then one of my followers are defending me.

I just wanna say. I'm sorry... about everything.


He was banned for this comment and told to stop harassing you. Nothing in this exchange here constitutes harassment, so, he's abiding by what he was told. This one's on you.

What about the blog I posted? I made a discovery that he's displacing one of my stories in bad groups. I have my editors, and they're helping me with my stories. This isn't a joke.


We've had this conversation before. If you want to have it again, let's do it over PM. This isn't the place to debate every aspect of site policy.

*sigh* I'm sorry about all this.

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