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This story is a sequel to Dark Sunset

How is Fluttershy holding up after Sunset's death?

Made the Popular Stories list on 11/18/17.

Rewrite completed on 5/31/19.

Not required but recommended that original be read first.

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It's a normal day at CHS, right? So why is everyone ignoring Sunset Shimmer?

Cover image by Saberking2012

Made the Popular Stories section from 11/14/17 to 11/15/17 (#1 popular story at one point)

YouTube reading by FireRain. (Please note, reading was done prior to the rewrite.)

Check out the spinoff, Muted Wubs.

Chapters (3)

Everyone knows Pinkie Pie and her love of smiles. But why is she so eager to smile? Why is a smile her most valued possession?

For a person to truly value a smile, there has to be an event, a catalyst that makes them value happiness above all else.

For Pinkie Pie, that event was Sunshine; the sick Pegasus.

Edited by Fernin.

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Twilight and Celestia go off alone, and Twilight will not say what is the matter, only that she may not return at all. Her friends and Luna gather in a vigil at the library the night of the Twilight's unknown trial, waiting for her to come back to them. Twilight faces the most terrible of all decisions, and learns the nature of what she is, and what hopes she may yet have when the sun rises and she returns to her friends.

Chapters (1)

Pinkie Pie has Passed away. After the funeral, the ponies of Ponyville put it upon themselves to bring a little party and laughter to their quiet town. Each writer takes a character and writes about their effort to cope with the loss, bring some life to the downtrodden town, or simply come to terms with what happened.

A Barcast Collaboration.

Chapters (13)

Applejack spends her final moments with Winona.

A tribute to my dog who recently passed.

Edited by the wonderful anonpencil and The Invisible Davis

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What's up, it's Rainbow Dash! Leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Hey Rainbow, It's Pinkie Pie. I was just calling to remind you about the party at Twilight's later. I can't wait to see you there.

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