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A My Little Pony fan, check. Interested in the science of magic, check. Always curious in new "what ifs?" check. Started writing to explore new situations with the characters I love so much.

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This story is a sequel to Exploration

After an awful evening of getting stood up by her date, Aria goes to blow off some steam. What she doesn't realize is she's got a little bit of company this evening. And a new activity for Sunday!

Set in the Shattered-verse. No readings of previous stories required.

Special thanks to Scholarly-Cimmerian for proofreading.

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Ocellus should have expected this question to come up someday. She really should have...

Just a silly little thing I thought of and had to write down.

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Somewhere in the multiverse, there is a bar. It's small—the kind-of a hole-in-the wall place which you might find open late at night while walking down the streets of Canterlot City in the 1920's.

But unlike most bars, this one is not actually there… or rather, not where you think it is.

The entrance to Sunset's Isekai will be found in passing; an archway made of stone, emerging from a wall that you could have sworn had nothing there before, and in fact seems impossible to actually lead anywhere.

There, a door of solid oak—lovingly worked and stained to look almost golden-red—with a thick, crystal version of Sunset's cutie mark at eye level awaits visitors under the soft light of a gas lamp.

This door opens to all worlds, and can only be found by those that need that drink to be just the right type of different.

Note: This fic is best read like nursing your drink - Don't rush it. Enjoy each flavor for what it is. Don't mix it all up by reading it one chapter after the other in one sitting.

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"'Colts will be Colts' is not a sentiment that applies here at my Friendship School!

Times have changed. Kids or not, everyone, students of friendship included, have to answer for these sorts of disrespectful displays. Now, all of you, down to Counselor Glimmer's office, immediately! I'm going to have a long chat with her about what to do with you all!"

EDIT: Featured #2 same day, 3/21/19! Thanks!
EDIT: #1 same day! YEET- thanks all!
EDIT: Now with an AUDIO READING by Skijarama!

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Professor Twilight Sparkle has spent her adult life trying to forget the follies of her youth, and the fiery sorceress whose betrayal shattered her heart.

Sunset Shimmer has built an empire of steel and science in memory of the otherworldly power she once wielded, and of the soft-spoken scientist she once called "friend."

Now, fifteen years after the disaster which tore their bonds asunder, a new threat will force these two former friends to reunite in order to save both worlds. And as the past collides with the present, Sunset and Twilight will learn that even in a world without magic, friendship and love still have the power to do the impossible.

Set after Legend of Everfree. Later Equestria Girls stories aren't necessarily canon to this timeline.

Pre-read by ChudoJogurt.

Cover art by Kare Valgon.

(2018-25-04) Featured on Equestria Daily!

Story has been written and will update weekly until completion.

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Cadance and Twilight have discovered something about the Alicorn Amulet. Whenever someone rejects its promises of power, it weakens the Amulet's magic. In theory, if enough ponies should be tempted by it and reject it, it would destroy the amulet forever.

They summon the help of volunteers from across Equestria, in the hope of destroying it for good.

Project Lead/Lead Editor: cleverpun
Additional Editing: Kai Creech

All chapters written by their respective authors;
Titanium Dragon
No Raisin
Kai Creech

Submissions are closed, sorry. I may, however, do another collaboration in the future. If so, I'll announce it via blog post; following me is the most reliable way to be notified. Or you can join the group. (Make sure to leave notifications on!)

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