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“All plant seeds kind of look similar. They share many traits. You put them in the soil, water them, and provide sunlight. They grow, but they don’t always grow up to be the same. It could be just as well that when the seeds have sprouted, grown up to be six feet high, is when you realize that they’re completely different and share not even a single trait.” - Lesson from Celestia | Part 5

As Rainbow Dash prepared to return home from the Wonderbolts on winter leave, she expects to attend the gala and spend the rest of the winter season relaxing with her friends. Instead she receives an urgent telegram summoning her to Ponyville where she is greeted by an angry mob and a shadow of her past.

When it starts to threaten her friendships, Rainbow Dash realizes just how dangerous the situation is, and is forced to confront the ghosts of her past and the life she left behind. Lest the one she built for herself crumbles in her hooves.

We all have days we feel we can’t survive. Sometimes our dreams are crushed. Sometimes our friendships fall apart. Sometimes the ones we love betray us. Sometimes sickness overtakes us and we may even lose the ponies we love.

One thing that is guaranteed is that we all have our day in disdain.


Quotes about the story:

"By the end of the first part, Cheerilee's blind in one eye, Dashie's had her nose broken among other wounds, and Twilight is paralyzed from the neck (or shoulders?) down. <.< And the plot just barrels ever onward" - Present Perfect

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Peace and Harmony have gone with the sudden disappearance of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. What followed soon afterward was an internal struggle to fill the void left by the regal sisters... and a gradual decline that plunged Equestria into an evil era of hardship and uncertainty.

All that is left now is a land ruled everyday by violence and death... with six factions competing against each other for supremacy of the land... and the annihilation of all others.

This is...Equestria Divided.

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Book Two in The Rainb0w Mythos

Astral Projection is a forbidden magical subject available only to ascended Alicorns such as the Celestial Sisters. However, Twilight sparkle manages to find a book on the very subject while perusing a rather peculiar bookstore in Manehattan.

Being the curious intellectual she is, Twilight begins to experiment with this clandestine magic and ends up becoming separated from her body and must find a way to traverse the astral realms to find a way to return.


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Chapter 1:

Used excerpts from puzzuzzu.com

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"The world is full of Kings and Queens,
Who'll blind your eyes and steal your dreams,
It's Heaven and Hell!"

Rarity writes about her first ever visit to Manehattan, A bustling community and a glorious metropolis of generosity, and recants a story of struggle, hardship, woe, and torment.

No matter what Rarity chose to do in life, the time she spent in Manehattan changed her, and she writes her experiences in her friends' friendship journal to server as a warning: No matter what your intentions or goals are, you should never trust Manehattan.

Story inspired by EQD's "Rarity takes Manehattan" writing prompt, System of a Down's Lost in Hollywood, and the Heaven and Hell song of the same name.

Parts of Rarity's monologue sampled from the description of the city of Tarbean in The Name of the Wind

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Book One in The Rainb0w Mythos

Rainbow Dash hasn't been sleeping well, in fact, she hasn't been sleeping well for the better half of a month now.  Tossing and turning at night, sleeping past her alarms, and often waking up exhausted, confused, and with her hooves outstretched as if to reach out for somepony. Thinking she's maybe just exercising too hard she tries to take it easy on herself, that is until a series of unpredictable nightmares bring Rainbow Dash back to a place long forgotten by Equestrian history.

Inspired by the music of Cult of Luna, A Pale Horse Named Death, and the author's own dreams; This is a story about the things we believe in, the things swept away by the passage of time, and the things left behind that are still there waiting for you.


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- Youtube playlist of this story's musical Inspiration


Chapter 3:
Made a derivative poem based on the public domain poem "The Night" by Hilaire Belloc
Directly referenced two paragraphs from the Daily Writing Tips article "Telling a good poem from a bad one" because I was having trouble paraphrasing it
Used a couple stanzas of 'Dead of Winter' by A Pale Horse Named Death
chapter 8:
used a quote by William R. Alger
chapter 9:
Sampled a passage from Ozymandias by Bysshe Shelly
Fimfiction Discord writing help:
Majin Syeekon, PocketHenry, figments - line brainstorming
RB, Shipcord, R5h -similie brainstorming
Symphonic sync, the chronicler, - put a conversation we had into chapter 9

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Twilight wants to play with her brother, but it's past her bedtime. What will Shining Armor do now?

Prereaders: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/246282/QueenChrysalisForever
Edited by: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/344085/RubyDubious

Inspired by: https://derpibooru.org/2296477

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New York City: capital of the United Nations and as far removed from Ponyville as is equinely possible. For a pony unacquainted with the cities of an interstellar civilisation, getting to travel to and explore New York is a delightful (if somewhat overwhelming) experience. For Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom who are cooped up with their sisters and Princess Twilight Sparkle on a diplomatic mission, it was anything but.

Thankfully, Sweetie knows of a place where she and Apple Bloom can pass the time.

Originally written for the Writing Snippets posts on /r/mylittlepony (this one specifically). Many thanks to Comma Typer for pre-reading this story; I am grateful for their assistance.

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I've always loved Fluttershy since I first started watching the show, but one day, after a personal attack, I discover just how real she truly is and my life is forever changed.

(This one-shot is an idea that's been swirling around in my head for a while now, but I never knew how to fully realize it until now. Inspired by the famous "Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life" meme, this story is much less rapey and explicit than its inspiration and more expanded upon. Just a fluffy little romance for Hearts And Hooves Day.)

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Link wakes up in the middle of a field outside of Ponyville. He has no idea of how he got there--last he remembers he was in Hyrule.
But with barely an explanation, he's plunged into a crazy adventure with his newfound friends--an adventure that will save Equestria.

Proofread by Well Geboren

EDIT: Featured October 12th. Forgot to add that till now. XD
Featured AGAIN on November 30th! Woo!

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Lucifer Morningstar, former Devil of Hell, and Wannabe Lord of Earth, finds himself at Death's void. When confronted with the option of a second chance, he jumps at it. But, it doesn't go as he expects. Now, trapped in a world of pastel ponies, he has a second chance. But, can he learn the magic of friendship? Or, will the Apocalypse find its way into Equestria?

FYI, takes place after Season 13 for Supernatural, for MLP post S7.

cover art is temporary

Ship, um, and don't roast me. LunaxLucifer. But, I'm obliged to change it.

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