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Welcome to Commenters, Readers, Helpers.

Commenters are to read the story and comment, noticing any plot holes or having any sort of confusion. They do not need to read every single story posted but must comment on two different stories each day, unless they have an excuse.

Readers are to read more than four different stories each day (they are readers) and must chose thumbs up or thumbs down. They do not need to comment but can chose to if they want.

Helpers are like commenters, but are more like proofreaders. They read the story and point out any mistakes in the story. Helpers only need to proofread one story every two days.

Join and add stories. Anyone can do this.

If you want to become a commenter, reader, or helper though, please comment below. If there aren't any stories, then you won't have to do anything. If you're going to be absent and you have one of the roles, also comment below so I won't decide that you're inactive.

So that's the memo, let's start!

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Can I be both a commenter and a helper?

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