Book Two in The Rainb0w Mythos

Astral Projection is a forbidden magical subject available only to ascended Alicorns such as the Celestial Sisters. However, Twilight sparkle manages to find a book on the very subject while perusing a rather peculiar bookstore in Manehattan.

Being the curious intellectual she is, Twilight begins to experiment with this clandestine magic and ends up becoming separated from her body and must find a way to traverse the astral realms to find a way to return.


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Chapter 1:

Used excerpts from puzzuzzu.com

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Comment posted by Biker_Dash deleted Aug 27th, 2019

Really like this story and hope it continues.

Glad you like it, chapter 3 is almost finished! :pinkiehappy:

“Twilight?” spike said shaking the alicorn awake “Why are you sleeping on the floor?”

:rainbowdetermined2: BUM BUM BUUUMMMM!!!

Looks interesting hope there will be more.


It's in the works, glad you're enjoying it though! :twilightsmile:

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