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A creature haunting down everypony with in the Lunisdora. Nyx is alone and need to escape.

(A little something for the new year. And yes it is super shot and not edited sorry.)

Who need tech when you have imagination.

This was not meant to be taken seriously. Shit I didn't took it serious sorry if it's terrible.

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An ODST ends up on an un-mapped sector of the universe. He discovers a world that is inhabited by humans while he was tracking down a damaged Covenant Corvette which was carrying a valuable object that belonged to the UNSC.

Equestria has been at war for three years against the Griffin Kingdom. When the alien ship crashes the Equestrians discovered that they are not alone. When the ODST encounters the natives he learns that no matter where he goes war is still the same.

ALL MLP characters Humanized. Equestria and the rest of the world have achieved certain inventions. Cars, Planes, Phones and stuff like that.
Sorry for the terrible description.
HALO belongs to bungie
MLP:FIM belong to hasbro
coverart image is by johnjoseco

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A Spartan Team is sent on a mission to scout a Defense station due to a Covenant interference. Due to a slip-space accident the entire station along with a damaged frigate ends up in the orbit of Equis. Commander Luke has to repair the damaged frigat to return home but, when they scout the unknown planet they discover something that the UNSC has never encountered.

All criticism allowed. I'm sure that i will need an editor. Credit will be given for editing.

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It has been over 3000 years since the last human on Equis was seen. Celesita and her parents were force to wipeout humanity due to their civil war that has consumed the land that is now known as the Lost World. The war has affected the entire planet. Only Celestia and her parents know about the humans and the white Alicorn still fears of humanity returning somehow.
The year is 2040 on Earth and Humanity had achieved the first slip space drive. The ship known as the Arch Angel is the first spaceship to use the Slip-space drive. The destination was to travel to the Lumas Sol system. But something with the coordinates changed when the ship tried to avoid an asteroid field one hit the ship before the crew went into cryo the ship followed the destination information. The planet Equis is having problems with the Griffin Kingdom and the threat of war is used. Gunnery-Sergeant Steven Clearwater is sent to explore the planet. He has 70 day to explore the land until the ship lands on the planet. But how will Celestia react when she finds out that a human has set foot on the planet once again. (need better cover art any ideas or links plase and thank you)

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Story is being rewritten

I am alone. the only person i have now is my best friend Beth. Or that's what i thought. I am Corporal Thomas Garcia. I just finished my service in the United Sates Marine Corps. I thought I was going to live alone for the rest for my life but that's about to change. The Mane 6, Princess Luna, Shining Armor and Princess Cadence are now stuck in my world. Now i am forced to live her in my new house by Silverwood Lake. I have a feeling that my life is about to change. These ponies are going to change my life forever and i will protect them until they are able to go home safely

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When the UNSC learns that the Covenant has discoved a new planet for resources. The UNSC sends Spartan-107 to explore the planet and see to if the natives will join forces woth them. But Equestria has never seen this kind of warfare in their history. With their small knowlage of war Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are now forced to raise the army to protect their loyal subects along with the United Nations Space Command.

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