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Humanity in Equestria - SPkon107

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Chapter Two: The Human Prisoner

Chapter Two: The Human Prisoner
I arrived a day earlier.

Day 0

As we walked back to a small town call Ponyville the unicorn asked me a lot of questions and so did I.

“So let me get this straight your country’s government is run by a monarch.”

“Yes it is.”

“And this Celestia she’s the ruler of the country.”

“Co-ruler. Her younger sister Princess Luna also runs the country.”

“Ok…I’m still a little lost here.”

“Ok Princess Celestia is the princess of the sun and Princess Luna is the princess of the night. The two rule Equestria

“I think I’m starting to understand.”

“You’re sure I just don’t see how it’s hard for you to understand my government.”

“Well that’s because my country’s government is a Democratic Government.”


“We don’t have kings or queen or whatever. We have presidents that have a four year term of power and if they want to continue they can be reelected for another four years.”

“So you choose your leaders.”




“Ok now that we have knowledge about our governments. Why don’t we talk about our diets?”

“Well figuring that you’re a pony I’m pretty sure that you’re an herbivore.”

“Well yeah. And you?”

“Well don’t get scared ok but humans are omnivores.” The unicorn suddenly stop.

“So you eat meat.”


“Oh…how can you eat meat? To ponies that’s disgusting.”

“Yeah to ponies it is but we need the energy that the meat gives us as for the same for the fruits and vegetables.”

“Well at least you’re telling me now.”

“Yeah.” We arrived at the town and it was dead silence since it was dark I figured that everyone on the town was sleeping. I
followed her to a tree she opened the door which was smaller than I was so I had to crouch down and I entered.

“Well here we are. Welcome to my home. Spike isn’t here he’s in Canterlot for some royal business.”


“My assistant.”


“Well I’m going to write a letter to the princess. I can still send the letter even without Spike’s help.”


“You can sit down if you want.”

“I’ll stand.”

“Ok.” I saw her writing the letter and then I looked around and then I saw a picture of Twilight and five other female ponies.
Then she said.

“So Steven I remember that you told me that you’re a veteran of World War III?”


“So does that mean that your people have had two previous wars before that?”

“If you mean the world wars yes.”

“Oh…when did the first one begin?”

“It began on 1914 and it ended on 1918.”

“Four year of war and how about the second one?”

“The second World War began on 1939-1945.”

“So six years…and the last one?” she said as she finished writing.

“It began on March 2024 and it ended on January 2030.”

“Six years.”

“Yeah but casualties reached up to 2.8 billion deaths.” I saw the pony stop.

“T…tw… two point eight billion lives.”


“Does it haunt you?”

“Of course it does. But like the captain says I have learn to love the little things.”

“I see.” I looked at the pony as her horn glowed and then the letter turned into dust as it flew out the window. “There know all
we have to do it wait.”

“And how long will that take?”

“I’m not sure figuring that she’s asleep.”


“Yeah well I think I should hit the hay as well you can take the guest room if you want.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” As she walked up stairs I walked to the next room where a bed was. I took off my armor and then the
combat uniform. I just left on my pants and my under shirt. I looked at my watch and it was one in the morning I walked out of the cryo a day early so I still needed seventy days before the ship lands.

Day 1

I was half asleep as I heard voices. A white Unicorn said.

“What in Equestria is this thing?” then a pony with a southerner accent.

“Ah don’t know Rarity but all I can say is that it looks like a shaved ape.” Then the pink one.

“Oh AJ don’t be silly it isn’t an ape just look at its face.” A shy pony with wings.

“I d…don’t feel safe wh…what if it’s a criminal.”

“Chilax Fluttershy Equestria has little crime I’m sure that he’s not a criminal.” Then I heard Twilight.

“What the hay are you five doing in here leave him alone don’t you see that he’s sleeping.

“Our apologies Twilight it’s just that Pinkie Pie just barged right in here.” I placed my hand on my eyes and then I stood
myself up and I opened them. They all just stared at me. Luckily Twilight saved me the trouble.

“Girls this is Gunnery-Sergeant Steven Clearwater. He’s a human from planet Earth and he’s here on a scouting mission.” The
white unicorn said.

“What did you said Gunnery-Sergeant is he a guard.”

“Not exactly Rarity he’s a soldier and by the looks of his scars I say he probably more combat experience than the Royal
Guard.” I said.

“You can say that again.” I sat on the edge of my bed as the ponies just stared at me. Then I stood up and I walked towards my gear. The ponies just looked at me as I put on my combat uniform and then the armor. Then I grabbed my Pulse Rifle and my M-16. I just left the sniper rifle at the same spot. The orange pony asked me.

“Ain’t that too many things to carry?”


“You sure.”


“Okay then what are those things that you have on you back.”

“Weapons.” That was not the right answer. When I looked back all of the ponies were just staring at me.

“What?” the yellow Pegasus said. Then after a moment of dead silence I said.

“Yeah probably wasn’t the best answer. Look I’m a solider ok I won’t use the weapons unless if I need to. I’m only dangerous
when a threat is present and my job as a Marine is to protect the innocent from danger.” The shy pony said in relief.

“Oh that’s good.” The cyan Pegasus said.

“Yeah but I still think this human isn’t a threat.” I said.

“Yes I am. My pistol is all I need to cause a riot shit even with just my knife.”

“Oh yeah!?”

“Don’t challenge me ok. I’m a veteran of World War III that lasted up to six years and casualties reach up to 2.8 billion
deaths.” She just stared at me as her tough look just died as it turned into a fearful look. “Like I said I’m not a threat unless if
there’s a presents of evil.” Twilight said.

“Look girls I’ll explain everything to you ok.” The all nodded.

One hour later

“And well that’s all he has told me so far.” The five looked at Twilight and then to me. The first to talk was the white unicorn.

“I’m sorry for your lost why don’t we introduce ourselves girls. I am Rarity. I work at my boutique and I am the Element of
generosity.” She walked back as the yellow Pegasus walked up to me.

“He…hello my name is Fluttershy an…and I care for animal and I am the Element of Kindness.” The farmer was next.

“Howdy mah name is Applejack ah work at Sweet Apple Acres and I’m the Element of Honesty.” The cyan Pegasus walked
towards me.

“Hey I’m Rainbow Dash and I’m well sort of a daredevil and I am the Element of Loyalty.” Last was the pink pony.

“Hi I’m Pinkie Pie I like to throw parties and I am the Element of laughter.” Twilight walked next to her and she said.

“You see Steven we are the Elements of Harmony the most powerful magic in Equestria.”

“I see…well sorta but I get you.” Then the pink pony said.

“Oh I forgot you’re a new friend I have to throw you a party.” She ran out of the tree and we heard a clank. We walked outside
and the first thing I saw was armored stallions pointing spears at me. One shouted.

“Step away from the tree!” Twilight shouted.

“Hey what’s going on?!”

“Twily step away from that thing.”

“Shining Armor what are you doing here?”

“Step away from that thing.”

“He’s not a thing he’s a human.” One of them poked me with the spear. I shouted.

“Hey back off!” I threw the spear off of me.” The Stallion with the purple armor shouted.

“Make one more move and your history.” I raised my M-16 at him.

“Just try me.” They all raised the spears. And then an unfamiliar female shouted.

“Don’t you dare!” a large pony landed in front of me she had a unicorn horn and Pegasus wings. She said again. “You stay
away from my ponies human. I will not have your kind terrorized my subjects again.” Twilight said.

“Princess Celestia I’m glad you’re here.”

“As I.” the large one turned to the purple armored stallion. “Captain Shining Armor arrest this human.”

“Yes your highness.” He walked up to me as I aimed my rifle. Then Twilight said.

“Princess what are you doing?”

“Don’t you see? Look he’s aiming his weapon at your brother’s face.”

“Yes because you’re posing as a threat to him!”

“Stand down Twilight Sparkle.”

“But…” I figured that Twilight will continue to fight so I avoided the trouble that stood in front of her. So I said.

“Twilight.” She looked at me. “There’s no need to fight. Remember my people have a bad history at war. I don’t want the
violence to spread into your world.” The lavender unicorn walked up to me. I gave her my rifles, my grenades, and my pistol.
Then the princess said.

“Come here human.” I walked towards her. “Stop.” I stopped and I looked at her. “The knife.”


“I want you to give up you knife.”


“What did you said?”

“I’m not giving up my knife.” Her horn began to glow.

“And why is that?”

“It’s the only thing I have left from my father. And I have had it since before, during and after the war. If you want to take it
away from me you have to fight me.” All of the ponies just stared at me and the princess said.

“War? What war?”

“Are you going to arrest me or are we going to play 20 questions.”

“Very well. Keep your knife but if you use it for fighting I will take matters in my own hooves.”

“Whatever.” I walked up to her and then I felt a hard hit in the back of my head.

Four hours later 2:00 P.M

I woke up in a jail cell i still had my armor.

“Ahh what the hell happ…” I placed my hand where the sheath of my knife is supposed to be. “Hey where the hell is my
knife!” a guard said to me.

“Hey quite in there.”

“Not until I have my knife back.”
“I said shut up.”

“Why don’t you come here and make me.”

“You think I won’t.”

“I know you won’t.”

“That’s it!” dumbass actually fell for it. He opened the door as I stood behind it. “Where are you?!”

“Behind you.” He turned and I punched him. He fell to the ground in a single blow. I lift him up and I punched him two more times and I dropped him. “Man you guys are fucking stupid. And weak.” I walked out of the jail cell. I passed other cells and they were empty then I found a door. Two guards were standing there I grabbed both of their heads and then I slammed them together. They both fell and by the looks of it I think I have to go stealth on this one. I walked around the place avoiding guards and by the looks of it I was in some kind of castle. I kept walking until I heard voices I found a door with a picture of a moon. I walked in the room and I closed it then I heard a voice.

“What are you doing in my room?!” it was loud. I turned around she was like the other princess but darker and smaller. The expression on her face turned from anger to a curious look. She crocked her head sideways and she. “What are you?”

“I’m… a human.”

“Human? Aren’t you supposed to be in the jail cell?” Her horn began to glow.

“Yes but I escaped only to retrieve what belongs to me.”

“And what will you do once you have it.”

“To avoid more problems I think I’ll just go back to my jail cell after I get have the thing that belongs to me..” The glow of her
horn died out.

“What…you’re not going to escape?”

“No I just my knife back.”

“Knife you mean…” she turned back as she levitated a box and she opened it. “…this knife.”

“My knife.” She closed it before I even got close to the box.

“I will give it to you until I can trust you.”


“My sister’s guards knock you out and I’m sure that you don’t trust her or me.”

“You got that right.” She rolled her eyes and said.

“I heard from my sister that you befriended Twilight Sparkle and Twilight is here. Also Twilight ha told me everything you
have told her.”


“And to be honest I’ve never heard of a human before.”

“That’s bullshit how does your sister know what I am. And she said she won’t have my kind terrorize her ponies again.”

“Again? I’m sorry but I read the history book and I have never read anything form your kind.”

“How is that possible?”

“Well my sister is about 1,000 years older than I am.”

“What?.” She walked to a table and she sat down.

“Sit.” I just stared at her and then around then room. “If you’re thinking that my guards are going to hit you behind that head
well don’t it’s just you and me.” I walked to the table and I sat down. “I think this belongs to you.” She gave me my knife back.

“Thank you.”

“May I ask why does this weapon mean a lot to you?”

“It was my dad’s. I was an only child and my mom died when I was ten. My dad gave me his knife a month after her death.
Then when World War III began I took this knife and when I have gotten news that my father was killed during the nuclear
winter… well… this is the only thing I have to remember him.”

“I see.”

“The war killed 2.8 billion people.” I saw her eyes widen when she heard the number.


“You heard me.”

“So you’re alone.”


“As I.”


“I was corrupted to the very soul and I transformed into Nightmare Moon. And, my sister banished me to the moon for 1000
years. But as much as you think you’re alone…”

“You are never alone.” I finished her sentence.


“I know well…thank you for returning my knife.”

“Well I see that Twilight was right.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re not a threat but only when danger is present.”

“Yeah. Sorry I didn’t even introduce my I’m Gunnery-Sergeant Steven Clearwater.”

“I know. I am Princess Luna Mistress of the night and I am an Alicorn.” So that’s what they are.

“So you’re Princess Luna.”


“Well I will not lie you are cuter than your sister.”

“Well thank you.”

“Now I think I have to get back to my cell.”

“No let me do that.” Her horn glowed and then there was a bright light after the light died out I was back in the cell. The
guard was still on the floor I just threw him out of my cell and I closed the door.

Day 2
I was sleeping as I heard bird chirping then the door slammed open. I looked up I felt myself begin lifted off the ground and
then pinned to the wall.

“Where is it?!” it was the white alicorn.

“Where’s what.”

“You know what I’m talking about the knife!”

“Up yours bitch.” she threw me out of the cell and I hit the wall, then se lifted me up once more.

“Tell me where it is or else?”

“Or else what?’

“I’ll destroy you.” I laughed.

“Not a good idea.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I was sent here in a scouting, mission nothing more and nothing less. I didn’t come alone. In space there is a space ship and
the crew is in Cryogenic sleep. I have over 1000 humans and if they find out that you kill me. Then they will kill you.”

“They wouldn’t dare.”

“Yeah they would.” We both stared at each other.

“Why are you here?”

“My mission is to scout the area so the ship can land and we can resupply it and give it some maintenance.”

“I still don’t…” cut her off.

“If you though that I was attacking your land then you’re wrong.” She lowered me.


“I can see that you’re scared. I’m a soldier and if you want to fight me or kill me then I would fight back as self-defense. But I
will not kill for no reason or for pleasure. I’m not psychopath.” She looked at me.

“How can you tell that I’m scared?”

“I’ve seen fear in others. I fought in World War III trust me I know fear when I see it.”

“Oh…i…still have a hard time believing you.”

“Trust me I can tell. If you let me show you that I’m not a threat then you will see I’m nothing more than a regular human.” I
looked at her. She was hiding something she was still scared of me like she has seen humans before.

“Ok…I’ll let you go but as long as you are with a pony, the element or with me or my sister.”

“Deal.” As I moved my hand forward she backed away. “I’m not going to hurt you give my word.” She moved her hoof towards
my hand.

“Remember you gave me your word.”

“Ok now since that is settled I want to see the one who hit me in the back of the head.”

“Well that will be Shining Armor.” he looked sideway and I walked towards him.

“So you’re the son of a bitch him me.”


“Ok.” I uppercut him and he fell to the ground. “Now we’re even!” Celestia said.

“Why did you do that?”

“Because he hit me behind my back like a little bitch instead like a man.”


“Look I already got it out of my system so I’m good. Now if I do recall Twilight has told me about the problems you are
having with the Griffin kingdom.”

“She told you about that.”


“Very well may we discuss this with my sister and Twilight and her brother at the war room?”

“You’re the boss.”