• Published 14th Nov 2012
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Humanity in Equestria - SPkon107

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OC Announcment

New Character

Kon here I need a new original character(s) for two of my current stories Humanity in Equestria and Operation: Equestrian Assault. Here’s the basic info for what you should include. This is optional you don’t need to comment anything and if you do with your permission I will add your character in one of my stories and you will be given credit for your character.

1) Please give me a message or comment with a bio. Such as what your character looks like, how my main characters or other characters meet them, and other things. I would be hoping for an OC that will defiantly present some action in this story.

2) I am expecting for the OC to have some fighting experience or something else in that area.

3) State if your OC is a human or a pony and state if they are a male or female.

4) Only two OC per brony or pegasister. (state if you are from the following.)

Thank you for reading your character will be placed in my story or stories with your permission and you will have credit for your creation.

Only five will be picked. enjoy

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