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Humanity in Equestria - SPkon107

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Chapter 1: The Beginning

Introduction: Timeline
The timeline is from 2017-2040 just to inform the reader what humanity as achieved.

-April: Aerospace flight is achieved

-September: Star fighters are made for space dogfights

- February: Planet’s population reaches 11 billion due to advances of medicine
-May: the US has created the prototype cryo-chamber/ Members of the Separatist Up-rise come together from all over the world
-August: US starts the pulse weapon production/ The Separatist Up-rise begins to form an army

-March: World War III begins/ Invasion of Great Britain begins by the Separatist
-May: the first aerospace dogfight takes place/ Battle of Paris begins
-July: Prototype drop-pods are made/ Los Angeles falls to the Separatist
-October: The Allies retake Los Angeles
November: Australia is taken by Separatist all of residents are rather killed buy genocide or have fled the country

-January: the nuclear winter began killing millions
-March: Allies create new combat uniform (Titanium armor)
-May: first exoskeleton suit is made
-June: Official military drop-pods mass produced.
-July: first biofoam is seen in the battlefield
-August: US is invaded once again final location of the war
-September-December: Battle of the US

-January: World War III ends with ally victory/ human casualties reaches 2.8 billion
March: Rebuilding of the planet’s countries begins

-June: Nuclear winter ends
-August: The first Pulse Rifle is made
-October: The moon is colonized
-November: Lumas Sol system is discovered
-December: Rebuilding of the plant ends

-January: Pulse weaponry is massed produced
-March: Mars is colonized
-April: Pure Titanium is discovered on Mars
-June: Bullet based weaponry is upgrade from lead to titanium bullets
-September: Down fall of Pulse weaponry discovered when a large electromagnetic wave hits the planet making bullet base weapons still more reliable.

-July: NASA has asked the military for volunteers for secret mission

-February: the slip-space drive is made
-June: secret space mission is initiated

Chapter 1: Into Beginning
The soldier was sitting the end of a bench in the locker room at the NASA base. That soldier is me. My name is Steven Clearwater I’m was born on 2005 I’m 27 due to achievement of the cryo I manage to stay young for now. My family was killed in the Nuclear Winter and I am a World War III veteran. I am a sergeant and now the US is sending me and about 1000 other soldiers into space beyond the Sol System. The only thing I know what to do is to kill. I think this is how soldiers felt in the in all of the previous wars. The captain of the ship called.

“Sergeant Steven. It’s time to leave.”

“Ok sir.”

“How are you taking it?”

“I’ve been in cryo for ten years. My family is gone and no matter what I do I see the rifle.”

“It’s hard I know but you have to learn to love little things.”

“Let’s just hope that where we’re going actually helps me.”

“I’m sure of it.”

“So who’s going to on this mission?”

“Well the Arch Angle is the second largest spaceship on Earth…so we have scientists, the crew, and about 1000 troops excluding you.”

“I know about the troops I just wanted to know who else was aboard.”

“That’s all oh and besides me you are the only World War III veteran on the ship. And during your sleep you’ve been promoted to Gunnery-Sergeant.”

“So basically I’m alone like always.”

“Just keep your hopes up ok soldier. You’ll feel better when the time comes ok.”

“Yes sir.” We walked out the locker rooms to board the ship. As I entered the captain pointed me my room. He also informed me that I have to revise my gear that is in the locker room of the soldiers. The ship began to shack meaning that were have just left the ground. I walked in only to find a bunch of what seem to be rookies…well to me of course. I walked in to look for my locker.


That was the number of my locker o opened it and I checked my combat uniform and then the armor. It seemed to be fresh out of the factory. I placed my backpack on the floor and then I took out a necklace. This necklace had the dog tags of my fellow teammates of the war. A group of rookies walked up to me as I was digging in my pack one of them slammed the locker door. And he said.

“Well look who we have here. I’ve never seen you before not even in training before we boarded the ship. So I’m assuming you’re new and to lay the rules I’m in charge of this room and this locker now belongs to me.” I stood up.

“You think you’re a big shot.”

“Whoa look whose acting tough.”

“You better watch that mouth of yours Private.”

“Or what?!”

“Trust me you’ll regret it.” He looked at me then he turned to his friend and he turned to punch me. But I move sideways and I uppercut his ribcage and then I struck him across his face. He was down. He said to his friends.

“Don’t just stand their… get him!” they looked at me. As the moved forward I pulled out my pistol. They stopped. I said to the one on the ground.

“You state your name and rank.”

“Private…Michael Roosevelt.”

“Well Private. I see you don’t know who you’re up against.” From the crowd a female voice.

“I do.” She walked out. “You’re Sergeant Steven Clearwater from Thunderbird Squad. You’re a World War III hero.” Another said.

“Officer in the room!” they all saluted me.

“Looks like someone in this room dose know who I am. I am Gunnery-Sergeant Steven Clearwater. And from the looks of this room out of all of the 1000 I’m the highest rank. There’s no room for big shot in the military Do I make myself clear!” they all said at the same time.


“Good. Get something to eat because in two hours were hitting the cryo.” Ten minutes later I was eating alone at a table. I looked around only to have memories of the time I spent with my squad. Then the same female trooper sat down at my table. I said. “State your business Private.”

“Nothing much sir.”

“Then why are you here?”

“Well first of all I’m not a Private. I’m a Lance Corporal.”

“My apologies Corporal.”

“It’s ok.”

“How are the only one that you know who I am.”

“Well I’m Samantha Stephens sister of…Mark Stephens.” I looked up at her.

“So you’re the famous Samantha that your brother has told me about.”

“Yes he was part of the Thunderbird Squad.”

“He’s good man. Sadly we’re the last two remand squad members.”

“I know. He told me that even though you weren’t the squad leader…”

“He always saw me as a leader.”


“Well…” I looked down. “Even when I wasn’t with my squad other soldiers have told me the same.”

“I see… do you still remember?”


“The war.” I looked away.

“Yes…I do.” Then I looked back at her. “War changes lives Samantha. The war changed me completely.”

“I know when my brother returned home he changed. If it weren’t form me he would have…”

“Killed himself…yeah he told me. Thanks to you he has a family…he’s now a father of two.”

“I know.” I looked at the wall clock.

“Finish eating Corporal. You have thirty minutes.”

“Yes sir.” I got up and I walked out of the mess hall. I looked for the bridge I walked around the ship then I found a wall that had a World War III memorial. I looked at it for a long while then the captain called me from across the hall.

“Sergeant.” I turned around.

“Yes sir.”

“Are you lost?”

“Yeah I was looking for the bridge.”

“Ok well that has to wait I want you to report to the sick bay.”


“The doctor wants to see if you’re suitable for space.”

“Sir I fought in a dogfight in space I’m sure that well for space.”

“I know but the doctor wants to meet you.”


“Down the hall that way.” I walked down the hall until I found the bay. I walked in.

“Ca…Catherine.” She said.

“That Dr. Catherine to you Steven.” And then she giggled and she walked up to me and she hugged me. “It’s so good to see you.”

“Same here. I haven’t seen you since…”

“Basic training.”


“I hear that you’ve been promoted.”

“Yes to Gunnery-Sergeant.”


“Thank you. Um…the captain said that you wanted to see me.”

“Yes well I only wanted to see you.”

“So you’re wasting my time.”

“You can say that.”

“You’re still the same.”

“Not entirely.”

“Well it’s good to see you Cat.”

“Yes it is. And Steven.”


“It’s Dr. Catherine.”

“Whatever. Where’s the bridge.”

“Down this hallway.”

“Thank you.” I walked out of the room. Now I felt a little better knowing that I know someone from the war. I walked inside the bridge and I called out for the captain.

“Over here Sergeant.” I walked up to him.

“So what exactly are we going to do in the Lumas System?”

“Were just testing the SS drive and explore an Earth like planet.”

“I see.”

“Yes before we the rest of the ship explores the planet we are sending you down first.”

“Let me guess on a lone wolf mission.”


“Figures.” One of the crew members said.

“Sir we have a problem.”

“What is it?”

“We are approaching and asteroid field.”

“Try to avoid impact!”

“On it.” The captain used the intercom.

“All personnel. Military and nonmilitary. I need every soul to place themselves into cryo at once.” I heard people from the outside running to the cryo. The captain said to me. “Sergeant I say you should do the same thing.”

“Not until I know we are clear.” The ship shock. The captain shouted.

“What was that?!”

“That was our Pulse Cannon sir.”

“Use the cannon only for large ones.”

“Yes sir that was actually what we were doing.” Ship shook again. “Sir we’ve been hit.”

“What’s the damage?”

“I don’t see much damage done on the ship sir.”

“Are you sure.”

“No.” the ship left the field.

“Well the SS drive is about to go off. We only have forty minutes. I need every crew member in here in the cryo at once.” The captain set the ship in autopilot he waited until every crewmate left the room. The captain told me to stay. As the ship was dead silent we walked to the third room which was half-empty. “Sergeant your cryo-tube will be set to walk you up sixty days before anyone else.”


“Once we arrive at the Lumas System you will take the Drop-pod and drop into the planet.”

“Yes sir.”

“You have seventy day to explore the plant do I make myself clear.”


“And I want you to eat something first because I saw the cameras and you barely ate anything.

“Yes sir.” the captain placed himself into Cryo I walked to my locker as I prepared my equipment. Inside I prepared my battle uniform with armor. He grabbed from the armory a P-17 Pulse Rifle, M-16, M-24 sniper rifle with both pulse and bullet ammunition, Desert Eagle pistol, and four grenades. And for his backpack was ammo, first-aid, and food. Then I went back to the mess hall the captain was right I barely ate anything. This time I had to make my food myself. I grabbed a tray of frozen food. And I sat down and I ate fast due to the lack of time before the SS drive goes off. Afterword I set the timer of the tube and I placed my equipment in the locker next to it. Then I walked in the tube and I closed the door even though u still had about a minute before I was frozen. I thought to myself.

“I wonder if the planet will have life and if there is life will they be friendly or hostels.” After that thought I closed my eyes as I felt the cool atmosphere to the Cryo-tube.

One week later 11:32 P.M
I woke up a week later I stepped out of the tube I looked around and I saw that the crew still had 71 days left before the ship lands on the planet I walked out of the Cryo-chamber and I walked towards the bridge. I looked at the computer I was shocked about what I saw.

“What the hell this isn’t the Lumas system. I still wonder if I should explore the planet.” I thought for a moment the captain did ordered me to explore the planet so I think I should. I walked to the locker room and I grabbed my gear. I grabbed my weapons and I walked to the drop-pod.

Ten minutes prior to drop

I walked to the drop-pod room and I entered the pod I set the timer for thirty seconds and I waited.

The drop

I looked out through the window as I saw the flames form around the planet meaning that I just entered the atmosphere. I landed in the middle of a forest I pulled the door eject lever and I looked around then I looked at my HUD from my helmet. (Armor is related to the armor of the soldiers in Halo: Reach) I stepped out I raised my M-16 making sure that my entry has not attracted any creatures to my position. I placed my sniper and my pulse rifle on my back and then I grabbed my backpack then I heard a female voice.

“What are you?” I turned around while I aimed my rifle I saw a lavender horned horse but the thing was that it stood on its hind legs and then it fell it began to cry. “Please don’t hurt me!”

“What the hel…” she startled me and I fell backwards then I got up and I said. “Wh…what… did you just talk.” She stopped crying and she said.

“Wh…why yes. Haven’t you ever since a talking Unicorn before.”

“N…no you don’t even exist on Earth.”


“Ok stop this isn’t helping me why…don’t we start by introducing ourselves.”

“Ok well…my name is Twilight Sparkle. I’m the librarian of Ponyville and I am the Element of Magic.”



“Sorry to say this Miss Sparkle…” she cut me off.

“Just call me Twilight.”

“Ok…Twilight…magic doesn’t exist on my world either.”

“Oh I see…” she looked down and then up. “You know who I am. I would like to know who and what are you.

“Well I’m Gunnery-Sergeant Steven Clearwater of the United States Marine Corps and part of the Earth Colonial Peace Corps Military. And I’m a human.”

“A human…I’m sorry but… I never seen or heard of a human before.”

“So it looks like we’re on the same boat.” She giggled and she said.

“Yeah. I have another question what are those things that you have?”

“Well like I said and well I’m a soldier and a veteran of World War III…”

“Wait did you…said World War III?”


“How often…”

“If you’re going to ask how often we have wars…well we humans have a bad history of violence and war.”

“Oh well Equestria has just been threaten by war.”

“By who.”

“The Griffin Kingdom.”

“Griffins as in half bird half lion.”

“Yes. But with someone that has seen war there must be a way to avoid war.”

“Look I fought in war but give me the details and I think I can help you with your country’s problems.”

“Perfect with a metallic human we can…”

“Whoa I’m not metallic.”

“Then what’s that all over body.”

“Body Armor and my helmet.”

“Why do you have a helmet with glass?”

“Well this helmet protects my face and it supplies me with oxygen.”

“Well if this helps you we breathe oxygen as well.”

“Well that helps.” I took off my helmet.

“Oh you have skin.”

“Well I think the princess will love to hear about this.”


“I’ll explain to you on the way back to the library.”

“Fine.” Now my mission begins